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Volume 11 (1874-76) - Table of Contents

Preliminaries - vol xi part i
PDF 142 Kb
Preliminaries - vol xi part ii
PDF 1 Mb
Meeting minutes (pp 1-21)
PDF 849 Kb
Notice of a Canoe found in Loch Lotus, Parish of New Abbey, Kirkcudbrightshire. (pp 21-3)
Gillespie, Rev. James E
PDF 128 Kb
Notice of a small collection of Flint Implements and Arrow-Heads; with portion of a Small Ornamented Stone Ball found in Kincardineshire. (pp 24-8)
Smith, John Alexander
PDF 265 Kb
Notes of Small Ornamented Stone Balls found in different parts of Scotland, &c., with Remarks on their supposed Age and Use. (pp 29-62)
Smith, John Alexander
PDF 2 Mb
Notice of a Small Figure in Jet of St James the Greater, recently presented to the Museum by James Gibson Craig, Esq., FSA Scot., and probably a Signaculum worn by a Leprous Pilgrim to St Jago Di Compostella; with Notes on 'Pilgrims' Signs' of the Middle Ages, and a Stone Mould for casting Leaden Tokens, found at Dundrennan Abbey. (pp 62-80)
Anderson, Joseph
PDF 1 Mb
Articles by Robert, Bishop of Caithness, against George, Earl of Caithness, for various Excesses, and Breaches of Sanctuary, with the Earl's Answers and the Bishop's Replies - A.D. 1549. From the Charter-Room at Dunrobin. With Remarks on the Right of Sanctuary in Scotland before the Reformation. (pp 87-102)
Stuart, John
PDF 742 Kb
Notice of the International Congress of Prehistoric Archaeology held at Stockholm in August 1874. (pp 102-6)
Patrick, R W Cochran
PDF 236 Kb
Notes on the Sculptured Caves near Dysart, in Fife, illustrated by Drawings of the Sculptures. (pp 107-20)
Maclagan, Miss C
PDF 983 Kb
Notes on Hatton House, Mid-Lothian. (pp 124-39)
Findlay, J R
PDF 969 Kb
Notes on South African Bored Stones, or Perforated Stone Balls, and a Hafted Stone Axe from South Australia, presented to the Museum; with Notice of Cave Paintings in South Africa. (pp 140-5)
Bell, Charles
PDF 327 Kb
Notes on Cup-Markings and Incised Sculpturings near Guerande, Brittany. (pp 146-51)
Miln, James
PDF 447 Kb
Notice of the Discovery of Two Ancient Towns in Brittany, one of the Gallo-Roman and the other probably of an earlier period. (pp 155-62)
Miln, James
PDF 413 Kb
Notice of the Early System of Replegiation as Exercised in Scotland. (pp 163-7)
Stuart, John
PDF 273 Kb
Notes on some Articles Exhibited to the Meeting, viz., A Bronze Spear-Head, a small Unlooped Socketed Celt, a Sword-Shaped Stone from Shetland, and a Tripod Bronze Pot. (pp 168-71)
Duns, Professor
PDF 579 Kb
Sketches of Early Scottish Alchemists: Michael Scot - King James IV. - Sir George Erskine of Innertiel. (pp 179-97)
Small, John
PDF 985 Kb
Analysis of the Ptolemaic Geography of Scotland. With two Maps. (pp 198-225)
Thomas, F W L
PDF 1 Mb
On Coins Attributed by Mr Lindsay to Kings of the Hebrides. (pp 225-33)
Burns, Edward
PDF 506 Kb
On some Megalithic Remains in France. Illustrated with Plans and Drawings. (pp 235-6)
Dryden, Henry
PDF 91 Kb
Notes upon some Scottish Historical Portraits - John Knox and George Buchanan. (pp 237-64)
Drummond, James
PDF 2 Mb
Notices of Sculptured Rocks and Boulders recently observed in Ohio and Kentucky, United States of America, and of the Probable Origin of the Cup-Markings which occur on Stones there and in other Countries. In a Letter to Dr John Stuart from Professor Daniel Wilson, LL.D., Toronto, Hon.Mem.S.A. Scot. (pp 266-72)
- -
PDF 371 Kb
Notices of the several Openings of a Cairn on Cuffhill; of various Antiquities in the Barony of Beith; and of a Crannog in the Loch of Kilbirnie, Ayrshire. (pp 272-97)
Love, Robert
PDF 1 Mb
Descriptive List of Antiquities near Loch Etive. Part IV. (pp 298-305)
Smith, R Angus
PDF 384 Kb
Notice of Excavations in the Borness Cave in the Summer of 1874. Supplementary to Previous Notice. With Plans and Photographs. (pp 305-9)
Clarke, W Bruce
PDF 205 Kb
Notice of Two Cists on the Farm of Antabreck, North Ronaldsay, Orkney. (pp 309-10)
Traill, William
PDF 58 Kb
Additional Notes on Small Ornamented Stone Balls found in different parts of Scotland, &c. (pp 313-9)
Smith, John Alexander
PDF 357 Kb
Notice of Stone Cists, &c., found on Barnhill Links, near Broughty-Ferry. (pp 310-2)
Warden, A J
PDF 108 Kb
Notes on the History and probable Situation of the Earlier Establishments at Iona, prior to the foundation of the Benedictine Monastery in the end of the Twelfth Century. (pp 330-49)
Skene, W F
PDF 1 Mb
