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Results for Kirkdale Archaeology

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Anon, (2006) 'South Speirs Wharf, Archaeological Monitoring'. BW-6771-06-01
Ewart, G Hadley, A (2006) 'HSCO-90130-2006-01/02 and 2007-01 Edinburgh Castle'. HSCO-90130-2006-01/02 and 2007-01
Ewart, G Hollinrake, A (2007) 'Skara Brae Neolithic Village, Archaeological Evaluation, May 2007'. HSCO-90276-2007-02
Ewart, G Radley, A (2007) 'HSCO-90129-2007-01 Craigmillar Castle, Archaeological evaluation, March 2007'. HSCO-90129-2007-01
Ewart, G Hogg, S (2007) 'St Vigean's Museum: Archaeological monitoring, November 2007'. Project code HSCO-2007-90272-001
Ewart, G Murray, D (2007) 'HSCO-8828-2007-01 Antonine Wall: Bantaskin, Archaeological evaluation, April 2007 '. HSCO-8828-2007-01
Anon. (2007) 'Skara Brae Neolithic Village, Orkney: Archaeological Monitoring, April 2007'.
Anon, (2007) 'Bowling Canal Basin, Archaeological Monitoring, Dec 2005 - Jan 2006'. BW-6779-05-01
Anon, (2007) 'Port Dundas, Pinkston Basin Watching Brief, November - December 2006'. BW-6689-06-03
Anon. (2007) 'Newark Castle, Archaeological Monitoring, March 2007'.
Ewart, G Hadley, A (2007) 'HSCO-90130-2007-02 Edinburgh Castle - Portcullis Gate'. HSCO-90130-2007-02
Hogg, S (2007) 'HSCO-90131-2007-02 Holyrood Park (Holyrood Abbey)'. HSCO-90131-2007-02
Hogg, S (2007) 'HSCO-90131-2007-01 Holyrood Park'. HSCO-90131-2007-01
Hogg, S (2007) 'HSCO-90131-2007-04 Holyrood Park Kaim Head'. HSCO-90131-2007-04
Murray, D (2007) 'HSCO-90131-2007-03 Arthur's Seat - Gutted Haddie'. HSCO-90131-2007-03
Anon. (2007) 'Fort Charlotte, Archaeological Excavation, June 2007'.
Hollinrake, A (2007) 'HSCO-90157-2006-01 Broch of Gurness'. HSCO-90157-2006-01
Hogg, S (2007) 'HSCO-90021-2007-01 Ardestie Earth House '. HSCO-90021-2007-01
Murray, D (2007) 'HSCO-90335-2007-01 Doune Castle'. HSCO-90335-2007-01
Radley, A (2007) 'Dumbarton Castle (French Prison): Archaeological Excavation and Assessment, November 2006 and February - March 2007'. HSCO-90107-2006-02 and 2007-01
Fox, P (2007) 'Rothesay Castle: Archaeological excavation and survey'. HSCO-90252-2007-01
Whalley, T (2007) 'Glasgow Cathedral Standing Building Recording'. HSCO-90150-2007-01
Hogg, S (2007) 'HSCO-90105-2007-01 Duffus Castle'. HSCO-90105-2007-01
Hogg, S (2007) 'HSCO-90044-2007-01 Burghead Well'. HSCO-90044-2007-01
Fox, P (2007) 'Bothwell Castle: Archaeological Monitoring'. HSCO-90038-2007-01
Ewart, G Murray, D (2007) 'Cadzow Castle: Archaeological Excavation'. HSCO-90342-2006-02, -2007-01/-02

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