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Volume 1 (1851-54) - Table of Contents

Preliminaries - vol i part i
PDF 412 Kb
Preliminaries - vol i part ii
PDF 71 Kb
Preliminaries - vol i part iii
PDF 113 Kb
Anniversary Address. (pp 1-8)
Wilson, Daniel
PDF 390 Kb
The Dunvegan Cup (exhibited by Daniel Wilson). (pp 8-11)
- -
PDF 167 Kb
Sculptured Monument in Aberbrothoc Abbey (pp 13-5)
- -
PDF 128 Kb
'Why is the Mainland of Orkney called Pomona?' (pp 15-8)
Munch, Professor P A
PDF 168 Kb
Primitive Scottish Bells - Notes on the Buidhean or Bell of Strowan, and other primitive Ecclesiastical Bells of Scotland. (pp 18-23)
Wilson, Daniel
PDF 262 Kb
Inscribed Runic Ring (pp 23-5)
- -
PDF 162 Kb
Bronze Vessels discovered in the Loch of Leys. (pp 26-7)
- -
PDF 87 Kb
Roman Antiquities found at Newstead, Roxburghshire. (pp 28-33)
Smith, John Alex
PDF 414 Kb
Notices of Various Roman Coins found in the Red Abbeystead and adjoining fields to the East of the Village of Newstead, Roxburghshire. (pp 33-8)
Smith, John Alexander
PDF 288 Kb
Iron Keys deposited in the foundation of Glasgow Bridge. (communication by John Buchanan) (pp 38)
- -
PDF 17 Kb
Monumental Brass of the Regent Moray. (exhibited and presented by George Seton) (pp 38-9)
- -
PDF 59 Kb
Bronze Matrix with Hebrew Inscription. (pp 39-41)
Wilson, Daniel
PDF 204 Kb
Discovery of Bronze Vessels, &c., at Cockburnspath, Berwickshire. (pp 43-4)
- -
PDF 86 Kb
Discovery of Ancient Canoes on the Clyde. (pp 44-5)
Buchanan, John
PDF 33 Kb
Ancient Stone Mould. (exhibited by Thomas Brown) (pp 45)
- -
PDF 45 Kb
Leven Medal and Jewel (exhibited by W Leslie Melville) (pp 45-6)
- -
PDF 47 Kb
Scottish Ogham Inscriptions. (pp 46)
- -
PDF 76 Kb
On some ancient Greek Medical Vases for containing Lykion; &c., and on the modern use of the same drug in India. (pp 47-54)
Simpson, Prof. J Y
PDF 545 Kb
Primitive Hand-Bells. (pp 54-7)
Bell, John
PDF 285 Kb
Alter-Plate of the Collegiate Church, Haddington. (pp 57-8)
Newton, W W Hay
PDF 71 Kb
Roman Camp at Harburn (pp 58-9)
Wilson, Daniel
PDF 92 Kb
Roman Antiquities, Fifeshire. (pp 60-6)
- -
PDF 313 Kb
The Style of Ornament which prevailed from the Fourth to the Twelfth Century. (pp 67-9)
Christie, Alexander
PDF 63 Kb
Tailors' Candlesticks (presented by James T Gibson Craig) (pp 69)
- -
PDF 41 Kb
Roman Bronze Patella (exhibited by Dr John Alex. Smith) (pp 69-70)
- -
PDF 29 Kb
St Margaret's Chapel, Edinburgh Castle (pp 70)
- -
PDF 39 Kb
Unpublished Counter-Seal of Kilwinning. (communication by W H Scott) (pp 70-1)
- -
PDF 67 Kb
Iron Dagger, East Langton. (pp 73-4)
Wilson, Daniel
PDF 50 Kb
Report on a large hoard of Anglo-Saxon Pennies, in Silver, found in the Island of Islay; (pp 74-81)
Scott, W H
PDF 289 Kb
Ancient Gaelic Inscriptions in Scotland. (communication by W F Skene) (pp 81-3)
- -
PDF 147 Kb
Antique Silver Filagree-Case and Scissors. (communication by Dr John Alexander Smith) (pp 83-4)
- -
PDF 36 Kb
Notices of the History and Architectural Features of the ancient Church of St Cuthbert at Coldingham. (pp 84-6)
Wilson, Daniel
PDF 102 Kb
Shetland Ballad (pp 86-9)
Thomas, F W L
PDF 161 Kb
The Leahber Dearg, or Red Book of Clanranald. (pp 89-91)
Skene, W F
PDF 122 Kb
Remarks on the occurrence of ornamentation of a byzantine character on weapons and wooden implements, made by the natives of an African Tribe, on the Coast of the Red Sea. (pp 91)
Christie, Alexander
PDF 43 Kb
On various monuments in India, corresponding to the Cromlechs and Standing Stones of the North of Europe. (pp 91-5)
