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Results for Lindsey Archaeological Services

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Anon, (1989) 'Baltic Mill, Gainsborough. Preliminary Excavations April 1989'.
Anon, (1989) 'Deeping Road, Baston. Results of Archaeological Evaluation'.
Anon, (1989) 'Market Hall'.
Anon, (1989) 'Castle Farm, Torksey, Geophysical Survey and Evaluation'.
Anon, (1989) 'Tattershall Castle. Archaeological Watching Brief June 1989'.
Anon, (1989) 'Horncastle Development at rear of Achurch and Sons Ltd. The Archaeological Implications'.
Field, N (1990) 'Castle Farm, Torksey. Exploratory Excavations'.
Field, N (1990) 'Hume Arms Caravan Park, Toksey. Geophysical Survey and Evaluation'.
Anon, (1991) 'Gainsborough Old Hall. Dais Window Excavations February 1990'.
Clark, M Field, N (1991) 'Langtoft Hall Farm. Archaeological Evaluation'.
Anon, (1991) 'Pipeline Route Welton to Glentham'.
Clark, MV Field, N (1992) 'Osgodby House, Main Street, Osgoodby. Archaeological Watching brief'.
Field, N (1992) '22a The Green, Scotter Archaeological Evaluation'.
Field, N (1992) 'Retained Fire Station, Mill Lane, Billinghay. Archaeological Watching Brief'.
Field, N (1992) 'Fordington Iron Removal Scheme. Archaeological Evaluation'.
Anon, (1992) 'Pipeline route Stenigot to Bully Hills'.
Field, N (1992) 'Caistor Grammar School. Archaeological Evaluation'.
Field, N (1992) 'Sutton on Sea. Cade's Field Earthwork Survey'.
Clark, M (1992) 'Watermains Gainsborough. Archaeological Watching Brief'.
Tann, G (1992) 'Archaeological monitoring of the Sutton-on-Sea to Mablethorpe Rising Main'.
Tann, G (1993) 'Harmston and Coleby Replacement Water Mains: Archaeological Monitoring Project'.
Anon, (1993) 'Spalding Bypass: proposed materials extraction site, Spalding, Lincolnshire. Archaeological Desk Top Assessment'.
Clark, MV (1993) 'Gainsborough Old Hall: Paths Renewal Archaeological Watching Brief'.
Field, N (1993) 'Airmens married quarters, RAF Digby: Archaeological Desk Top Study'.
Johnson, AE Field, N (1993) 'East Keal Bypass: Archaeological Assessment of the Preferred Route'.
Field, N Tann, G (1993) 'Spalding Bypass: Proposed Material Extraction Site'.

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