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Results for University of Leicester Archaeological Services (ULAS)

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University of Leicester Archaeological Services (ULAS) click for homepage

University of Leicester Archaeological Services (ULAS) is an independent professional archaeological unit embedded in the School of Archaeology and Ancient History at Leicester University - a leading UK department with a grade 5 research rating. It is a registered organisation with the Institute of Field Archaeologists (IFA) offering a comprehensive archaeological service. The unit has undertaken a wide variety of large-scale archaeological projects covering all stages from assessment to mitigation for major developments including road schemes, pipelines, airport extensions, mineral extraction and housing. We have provided a consultancy and contracting service for numerous developers including; the Highways Agency, Environment Agency, Anglian Water Services, Birch Homes, East Midlands Airport, Lafarge Redland Aggregates, RJB Mining (UK) Ltd, RMC Group, Sainsburys, Severn Trent Water, Scottish Power, Wilson Bowden Properties and White Young Green and many more. The unit is experienced in providing archaeological assessments for Environmental Statements and Public Inquiries. ULAS consultants cover all periods and types of archaeology, many of whom are accepted leaders in their fields, such as the industrial archaeologist Professor Marilyn Palmer.The unit has particular expertise in urban archaeology and in achieving design solutions to enable development to proceed with the minimal impact to underlying archaeology. ULAS also contributes to undergraduate and post-graduate courses on Professional Skills and the Organisation and Management of Archaeology in Britain, and regularly present talks and open days to interested local groups.



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Records 1 - 25 of 1470

Ripper, S (1996) 'An Archaeological Excavation at the University Playing Fields, Gartree Road, Oadby, Leicestershire.'. Report No. 96/74
Warren, S (1996) 'An Archaeological Watching Brief During Redevelopments of Buildings Adjacent to the Nevill Arms, Medbourne, Leicestershire.'. Report No. 96/87
Jones, EE L Smith, D (1996) 'An Archaeological Building Assessment and Watching Brief During Development at Braunston Manor, Braunston in Rutland, Leicestershire.'. Report No. 96/10
Beamish, M (1997) 'An Archaeological Watch-Brief During Haul Road Construction at Willington Quary Derbyshire.'. Report No. 97/97
Ripper, S (1998) 'An Archaeological Evaluation of Land West of Warren Farm, Lockington, Leicestershire.'. Report No. 98/53
Butler, A (1998) 'a Geophysical Survey Over Land West of Warren Farm, Lockington, Leicestershire.'. Report No. 98/79
Marsden, P (1998) 'An Archaeological Desk-based Assessment for Land off St George's Street, leading to Gas Lane, Stamford, Lincolnshire'.
Anon, (1998) 'Archaeological Evaluation at Land north of Witham Road, Woodhall Spa, Lincolnshire'.
Cooper, L (1998) 'An Archaeological Watching Brief and Archaeological Recording at Haymarket Towers, Leicester.'. Report No. 99/146
Derrick, M (1998) 'An Archaeological Field Evaluation at Gimbro Farm, Castle Donington, Leicestershire'. Report No. 98/128
Derrick, M (1998) 'An Archaeological Excavation at Gimbro Farm, Castle Donington, Leicestershire.'. Report No. 98/158
Ripper, S (1998) 'An Archaeological Watching Brief at Manor Farm, Medbourne, Leicestershire.'. Report No. 98/23
Browning, J (1998) 'An Archaeological Evaluation on Land at Home Farm, Great Casterton, Rutland.'. Report No. 98/150
Higgins, T (1999) 'An Archaeological Evaluation and Watching Brief at the Children's Hospital North Street, Derby'. Report No. 99/152
Gossip, J (1999) 'Excavations at York Road, Leicester.'. Report No. 99/111
Gossip, J (1999) 'Excavations at Republic Car Park Oxford Street, Leicester.'. Report No. 99/112
Butler, A (1999) 'A Geophysical Survey at Land North of Wardentree Lane, Pinchbeck, Lincolnshire'.
Butler, A (1999) 'A Geophysical Survey of Land off Leicester Lane, Desford, Leicestershire.'. Report No. 99/30
Thomas, J (1999) 'Archaeological Evaluation of Land off Leicester Lane, Desford, Leicestershire.'. Report No. 99/72
Anon, (2000) 'Land off High Street/Tanners Lane, Corby Glen, Lincolnshire. Archaeological Evaluation'.
Anon, (2000) 'Wharf Road, Stamford, Lincolnshire. Archaeological Evaluation'.
Anon, (2000) 'Back Lane, Skillington, Lincolnshire. Archaeological Watching Brief'.
Thomas, J (2000) 'Archaeological Excavation on Land off Leicester Lane, Desford, Leicester.'. Report No. 2000/44
Clarke, S (2000) 'An Archaeological Evaluation and Excavation on Land at Rectory Lane, Appleby Magna, Leicestershire.'. Report No. 2000/49
Monckton, A (2000) 'Charred plant remains from an Iron Age settlement site at Dirft East, Covert Farm, Crick, Northamptonshire'. ULAS Report No. 2000/107
Chapman, S (2000) 'An Archaeological Excavation of Iron Age and Romano Settlement at Leicester General Hospital, Crown Hills, Evington, Leicester.'. Report No. 00/41

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