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Volume 10 (1872-74) - Table of Contents

Preliminaries - vol x part i
PDF 157 Kb
Preliminaries - vol x part ii
PDF 960 Kb
Meeting minutes (pp 1-27)
PDF 1 Mb
Notice of an Early MS. of Fordun's Chronicle, the property of Alexander Pringle, Esq., of Whytbank. (pp 27-30)
Skene, W F
PDF 193 Kb
Note of Recent Excavations at St Margaret's Inch, in the Loch of Forfar. (pp 31-4)
Stuart, John
PDF 186 Kb
Note on Ruddiman's Table of the Value of the Silver Money Coined in Scotland. (pp 34-42)
Patrick, R W Cochran
PDF 455 Kb
Note of a fine Celtic Cinerary Urn found in a Cist near Darn Hall, Peeblesshire, and exhibited by Lord Elibank. (pp 43-4)
Francis, G G
PDF 231 Kb
Antiquarian Notes from Nassau. (pp 48-50)
Thomas, F W L
PDF 136 Kb
Notes on Feudalism in Japan. (pp 51-6)
Coghill, J G Sinclair
PDF 296 Kb
Notice of Sculptured Stones at Laggangarn, Mull of Sunnoness, Airrelich and Cassendeoch, Wigtownshire. (pp 56-61)
Wilson, George
PDF 223 Kb
Notice of a Sculptured Stone Cist-Lid and Clay Urn found in Carnwath Moor. (pp 61-3)
Rankin, D R
PDF 110 Kb
Notice of Working Drawings Scratched on the Walls of the Crypt at Roslin Chapel. (pp 63-4)
Anderson, Robert
PDF 364 Kb
Descriptive List of Antiquities near Loch Etive. Part III. - Continued. (pp 70-90)
Smith, R Angus
PDF 1 Mb
Notice of Two Ancient Silver Chalices, and a Silver Basin, belonging to the Parish of Forgue, Aberdeenshire, and of their Donors, James Crichton of Frendraught, and his son, the Viscount Frendraught. (pp 91-109)
Stuart, John
PDF 988 Kb
Notes on the Names of Clan Chattan, and what they indicate. (pp 112-33)
Macpherson, John
PDF 1014 Kb
Remarks on the Ogham Inscription of the Newton Pillar Stone. (pp 134-41)
Brash, Richard Bolt
PDF 357 Kb
Notes of Rock Sculpturings of Cups and Concentric rings, and 'The Witch's Stone' on Tormain Hill; also of some Early Remains on the Kaimes Hill, &c., near Ratho, Edinburghshire. (pp 141-51)
Smith, John Alexander
PDF 566 Kb
On Some Ruins at Ellida Vatn and Kjalarnes in Iceland. (pp 151-77)
Smith, R Angus
PDF 1 Mb
Notice of Some Medieaval Triumphs and Processions. (pp 177-92)
Drummond, James
PDF 2 Mb
Notes on the History of the Ruins at Iona. (pp 202-14)
Skene, W F
PDF 695 Kb
Notes on some of the Ancient Monuments of Iona. (pp 215-7)
Drummond, James
PDF 168 Kb
Notes from some Unpublished Documents relating to the Insurrection in Orkney in 1614. (pp 218-24)
Peacock, Edward
PDF 292 Kb
Notes on the Scottish Mints. (pp 225-39)
Patrick, R W Cochran
PDF 675 Kb
Note of some Sculptured Stones in the Churchyard of Dornock, Dumfriesshire. (pp 240-1)
Anderson, Rev. John
PDF 246 Kb
On Processions and other Public Ceremonials in Scotland prior to the Union, A.D. 1707 (With Illistrations). (pp 245)
Laing, David
PDF 20 Kb
Notes on the Architectural Characteristics of St Blane's Chapel, Bute. (pp 245)
Galloway, W
PDF 15 Kb
Remarks on the Cremation of the Dead, especially as practised in Japan. (Illustrated by the Exhibition of a Series of Drawings by Japanese.) (pp 246-61)
Smith, John Alexander
PDF 1 Mb
