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Scott Wilson is an international consultancy providing a wide range of services to the transport, property, environment and natural resources sectors. Within Scott Wilson the Heritage Team comprises both archaeology and built heritage specialists with diverse backgrounds including commercial archaeology, architectural studies and conservation. We are based in five offices across the UK (Birmingham, Bristol, Leeds London and Newcastle) and have the capability and the capacity to undertake work in all parts of the UK and internationally. The heritage team at Scott Wilson has experience working for a wide variety of clients in both the public and private sector and is committed to providing high quality, objective advice on all aspects of Cultural Heritage.The team provides a comprehensive range of in-house services including strategic advice, initial site appraisals, desk-based assessments, cultural heritage assessments, Environment Impact Assessments, design and management of archaeological fieldwork, built heritage appraisals, PPG15 statements, proofs of evidence for planning appeals and public enquiries, conservation area appraisals and management plans, preparation of Local Lists, and building recording work.



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Anon, (1996) 'Proposed Waste Water Treatment Works Whitby Environmental Assessment Scoping Report'.
Anon, (2002) 'Rigid Group Ltd Selby Development Environmental Statement Volume 1 Non-Technical Summary'.
Anon, (2003) 'Richmond Racecourse Conservation Plan'.
Condillac, R (2004) 'Historic Landscape Restoration Plan, Aske Estate, Richmond'.
Finch, N Jones, A (2006) 'Providence Mill, Selby, Cultural Heritage Assessment'.
Anon, (2007) 'A421 Improvements: M1 Junction 13 to Bedford. Historic Landscape Baseline Report'. Report No: 0109831-P1A-LAN-R001
Robinson, L (2007) 'Bay View, Scarborough, North Yorkshire. Archaeological Desk-Based Assessment.'.
Anon, (2007) 'A421 Improvements: M1 Junction 13 to Bedford. Archaeological Baseline Report'. Report No: DI09831-PIA-ACH-R002
Roberts, S (2007) 'Millhouse Green, Sheffield. Historic Building Recording Report'.
Anon, (2007) 'A421 Improvements: M1 Junction 13 to Bedford. Built Heritage Baseline Report'. Report No: 0109831-P1A-ENV-R004
McNabb, N (2008) 'A1 North Muskham Drainage Scheme'.
Roberts, S (2008) 'Victory Works, Heywood. Historic Building Recording'. D119023
Mellor, I Roberts, S (2008) 'Unity Mill, Heywood'. D117636
Finch, N (2008) 'Land off Outgang Road, Malton. Archaeological Desk-Based Assessment.'. SW D118173
Anon. (2009) 'M1 Junctions 10 to 13 Improvement, Junctions 11 and 12, Scheme Assessment Report'. Report No: D123846/6/08
Bingham, A (2009) 'Linden Grove, Great Ayton Archaeological Walkover Report'.
Finch, N (2010) 'M1 Junctions 10 to 13, HSR Improvements, Archaeological Monitoring of Geotechnical Trial Pits'. Report No: D123845/AR/CON/02
Finch, N (2010) 'M1 Junctions 10 to 13 Improvement, Junctions 11 and 12, Written Scheme of Investigation for Archaeological Field Evaluation'. Report No: D123846/5/16
Simcock, J (2010) 'Limestone Quarry Wind Farm. Environmental Statement Scoping Report'.
Grundy, D Grundy, D (2014) 'Ilkeston Juntion Station'. 47069630

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