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Volume 12 (1876-78) - Table of Contents

Preliminaries - vol xii part i
PDF 164 Kb
Preliminaries - vol xii part ii
PDF 1 Mb
Meeting minutes (pp 1-12)
PDF 459 Kb
Descriptive List of Antiquities near Loch Etive. - No. 5. Plan of Dun-Mac Uisneachan. (pp 13-9)
Smith, R Angus
PDF 508 Kb
On Two Monumental Stones with Ogham Inscriptions Recently Discovered in Shetland. (pp 20-32)
Goudie, Gilbert
PDF 637 Kb
Notice of the Ancient Kil or Burying-Ground termed 'Cladh Bhile,' near Ellary, Loch Caolisport, South Knapdale. (pp 32-58)
Galloway, William
PDF 2 Mb
Notice of Two Original Documents Deposited in the Museum by the Trustees of the late Miss Agnes Black, Perth. (pp 63-4)
Laing, David
PDF 104 Kb
Ancient Graves Recently Discovered on the Shores of the Firth of Forth, near Hopetoun, Linlithgowshire; with Notes and Plans Exhibited by Mr C Dawson, Public School, Abercorn. (pp 65-9)
Smith, John Alexander
PDF 227 Kb
Note, on Examining the Contents of an Old Stagnant Pool at Carluke. (pp 70-2)
Rankin, D R
PDF 115 Kb
Inquiries Respecting Some of the Early Historical Writers of Scotland. (1846-1847) (pp 72-87)
Laing, David
PDF 929 Kb
Original Letter of Queen Elizabeth to Anne, Queen of James VI., dated at Richmond, 20th January 1595, with Relative Letter of Sir Robert Bowes, the English Ambassador at the Scottish Court, dated 24th February 1595. (pp 92-7)
Small, John
PDF 277 Kb
Note on Four Small Flasks of Terra Cotta, bearing representations of St Menas, from Alexandria, now in the Museum. (pp 98-101)
Anderson, Joseph
PDF 165 Kb
An Attempt to Explain some of the Symbols on the Sculptured Stones of Scotland. (pp 101-3)
Arnold, Thomas
PDF 122 Kb
Notes on Mediaeval 'Kitchen Middens' recently discovered in the Monastery and the Nunnery on the Island of Iona. (pp 103-17)
Smith, John Alexander
PDF 952 Kb
Notices of the Quigrich or Crozier of St Fillan and of its Hereditary Keepers, in a Letter to John Stuart, LL.D., Secretary. (pp 122-31)
Wilson, Daniel
PDF 518 Kb
Deed of Conveyance of the Quigrich by the Last Hereditary Keeper, with Consent of His Son, to the Society of Antiquaries of Scotland, for the National Museum. (pp 132-3)
Dewar, Alexander and Archibald
PDF 77 Kb
Historical Notices of St Fillan's Crozier, and of the Devotion of King Robert Bruce to St. Fillan. (pp 134-82)
Stuart, John
PDF 3 Mb
Notes on the Antiquities of the Island of St Kilda. (pp 186-92)
Sands, J
PDF 339 Kb
Some Suggestions as to Our Mural Antiquities. (pp 192-8)
Gibb, Andrew
PDF 839 Kb
Notes on a Sculptured Stone Found in the Wall of the South Transept of St Nicholas Church, Aberdeen. (pp 199-201)
Walker, Alexander
PDF 300 Kb
Notice of Incised Sculpturings on the Steatite Rock at Feideland, the Extreme North of the Mainland of Shetland, and of a Cluster of Ruined Structures Styled Picts' Houses, on the Kaim of Isbister, Shetland. Communicated by Rev. George Gordon, LL.D., Birnie, Corr.Mem.S.A. Scot., in a letter to Dr Arthur Mitchell, Secretary. (pp 202-6)
- -
PDF 616 Kb
Notice of Two Original Documents, with Signatures Exhibited to the Meeting:- I. The National Covenant, November 1638; II. The Common or Godly Band, December 1557. (pp 216-7)
Laing, David
PDF 96 Kb
The Collegiate Church or Chapel of Rosslyn, its Builders, Architect, and Construction. (pp 218-44)
Kerr, Andrew
PDF 2 Mb
Notes on the Secular and Ecclesiastical Antiquities of Culross. (pp 245-53)
Hallen, Rev. Arthur W
PDF 465 Kb
Notice of the Discovery of a Roman Bowl in Glasgow Green, and Roman Remains Found at Yorkhill. (pp 254-8)
Buchanan, John
PDF 1 Mb
Remarks on the Coinages of Alexander II. (pp 278-87)
Patrick, R W Cochran
PDF 496 Kb
Notice of Two Cists at Lunan-Head, near Forfar, containing Remains of Unburnt Skeletons, &c., (pp 288-300)
Galloway, William
PDF 879 Kb
Notice of the Discovery of a Cist, with Three Skeletons, at Innertown, near Stromness, Orkney. (pp 301-2)
Watt, W G T
PDF 61 Kb
Notes on the Age of the Settlements on the Sands of Culbin. (pp 302-5)
Mathewson, Allan
PDF 183 Kb
Notices of Recent Finds of Coins in Scotland. (pp 306-7)
Sim, George
PDF 59 Kb
Notes on the Spinning Gear of former times. (pp 308-11)