Notice of William Davidson, M.D. (Gulielmus Davissonus), First Professor of Chemistry and Director of the Jardin des Plantes, Paris, afterwards Physician to the King of Poland. (pp 265-80)
Small, John
PDF 1 Mb
Note of some Explorations in a Tumulus called the Court Hill, in the Parish of Dalry, and County of Ayr. (pp 281-5)
Patrick, R W Cochran
PDF 327 Kb
Notice of a Bronze Sword found in Carlinwark Loch. Presented to the Museum by D A Gordon Esq of Greenlaw. (pp 286)
Stuart, John
PDF 52 Kb
Notice regarding a 'Pict's House' and some other Antiquities in the Parish of Tealing, Forfarshire. (pp 287-93)
Jervise, Andrew
PDF 457 Kb
Notice sur la vie de Jean Ramsay de Saint Andrew, en Ecosse, Professeur a l'Universite de Turin, et Medecin de Charles III., Duc de Savoie. Avec Pieces Justificatives. (pp 294-304)
Meana, Alexandre De
PDF 528 Kb
Note of Coins found at Annat, on the Lands of Kilchrenan, in Argyllshire, the Property of William Muir, Esq. of Inystrinich. (pp 305)
Sim, George
PDF 45 Kb
Note of a Bone Cave at Duntroon. (pp 306-8)
Mapleton, Rev. R J
PDF 129 Kb
Note of a Broch at Dun Voradale, Isle of Raasay. (pp 308-9)
Judd, J M
PDF 68 Kb
An Account of the Funeral of George, First Marquess of Huntly, in June 1636. (pp 309)
Laing, David
PDF 22 Kb
Historical Description of the Altar-Piece, painted in the Reign of King James the Third of Scotland, belonging to Her Majesty, in the Palace of Holyrood. A Supplemental Notice. (pp 310-24)
Laing, David
PDF 774 Kb
Notice of a Silver Chain or Girdle, the Property of Thomas Simson, of Blainslie, Esq., Berwickshire; another, in the University of Aberdeen; and of other Ancient Scottish Silver chains. (pp 321-47)
Smith, John Alexander
PDF 1 Mb
An Account of Alexander Gordon, A.M., Author of the Itinerarium Septentrionale, 1726. Communicated in a Letter to the Foreign Secretary by Professor Daniel Wilson, LL.D., Toronto, Hon.Mem.S.A.Scot. With Additional Notes concerning Gordon and his Works. (pp 363-82)
Laing, David
PDF 1 Mb
The Ecclesiastical Antiquities of the District of Knapdale, Argyllshire, and the Islands of Gigha and Cara. (pp 383-8)
White, T P
PDF 302 Kb
Notes of some Unpublished Records of the Coinages of James VI. (pp 388-96)
Patrick, R W Cochran
PDF 672 Kb
Notes of some Entries in the Iceland Annals regarding the Death of the Princes Margaret, 'The Maiden of Norway,' in A.D. 1290, and 'The False Margaret,' who was Burned at Bergen in A.D. 1301; with Transcript of a Letter of Bishop Audfinn of Bergen referring to both, and dated 1st February 1320. (pp 403-19)
Anderson, Joseph
PDF 865 Kb
Notes on Querns, with special reference to one of unusual form found in a Moss near the Meikle Loch, Aberdeenshire. (pp 419-24)
King, William Ross
PDF 313 Kb
Note of a Fragment of a Rune-Inscribed Stone from Aith's Voe, Cunningsburgh, Shetland, now in the Museum. (pp 425-30)
Stephens, George
PDF 347 Kb
Notice of a Small Bronze Blade found in a Sepulchral Tumulus or Cairn at Rogart, Sutherland, and of similar Bronze Implements found in Different parts of Scotland. (pp 431-47)
Smith, John Alexander
PDF 894 Kb
Note of Coarse Green Glass Beads found at Kinloch-Rannoch, Perthshire. (pp 447-8)
Smith, John Alexander
PDF 52 Kb
