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Newham Museum Archaeological Service was closed down in 1998. Its digital archive was passed to the Archaeology Data Service by the London Borough of Redbridge. The archive represents some 10 years of fieldwork and incorporates the work of other units that had previously been closed including those associated with the Passmore Edwards Museum and the Manor Valley Museum. The archive as delivered consists of about 230 floppy disks containing over 6000 files totalling over 130 Mb of data. The files are in a variety of proprietary software formats and versions therein some of which are now 'archaic'.

The first priority has been the preservation of the archive. To achieve this all files have been migrated to our file server where they have become included in the general backup strategy. Now that the archive is safely preserved the ADS is committed to making its contents available.

Contents of the Archive

The material in the archive was not created with the view of being viewed as digital data. Much of the material is ephemera, administrative matter or internal and external correspondence. The site related material varies from finds lists, brief site summaries to full (sometimes unfinished) Level III Reports. The reports contain references to illustrations that were prepared by hand.  We do not have copies of the illustrations and hence we are not able to include them with the reports. There are also artefact databases for some sites.

There is material in the archive related to about 180 sites. The sites and the types of files associated with each of them are listed by Borough. Files for a number of sites are available for browsing on-line or, for databases, downloading.

Anybody requiring access to data for specific sites that are not yet available on-line is requested to email us.

Records 1 - 25 of 137

Chew, SF (1991) 'Excavations at Goodmayes Hospital, Barley Lane, Goodmayes'.
Beasley, M (1991) 'Excavations at Tilbury Fort, Essex. TF 1 - 91. and Summary of Watching Brief. TF 2 - 91.'.
Jarrett, CD (1991) 'Excavations at North View Drive, Woodford'.
Chew, SF (1991) 'Excavations at Kinfauns Road, Goodmayes'.
Beasley, M (1991) 'Report on Evaluation at Hood House, Woodford Bridge. London Borough of Redbridge.'.
Beasley, M (1992) 'Report on a Third Resistivity Survey at the Buttsbury Road Estate, Loxford Lane, Ilford'.
Sabel, KR (1992) 'Excavations at Campion School, Wingletye Lane, Hornchurch'.
Sabel, KR (1992) 'Excavations at "The Merry Fiddlers" Public House'.
Jarrett, CD (1992) 'Excavations at the Old Vicarage, Barking'.
Beasley, M (1992) 'Evaluation at The Temple, Wanstead Park. London Borough of Redbridge'.
Beasley, M (1992) 'Watching Brief at Beechcroft Road, Woodford Green. Essex. London Borough of Redbridge.'.
Beasley, M (1992) 'Evaluation at St. Aubyns School, Woodford Green. London Borough of Redbridge.'.
Bruce, L (1992) 'An Archaeological Assessment at Spackman House'.
Beasley, M (1992) 'Evaluation at Leytonstone House Hospital. M11/A12 Link Road. London Borough of Waltham Forest.'.
Jarrett, CD (1992) 'Excavations at Ferry House, Dagenham'.
Sabel, KR (1992) 'Excavations at Sidney Chaplin School, Folly Lane, Walthamstow (now renamed William Morris School)'.
Beasley, M (1992) 'Evaluation at Forest Road, Walthamstow. Essex. London Borough of Waltham Forest'.
Shahina, F (1992) 'Evaluation at Boundary Road Estate. London Borough of Waltham Forest.'.
Jarrett, CD (1992) 'Excavations at the New Divisional Police Station, Ilford'.
Beasley, M (1992) 'Evaluation at King Georges Avenue, Beckton. Level III Report.'.
Beasley, M (1992) 'Evaluation on Land Behind The Spotted Dog Public House, Upton Lane, Upton Park. London. Level III Report'.
Beasley, M (1993) 'Evaluation at Beckton Area 3D: Evelyn Dennington Road, Beckton, E6, London Borough of Newham. Level III report'.
Divers, D (1993) 'Archaeological Evaluation at Stratford Bus Station. London Borough of Newham '.
Bell, M (1993) 'Evaluation at Victoria Street, Stratford, London E15. Level III Report'.
Beasley, M (1993) 'Excavations at Buttsbury Estate, Ilford. London Borough of Redbridge'.
Pontin, L (1993) 'Archaeological Evaluation of the New Extension of Gravel Extraction at Fairlop Quarry, Hainault Road, London Borough of Redbridge'.

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