The Forrester Monuments in the Church of Corstorphine. With Drawings by W P Burton. (Plates XII.-XIV.) (pp 353-62)
Laing, David
PDF 1 Mb
Notes on the Survival of Pagan Customs in Christian Burial; with Notices of certain conventional representations of 'Daniel in the Den of Lions,' and 'Jonah and the Whale,' engraved on objects found in early Christian Graves, and on the Scuptured Stones of Scotland and Crosses of Ireland. (Plates XV.-XVIII.) (pp 363-406)
Anderson, Jospeh
PDF 3 Mb
Sketches of later Scottish Alchemists, - John Napier of Merchiston, Robert Napier, Sir David Lindsay, first Earl of Balcarres, Patrick Ruthven, Alexander Seton, and Patrick Scot. (pp 410-38)
Small, John
PDF 1 Mb
An original Letter to the Laird of Wishaw (now presented to the Museum), relating to the Proceedings against James Aikenhead 'the Atheist,' and the trial of Witches in Paisley in 1696. (pp 438-45)
Laing, David
PDF 367 Kb
Notes on an Oaken Spade found in a Moss at Cruden, Aberdeenshire. (pp 445-7)
Peter, James
PDF 197 Kb
Notice of the Memorial Brass of Dr Duncan Liddel, and of the Tombstone of Sir Paul Menzies of Kinmundy, in Saint Nicholas Church, Aberdeen. ( Plates XIX. - XXIII). (pp 450-62)
Gibb, Andrew
PDF 2 Mb
James VI. In Tonsberg, 1589. With Photograph of an old Oaken Tablet erected in the Church of St Mary, in Commemoration of his Visit. (pp 462-4)
Stephens, George
PDF 117 Kb
Notice of a Cranium found in a short Cist near Silvermoor, Carstairs, Lanarkshire, in 1847. (pp 465-7)
Rankine, D R
PDF 143 Kb
Notes of an Urn found in a Cist in a Gravel Hillock near Oban. In a Letter to the Secretary. With Notice of the so-called Serpent-Mound of Lochnell. (pp 468-9)
Clerk, Duncan & Stuart, John
PDF 181 Kb
Did the Northmen extirpate the Celtic Inhabitants of the Hebrides in the Ninth Century? (pp 472-507)
Thomas, F W L
PDF 1 Mb
Notice of a Flint Arrow-head in the Shaft, found in a Moss at Fyvie, Aberdeenshire, with Notes in illustration of the Manufacture of Arrow-shafts with Flint Tools. (pp 508-13)
Anderson, Joseph
PDF 434 Kb
An Incident at the Era of the Reformation. From a Contemporary Manuscript. (pp 517-25)
Laing, Alexander
PDF 456 Kb
Notice of the Monument to William Carstares, Principal of the University of Edinburgh, erected in 1727 and resored in 1874. With a copy of the Original Contract. (pp 525-9)
Laing, David
PDF 402 Kb
Note of the Discovery of Sepulchral Urns in Fair Isle. With Letter from John Bruce, Esq., yr. of Sumburgh, Shetland. (pp 530-4)
Smith, John Alexander
PDF 353 Kb
Notes of a Charter by Charles I. to James, Lord Carnegy, 1641, constituting him Keeper of the Abbey of Aberbrothock; and of an Order by Mr John Garden, Factor on the Panmure Estates (1746), calling the Tenantry of Edzell and Navar to be armed and ready to repel a Highland Raid. Communicated by the late David Dakers Black. (pp 538-42)
Stuart, John
PDF 256 Kb
Notice of a Collection of Flint Arrow-heads and Bronze and Iron Relics from the Site of an Ancient Settlement recently discovered in the Culbin Sands, near Findhorn, Morayshire. (pp 543-6)
Linton, Hercules
PDF 216 Kb
Notice of Recent Finds of Coins in Scotland. (pp 547-50)
Sim, George
PDF 122 Kb
St Columba's Loch, in Skye, and its Ancient Canoes. (pp 551-61)
Jolly, William
PDF 535 Kb
Account of an Alchemical Roll on parchment (18 feet in length), presented to the Royal College of Physicians, from the Library of Sir George Areskine of Innertiel, by George Earl of Cromarty, in 1707. (With Notes by John Small) (pp 561-75)
Moncrieff, William
PDF 1 Mb
Notes of Flint Implements and Arrow-heads found in Kincardineshire. Also Note of the Use of a Stone as a Knife, in the Island of Lewis, Hebrides, in 1829. (pp 575-80)
Smith, John Alexander
PDF 260 Kb
Notice of the recently recovered Inscriptions on the Transeptal Crypt of Glasgow Cathedral. (pp 587)
Galloway, W
PDF 13 Kb
Notes of a Collection of Stone Implements and Other Antiquities from Glenluce, Wigtonshire, now presented to the Museum. (pp 580-7)
Wilson, George
PDF 395 Kb
Notice of a Find of Silver Ornaments, &c., at Croy, Inverness-shire, now presented to the Museum. (pp 588-92)
Fraser, Rev. Thomas
PDF 244 Kb
An Episode in the life of Mrs Rachel Erskine, Lady Grange. Detailed by herself in a Letter from St Kilda, January 20, 1738, and other Original Papers. Communicated by David Laing. (pp 593-608)
- -
PDF 611 Kb
Index (pp 609-624)
PDF 603 Kb

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