Notes respecting a Fragment of an Ancient Sculptured Stone or Anglo-Saxon Cross, found at Gattonside, near Melrose, and a Portion of the Old Cross of Jedburgh. (pp 448-57)
Smith, John Alexander
PDF 771 Kb
Note on the Sword of the Battle Abbey, formerly in the Meyrick Collection. (pp 462-75)
Paton, Sir J Noel
PDF 1 Mb
On a Cave containing Bones and Objects of Human Workmanship, at Borness, Kirkcudbrightshire. (pp 476-99)
Corrie, Adam J, et al
PDF 2 Mb
On the Osseous Remains of the Borness Bone Cave, Kirkcudbrightshire. (pp 499-507)
Clarke, William Bruce & Hunt, Arthur R
PDF 421 Kb
Notes on Some Collections of Flint Implements from Buchan, Aberdeenshire. (pp 507-18)
Ferguson, William
PDF 603 Kb
Notice of Excavations in Cairns in Strathnaver, Sutherlandshire, in a Communication from Mr Donald Mackay, Skelpick. (pp 519-23)
Stuart, John
PDF 457 Kb
Notice of an Original Instrument recently Discovered among the Records of the Dean and Chapter of Canterbury, describing the Miraculous Cure effected on a Citizen of Aberdeen while on a Pilgrimage to the Shrine of St Thomas at Canterbury, dated 27th July 1445. (pp 528-35)
Stuart, John
PDF 422 Kb
Notes on the Relics of the Viking Period of the Northmen in Scotland, illustrated by Specimens in the Museum. (pp 536-94)
Anderson, Joseph
PDF 2 Mb
Notes on some Ancient Chapels and other Remains in the Island of Mull. (pp 594-8)
Judd, J W
PDF 343 Kb
Notice of an Ogham Inscription in the Churchyard of Aboyne, Aberdeenshire. (pp 602-3)
Skene, W F
PDF 57 Kb
Vacation Notes in Cromar, Burghead, and Strathspey. Including Notice of one of the Supposed Burial-Places of St Columba. (pp 603-89)
Mitchell , Arthur & Drummond, James
PDF 4 Mb
Notice of two Bronze Implements from India; with Observations on the one said to have been found at Norham, and now in the Society's Museum. (pp 690-5)
Elliot, Sir Walter
PDF 507 Kb
Note of a Burnt Cairn dug out in Culcaldie Moss, near Lochinch, Wigtonshire, in a Letter to John Stuart, LL.D., Secretary. (pp 700-1)
Stair, Right. Hon the Earl of
PDF 96 Kb
Notice of some Unpublished Records of Gold and other Mines in Scotland. (pp 702)
Patrick, R W Cochran
PDF 21 Kb
Letter from St Kilda. (pp 702-11)
Kennedy, Miss Anne
PDF 449 Kb
On Certain Beliefs and Phrases of Shetland Fishermen. (pp 711-6)
Laurenson, Arthur
PDF 291 Kb
Notes on some Polished Stone Discs of Unknown Use in the Museum. (pp 717-9)
Anderson, Joseph
PDF 254 Kb
Lady Grange in the Island of St Kilda. (pp 722-30)
Laing, David
PDF 808 Kb
Notices of St Palladius' Chapel, and of a Coffin-Slab, at Fordoun. (pp 730-5)
Jervise, Andrew
PDF 291 Kb
Notice of a Curious Manuscript in the Library of the British Museum, containing Drawings and Descriptions of Scottish Coins. (pp 735-6)
Patrick, R W Cochran
PDF 71 Kb
Notes on the Lake-Dwellings of Wigtonshire. (pp 737-9)
Wilson, George
PDF 121 Kb
Notice of the Discovery of Cists on the Farm of Slap, near Turriff, Aberfdeenshire. (pp 739-40)
Ledingham, John
PDF 90 Kb
Note of an Underground Structure at Gress, near Stornoway, and other Ancient Remains in the Island of Lewis. (pp 741-4)
Liddel, Peter
PDF 185 Kb
Index (pp 745-764)
PDF 790 Kb