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Results for Northamptonshire Archaeology

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Northamptonshire Archaeology was a contracting service within Northamptonshire County Council, and a Registered Archaeological Organisation with the IfA. It provided a full range of archaeological services on a commercial basis to clients in the public, private and voluntary sectors.In January 2014 Northamptonshire Archaeology was transferred to MOLA (Museum of London Archaeology). Reports issued by Northamptonshire Archaeology up to January 2014 will appear here, and all reports issued following the transfer will appear under MOLA Northampton



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Records 1 - 25 of 1073

Anon, (1984) 'The M1-A1 Link Road and Kettering Northern Bypass Archaeological Survey 1983-84'.
Jackson, D (1984) 'A Watching Brief during the Construction of a Silt Pond at Stanwick, Northamptonshire'.
O'Hara P, Shaw, M Webster, M (1990) 'Archaeological Evaluation at King's Heath, Northampton'.
Shaw, M Steadman, S (1991) 'Archaeological Evaluation on Duchy of Lancaster Land at Higham Ferrers, Northamptonshire'.
Shaw, M Steadman, S (1991) 'Archaeological Evaluation at Egerton House, Brackley'.
Parry, S Webster, M (1992) 'Archaeological Evaluation at Oundle Station Yard, Ashton, Northamptonshire'.
Shaw, M (1992) 'A6 Rothwell and Desborough Bypass: Archaeological evaluation stages 1 and 2: Deskbased Study and Fieldwalking Survey Vol. 1'.
Shaw, M (1992) 'A6 Rothwell and Desborough Bypass: Archaeological evaluation stages 1 and 2: Vol. 2 (Maps and Plans)'.
Anon, (1993) 'M1 Widening, Junctions 15 to 19 Archaeological Survey Stages 1 & 2: Illustrations'.
Dix, B Soden, I (1994) 'The M1-A1 Link Road in Northamptonshire Archaeological Observation Along the A14 Road-Corridor'.
Masters, P (1994) 'A Geophysical Survey of land adjacent to Casewick Lane, Tallington, Lincolnshire'.
Anon, (1994) 'An Archaeological Assessment of land adjacent to Casewick Lane, Tallington (Stage 1)'.
Anon, (1995) 'A45 Between Higham Ferres and Stanwick. Archaeological Investigations'.
Anon, (1995) 'Archaeological Evaluation of Land adjacent to Casewick Lane, Tallington, Lincolnshire'.
Audouy, M Parry, S (1995) 'Archaeological Evaluation: Stage 2 Land South of Hardwater Road, Wollaston'.
Chapman, A Shaw, M (1996) 'A6 Rushden and Higham Ferrers Bypass. Archaeological desktop assessment'.
Anon, (1996) 'Archaeological Assessment of Land at Bozeat, Northamptonshire. Stage 3: Trial-excavation'.
Anon, (1996) 'A43 Silverstone Bypass. Archaeological Desktop Survey'.
Parry, S (1996) 'Redhill Farm Phase II, Wellingborough, Northamptonshire Archaeological Evaluation Stage 3. September 1996'.
Anon, (1997) 'A43 Trunk Road Whitfield Turn to Brackley Hatch Dualling. Initial Archaeological Evaluation'.
Anon, (1997) 'A43 Silverstone Bypass. Archaeological Evaluation Stage 2 - Fieldwalking and Geophysical Survey'.
Anon, (1997) 'A6 Rushden and Higham Ferrers Bypass. Archaeological Evaluation Stage 2: Fieldwalking and Geophysical Surveys'.
Anon, (1998) 'Matheson House, Oxcroft Bank, Shepeau Stow, Whaplode, Lincolnshire. Archaeological Watching Brief'.
Prentice, J (1998) 'Fineshade Abbey, Northamptonshire Archaeological Evaluation, February 1998'.
Maull, A Walsh, T (1998) 'Archaeological Evaluation at the Rear of the George Inn, Glaphorne Road, Oundle'.

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