3D Recording Las Cuevas Project

Fabrizio Galeazzi, 2016

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Unit 9


Late Classic Maya


Unit 9 is at the top of structure 1, the eastern pyramid in plaza A. Structure 1 supported a two roomed masonry building with a stucco facade in its final form. Las Cuevas follows a typical ancient Maya site core plan, with large masonry buildings arranged around a central plaza. The eastern and western pyramidal structures, at 10m and 11m tall respectively, are the largest structures at the site.
Unit 9 is a 3 by 3 m excavation located close to the centre of the top of the structure. The unit was excavated using cultural levels. Four plaster floors were found and the fifteen natural and cultural stratigraphic levels encountered correspond to four major construction sequences, the sub floor construction fill, and post abandonment site formation. The excavation reached a depth of 542 cm below ground surface (Moyes and Robinson 2012; Robinson 2012: 12).

Further reading on the Las Cuevas Archaeological Reconnaissance (LCAR) Project in the Introduction page.

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