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Results for Ross & Cromarty Archaeological Services

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Ross & Cromarty Archaeological Services click for homepage

We are an independent firm of archaeological contractors working in the Highlands. We conduct a variety of archaeological fieldwork and desk-based work. Our fieldwork includes community, contract and research excavation; archaeological evaluations ahead of development andarchaeological walk-over surveys prior to development or planting schemes. We also provide consultancy services, which include desk-based assessment and research for heritage projects and specific project designs.



This information is provided by contractor. Although care has been taken in preparing the information supplied, the ADS does not and cannot guarantee the accuracy of it. The ADS cannot be held responsible for any errors or omissions and accepts no liability whatsoever for any loss or damage howsoever arising. Opinions expressed within these pages are those of the information suppliers, and do not necessarily represent the views of the ADS.

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Fraser, L Peteranna, M (2010) 'Glen Feshie'.
Fraser, L Peteranna, M (2010) 'Tain Fuit Warehouse: Desk-based assessment and trial trenching evaluation'. 2010-07/TFW10
Peteranna, M (2010) 'New house site, Culnakirk, Drumnadrochit'. 2010/11-CLN10
Fraser, L Peteranna, M (2010) 'Mount Eagle Forest, Black Isle'.
Fraser, L Peteranna, M (2011) 'Lonehill Native Woodland Planting Scheme'. 2011-13/LHD11
Peteranna, M (2011) 'South-west Inverness Flood Relief Channel Phase 3'. 2011-12/IFR10
Peteranna, M (2012) 'Land 100m S of the Croft House, Brae of Kinkell Trial Trenching Evaluation'. RoCAS 2012-03/BOK12
Peteranna, M (2012) 'Braemore, Caithness, Diamond Jubilee Woods: Archaeological Desk-based Assessment and Walkover Survey'. 2012-13/BRA12
Peteranna, M (2012) 'Scatwell Lodge Hydro Scheme, Scatwell Estate, Strathconon: Archaeological Desk-based Assessment and Walkover Survey'. 2012-14/SCA12
Peteranna, M Wombell, J (2012) 'Water Main Renewal, Drumbuie and Plockton, Wester Ross: Archaeological Watching Brief'. 2012-23/PLOC12
Peteranna, M (2012) 'Carn Mor Dun, Culbokie'. CUL12
Fraser, L Peteranna, M (2012) 'Archaeology in Applecross, May 2012 Trial Trenching: Data Structure Report'. 2012-17/APL12 (May)
Peteranna, M (2012) 'Inverness Flood Relief Channel Phase 4: Data Structure Report'. RoCAS 2012-15/IFC11-12
Cruickshanks, G Peteranna, M (2012) 'Trial Trenching near Applecross Broch in June 2012: Data Structure Report'. 2012-16/APL12 (June)
Fraser, L (2012) 'Lochluichart Wind Farm, Ross-shire: Archaeological Watching Brief'. 2012-12/LWF11
Fraser, L (2012) 'Plot 1, Former Sandpit, Windhill, Beauly, Erection of house and associated access: Trial Trenching Evaluation Data Structure Report'. 2012-17/WHB12
Fraser, L Peteranna, M (2012) 'Proposed Wind Farm Development, Glen Ullinish, Skye: Archaeological Desk-based Assessment and Walkover Survey'.
Fraser, L Peteranna, M (2012) 'Proposed felling coupes within A82 project zone, Inverness, Ross and Skye Forest District: Archaeological Desk-Based Assessment and Walkover Survey: Inchnacardoch forest block, South Loch Ness'.
Peteranna, M Fraser, L (2012) 'Erection of 2 turbines at land east of Braewood, Farr: Archaeological Desk-Based Assessment and Walkover Survey: Easterton of Duntelchaig - Farr, Inverness-shire'.
Fraser, L (2012) 'Manse Road, Kingussie: Erection of 4 houses Trial Trenching Evaluation Data Structure Report'. RoCAS 2012-04/MRK12
Birch, S Fraser, L Peteranna, M (2012) 'Kilmory Burial Ground, Isle of Rum: Archaeological Survey: Report and Written Scheme of Investigation '. 2012-17/KIL12
Peteranna, M (2013) 'Inverness West Link Road - Ground Investigation Archaeological Watching Brief: Data Structure Report'. 2013-05/IWLR12
Fraser, L (2013) 'Site Adjacent to Paddockhaugh and Dykeside Farm, Birnie to the South West of Elgin: Watching Brief'.
Peteranna, M (2013) 'Killiehuntly Woodland Creation Scheme: Archaeological DBA and Walkover Survey'. 2013-02/KIL13
Peteranna, M (2013) 'New House Site by Kilmichael House, Drumnadrochit: Archaeological Watching Brief'. 2013-17/KML13
Fraser, L (2013) 'Novar Woodland Creation: Archaeological Desk-based Assessment and Walkover Survey'. 2013-03/NVR12

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