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Formerly CAM ARC (part of Cambridgeshire Archaeology, Cambridgeshire County Council), Oxford Archaeology East's professional team works to the highest national standards and provides archaeological services throughout the East Midlands and Anglian region. We also carry out work further afield, in particular where it relates to our specialist expertise in the management and presentation of archaeological monuments and landscapes. We are registered with the Institute of Field Archaeologists as an accredited archaeological organisation.Oxford Archaeology East offers a wide range of archaeological services to commercial organisations, local societies, schools, professional archaeologists and individuals. We conduct a variety of archaeological work, from evaluations and survey to full scale excavations, illustration, display and academic publication. Our post-excavation team provides skilled illustration and design, as well as analysis of site data, finds and environmental remains. We also work with schools and other bodies to promote interest in local heritage through public events.



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Records 1 - 25 of 649

Malim, T (1990) 'Brampton A1-M1 Link Road: Birds Land Farm'.
Robinson, B (1992) 'Excavations at Brent Ditch: An Interim Report'.
Wait, JA (1992) 'Worsted Street Roman Road Mount Farm Fulbourn An interin report'.
Heawood, R Robinson, B (1997) 'A11 Stump Cross to Four Went Ways Road Improvement Scheme: Romano-British and Undated Features recorded During Archaeological Evaluation'.
Heawood, R Robinson, B (1998) 'A Romano-British Site East of Hinxton Grange: A11 Stump Cross to Four Went Ways Road Improvement Scheme (TL 5112/4644)'.
Casa-Hatton, R Wall, W (1999) 'A Late Roman Cemetery beside the A1 near Durobrivae (Water Newton): Archaeological Recording'.
Hounsell, D (2008) 'Godmanchester Flood Alleviation Scheme'. OAE report 1049
Thatcher, C (2008) 'Romano-British activity at Grendon Underwood: Excavations on The Hardwick to Marsh Gibbon Gas Pipeline, Buckinghamshire. Post-excavation Assessment and Updated Project Design'.
Lyons, T (2008) 'St. Matthew's Primary School, Norfolk Street, Cambridge. Archaeological Evaluation Report'. Report No: 1070
Atkins, R (2008) 'Late Iron Age and Roman Settlement on land off Stirling Way near Witchford, Ely: Archaeological Evaluation Report'. Report No: 1061
Bush, L (2008) 'Evaluation at Highfield School, Ely, Cambridgeshire'. Report No: 1047
Atkins, R (2008) 'Medieval pits on land to the rear of 1 The High Street, Cherry Hinton, Cambridge'. Report No: 1080
Atkins, R (2008) 'Post-medieval Pasture Field System at Pates Farm, Near Tipps End, Welney, Norfolk'. report number 1065
Fletcher, T (2008) 'Orford House, Ugley, Essex. Historic Buildings Recording'. OA East Report No. 1068
Phillips, T (2008) 'National Extension College, Purbeck Road, Cambridge: Desktop Assessment'.
Thatcher, C (2008) 'Medieval Occupation at The Old Post Office, Whittlesey, Cambridgeshire'. Report number 1041
Phillips, T (2008) 'Wisbech Library, Wisbech, Cambridgeshire. Archaeological Evaluation Report'. OA East Report No: 1048
Gilmour, N (2008) 'Godmanchester County Primary School: Archaeological Evaluation Report'. Report No: 1052
Fairbairn, J (2008) 'Land Adjacent to Ermine Street Business Park. Archaeological Fieldwalking Report'. Report No: 1083
Fairbairn, J (2008) 'Land at 103 Cottenham Road, Histon, Cambridgeshire. Archaeological Evaluation Report'. Report No: 1079
Fairbairn, J (2008) 'Archaeological Evaluation at Houghton Primary School, Cambridgeshire'. Report No: 1075
Lyons, T (2008) 'Archaeological Evalaution on Land at 67 Ermine Street, Great Stukeley, Cambridgeshire'. Report No: 1069
Lyons, T (2008) 'An Archaeological Evaluation at Bluntisham Baptist Church'. Report No: 1076
Thatcher, C (2008) 'The Wyches, Little Thetford, Cambridgeshire'. Report No: 1044
Fairbairn, J (2008) 'Archaeological Monitoring and Recording on the course of a Water Supply Pipeline through Broughton Manor, Brooklands and Glebe development areas of the Milton Keynes Expansion Phase 1'. report number 1067
Gilmour, N (2008) '44 The Butts, Soham, Cambridgeshire: An Archaeological Evaluation.'. report number 1046

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