- -
PDF 285 Kb
Woven Tunics found in Shetland. (pp 95)
Smith, J A
PDF 35 Kb
Anniversary Address (pp 97-101)
Murray, The Hon Lord, Senior Vice-President
PDF 215 Kb
On the state of the Abbey Church of Holyrood subsequently to the devastations committed by the English Forces in the years 1544 and 1547. (pp 101-15)
Laing, David
PDF 761 Kb
On the class of stone vessels known in Scotland as Druidical Paterae. (pp 115-8)
Wilson, Daniel
PDF 180 Kb
Notice of the Devastations effected by Scottish Raids into Northumberland, in the 14th Century. (pp 118-21)
Fenwick, John
PDF 151 Kb
Discovery of an iron instrument lately found imbedded in a natural seam of coal in the neighbourhood of Glasgow. (pp 121-6)
Buchanan, John
PDF 276 Kb
Notes relating to 'A.Z.,' The Anonymous correspondent of the Society, by whom the collection of Books and Mss. relating to the Orkney and Shetland Islands, were presented to the Library (see Archaeologia Scotica, vol. iii., p.267.) (pp 126-7)
Fotheringham, W H
PDF 73 Kb
On ancient terraces of cultivation, commonly called Daisses. (pp 127-33)
Chambers, Robert
PDF 388 Kb
Notices of the Oriental Coins in the Society's Collections. (pp 134-9)
Scott, W H
PDF 264 Kb
Description of an ancient tomb discovered near Stonehaven. (pp 139-40)
Stuart, John
PDF 83 Kb
Notices of various Stone Circles in the Parishes of Cairney, Monymusk, and Tough, Aberdeenshire; And of Inverkeithny, Banffshire. (pp 141-2)
Stuart, John
PDF 79 Kb
Notice of the discovery of some ancient Arms and Armour, near Glenfruin, on the Estate of Sir James Colquhoun of Luss, Baronet. (pp 142-5)
Stewart, Hope J
PDF 171 Kb
Report of a recent examination of the Roman Camp at Cleghorn, Lanarkshire, styled 'Agricola's Camp;' with Notices of General Roy and his Family. (pp 145-9)
Rankin, D R
PDF 243 Kb
Attempt to explain the legend on a bronze Hebrew Seal, figured in the Society's Proceedings, ante, p.39; with remarks on the use of imagery among the Jews, both in ancient and modern times. (pp 150-3)
Porter, J Scott
PDF 233 Kb
Notes and Drawings of some ancient monuments of Asia, compared with those of Europe. (pp 154-7)
Wise, T A
PDF 237 Kb
Petition from the inhabitants of South Leith, addressed to General Monk, praying him to restore to them the use of the Parish Chruch, Circa 1655; Illustrated with a series of Extracts from the Kirk-Session Records of that Parish. (pp 158-68)
Laing, David
PDF 470 Kb
Notice of the discovery of a beautiful enamelled gold ring, believed to have belonged to King James V., found in the ruins of Tantallan Castle. (pp 168-9)
James, Henry
PDF 88 Kb
Notice of an ancient Celtic Brooch, the property of William Rose Campbell. (pp 170)
- -
PDF 114 Kb
Notice of recent discoveries of Roman Remains at Cadder, on the Antonine Wall. (pp 170-80)
Buchanan, John
PDF 583 Kb
'On some suggestive examples of Abortive Discovery in Ancient Art;' (pp 175-80)
Wilson, Daniel
PDF 583 Kb
Notice respecting the original brass of the Regent Earl of Murray, removed from St Giles' Church in 1829. (pp 181)
- -
PDF 30 Kb
Notice of the recent discovery of several fine bronze swords, and other bronze relics, in Forfarshire. (pp 181)
- -
PDF 28 Kb
Notice of discoveries of 'Celtic Pipes' in the vicinity of Edinburgh; with some remarks on the period to which they belong. (pp 182)
Wilson, Daniel
PDF 24 Kb
An attempt to define how far the cymric encroached upon the Gaelic Branch of the early Celtic population of North Britain. (pp 182-90)
Rhind, A Henry
PDF 390 Kb
