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Stephens, M (1990) 'Crossgates Farm, Area A Archaeological Excavations'.
Stephens, M (1990) 'A Watching Brief at 82-88 Maltongate, Malton, N Yorks'.
Hunter, DJ (1991) 'An Archaeological Excavation and Watching Brief at Sheep Walk, Coneysthorpe.'.
Johnson, M (1991) '46 Old Maltongate, Malton, N Yorks.'.
Finney, AE (1991) 'Proposed Gas Pipeline - Malton. Archaeological Implications'.
Stephens, MR (1991) 'West Lodge 2, Malton. Programme for Investigation of Geophysical Anomalies'.
Stephens, MR (1991) 'Preliminary Archaeological Evaluation West Lodge 2, Malton'.
Anon, (1991) 'Stump Cross, Boroughbridge, North Yorkshire'.
Johnson, M (1991) 'West Lodge, Castle Howard Road, Malton'.
Johnson, M (1991) 'Keldholme Priory, Keldholme. Report on Archaeological Watching Brief'.
Stephens, M (1991) 'Archaeological Watching Brief, Crossgates Farm, Seamer'.
Stephens, MR (1991) 'An Archaeological Excavation and Watching Brief at Green Dyke Lane, Slingsby.'.
Stephens, MR (1991) 'An Archaeological Excavation at Double Dykes, South Holme.'.
Finney, AE (1991) 'Norton Town Cemetery. Archaeological Watching Brief.'.
Finney, AE (1991) 'The Chase, Phase II, Norton. Archaeological Watching Brief'.
Finney, A (1991) 'Acklam Wold Relay Station. Archaeological Investigations'.
Finney, AE (1991) 'West Lodge, Malton. Archaeological Testhole Evaluation.'.
Anon, (1991) 'The Vivars, Selby: Archaeological Evaluation'.
Anon, (1991) 'Stump Cross, Boroughbridge, North Yorkshire. Geophysical Survey'.
Finney, A (1991) '15 - 16 Market Place Richmond. Archaeological Investigations'.
Stephens, MR (1991) 'Excavations at Springfield Garth, Norton, North Yorkshire'.
Stephens, MR (1992) 'Archaeological Assessment of the Proposed Rillington to Malton Pumping Main'.
Stephens, MR (1992) 'Report on Trial Excavations at West Lodge 2, Malton'.
Gaffney, CF (1992) 'Report on Geophysical Survey. New Rugby Field, Malton'. 92/70
Stephens, MR (1992) 'Interim Rerport on Trial Excavations at Castle Howard Road, Malton and Recommendations for Further Work.'.
Stephens, MR (1992) 'A Report on Archaeological Excavations at West Lodge 2, Castle Howard Road, Malton'.

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