Notice of the discovery of a curious bronze cross and chain, in a stone cist, at Kingoldrum, Forfarshire. (pp 191)
Chalmers, Patrick
PDF 42 Kb
Notices of the Funeral of James, Second Earl of Murray. (pp 191-6)
Laing, David
PDF 495 Kb
Account of the examination of the contents of an ancient hermetically-sealed glass vessel. (pp 197-204)
Wilson, George
PDF 459 Kb
Notes of the discovery of stone cists at Lesmurdie, Banffshire, containing primitive urns, &c., along with human remains. (pp 205-11)
Robertson, Alexander
PDF 388 Kb
Notice of the discovery of an ancient boat, of singular construction, on the banks of the Clyde. (pp 211-3)
Buchanan, John
PDF 125 Kb
Notice of the remains of an ancient stone building, discovered near the Village of Newstead, Roxburghshire. (pp 213-7)
Smith, John Alexander
PDF 239 Kb
Report on the coins presented to the Society from the Honourable the Lords Commissioners of Her Majesty's Treasury. (pp 226-8)
Scott, W H
PDF 136 Kb
Notice of an incised Sepulchral slab found some years ago near Newstead, Roxburghshire. (pp 229-30)
Smith, John Alexander
PDF 107 Kb
Report on the Donations of Coins now added to the Society's Collection. (pp 231-4)
Scott, W H
PDF 115 Kb
On the Ancient Sculptured Monument discovered at St Andrews, in 1833. (pp 234-7)
Buist, George
PDF 209 Kb
On the Scythian Bows, and Bows of the Ancients, compared with those of India. (pp 237-9)
Buist, George
PDF 130 Kb
A Genealogical Account of the Royal House of Bruce. (pp 239-40)
Surenne, Gabriel
PDF 62 Kb
On the Coinage of Ceylon during the Thirteenth and Fourteenth Centuries. (pp 241-3)
Scott, W H
PDF 142 Kb
On the Ancient and Modern Ethnography of Scotland. (pp 243-57)
Beddoe, John
PDF 835 Kb
On the Earlier Antiquities of the District of Cromar, in Aberdeenshire; including a Notice of an 'Eirde House,' or underground chamber, recently discovered on the Farm of Culsh, in the Parish of Tarland, and of another at Drumnahoy, near Castle Fraser. (pp 258-64)
Stuart, John
PDF 355 Kb
An Account of an extensive collection of archaeological relics, and osteological remains, from a 'Pict's House,' at Kettleburn, Caithness. (pp 264-9)
Rhind, A Henry
PDF 331 Kb
Notes on St Roque, and the Chapel dedicated to him, near Edinburgh. (pp 269-71)
Chambers, Robert
PDF 131 Kb
A contemporary account of the Earl of Hertford's second expedition to Scotland, and of the Ravages committed by the English Forces in September 1545. From a Manuscrip in Trinity College Library, Dublin. (pp 271-81)
Laing, David
PDF 544 Kb
Notice of remains found in an ancient tomb recently opened in the Cathedral Church of Fortrose. (pp 281-4)
Stuart, John
PDF 177 Kb
Suggestions for a National Exhibition of Scottish Portraits in Edinburgh, in the year 1855; including a communication on the subject from Thomas Carlyle. (pp 284-94)
Laing, David
PDF 565 Kb
A Note respecting the Sculptured Cross at St Vigeans, near Arbroath; of which casts by Mr Henry Laing, Seal Engraver, were exhibited. (pp 294-6)
- -
PDF 123 Kb
A visit to the Royal Cemetery of Barons Bruce I. II. III. IV. and VII., in the ancient Abbey of St Mary, at Giseborough, in Cleveland, now North-Riding, Yorkshire: (pp 296)
Surenne, Gabriel
PDF 24 Kb
Notices of two ancient Graves recently opened in the vicinity of Dunrobin Castle, Sutherlandshire. (pp 297-9)
Ross, J J
PDF 144 Kb
Communication regarding the proposed National Exhibition of Scottish Portraits. (pp 299-301)
Christie, Alexander
PDF 109 Kb
Index (pp 303-12)
PDF 436 Kb

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