Rankin, D R
PDF 192 Kb
John Earl of Gowrye, and the Alleged Conspiracy at Perth, August 5, 1600; An Historical Inquiry, in two parts: Part First - The King's Manifesto; or, 'A Discourse of the Unnatural and Vile Conspiracie,' &c. Edinburgh, 1600. (pp 311)
Laing, David
PDF 22 Kb
Lady Grange in Edinburgh, 1730. Forming a Supplementary Notice to that in the 'Proceedings,' Vol. XI. (pp 312-3)
- -
PDF 396 Kb
Notes on the Structure, Distribution, and Contents of the Brochs, with special reference to the question of their Celtic or Norwegian Origin. (pp 314-55)
Anderson, Joseph
PDF 2 Mb
Notes of the Opening of Two Eirde-Houses at Clova, Kildrummy, Aberdeenshire, and of a Cist with an Urn and Flint Implements at New Leslie. (pp 356-8)
Lumsden, Hugh Gordon
PDF 147 Kb
Note on the Ptolemaic Geography of Scotland. (pp 358)
Thomas, F W L
PDF 26 Kb
Notes on a Burial Mound at Torphichen, and an Urn found near the 'Cromlech' at Kipps, Linlithgowshire. (pp 405-11)
Duns, Professor
PDF 410 Kb
Rosslyn Castle, its Buildings Past and Present. (pp 412-24)
Kerr, Andrew
PDF 1 Mb
Notice of Several Sculptured Stones at Meigle, Perthshire, still undescribed. (pp 425-34)
Galloway, William
PDF 1 Mb
Notes on the Character and Contents of a large Sepulchral Cairn of the Bronze Age at Collessie, Fife, excavated by William Wallace, Esq., of Newton of Collessie, in August 1876 and 1877. (pp 439-61)
Anderson, Joseph
PDF 1 Mb
Notice of a Fragment of an Ancient Stone Cross found at Carpow, in the Parish of Abernethy, Perthshire. (Plate XXVIII.) (pp 462-5)
Laing, Alexander
PDF 421 Kb
The Story of the Fabrication of the 'Coffin-Plate' said to have been found in the Tomb of King Robert Bruce in Dunfermline Abbey. (pp 466-71)
Johnston, T B
PDF 337 Kb
Notice of two charters in the Norse Language, found among the Papers of the Sheriff-Court of Shetland. (pp 472-92)
Goudie, Gilbert
PDF 1 Mb
Notice of the Horns of Cattle (the Horny Sheaths of the Horns) found in Bogs in Roxburghshire and Aberdeenshire. (The Horns were exhibited). (pp 493-7)
Smith, John Alexander
PDF 537 Kb
Traditions of the Morrisons (Clan Mac Ghillemhuire), Hereditary Judges of Lewis. (pp 503-56)
Thomas, F W L
PDF 2 Mb
Notice of the Recent Explorations in the Kitchen Middens of Extinct Indian Tribes, Santa Barbara, California. (pp 557-60)
Duns, Professor
PDF 222 Kb
Notice of the Discovery of a Sculptured Stone at Logierait, Perthshire. (Plate XXIX.) (pp 561-4)
Anderson, Arthur
PDF 447 Kb
Note on the Caprington Bronze Horn. (pp 565-6)
Patrick, R W Cochran
PDF 320 Kb
Notes on the Earldom of Caithness. (pp 571-6)
Skene, W F
PDF 285 Kb
Notes on Antiquities from the Island of Eigg. (pp 577-97)
MacPherson, Norman
PDF 1 Mb
On the Authenticity of the Letters Patent said to have been granted by King William the Lion to the Earl of Marr in 1171. (pp 603-9)
Skene, W F
PDF 375 Kb
Notice of a Cist recently discovered on the Farm of Cleughhead, Glenbervie, containing burnt Human Bones and a Perforated Stone Hammer. (pp 609-11)
Gammack, James
PDF 154 Kb
Notice of the Discovery of Stone Coffins at Carnoustie, Forfarshire. (pp 611-3)
Dickson, Robert
PDF 192 Kb
Notice of the Brass Matrix of the Fabric Seal of the Cathedral Church of St Stephen at Metz, now presented to the Museum. (pp 616-9)
Forbes, William
PDF 214 Kb
Notice of a Bohemian Executioner's Sword. (pp 620-3)
Duns, Professor
PDF 195 Kb
Notice of a Small Urn, of the so-called 'Incense Cup' type, found within a large Urn at Blairgowrie in March last, and now presented to the Museum. (pp 624)
Fraser, Rev. William
PDF 60 Kb
Note on Lignite Beads found in an Urn near Stranraer, in 1859-60. (pp 625)
Wilson, Rev. George
PDF 44 Kb
Note of an Underground Structure on the Farm of Ardross, near Elie, Fife, with Ground Plan of the Structure. (pp 626-7)
Howie, Charles
PDF 207 Kb
On the Norwegian Origin of Scottish Brochs. (pp 630-69)
Fergusson, Jas
PDF 2 Mb
Final Report on the Borness Cave Exploration. (pp 669-81)
Clarke, W Bruce
PDF 784 Kb
Notice of an Urn, found in a Cist near Kincardine Castle, Strathearn, in March 1876, and now presented to the Museum. (pp 682-3)
Reid, A G
PDF 91 Kb
Notice of a Small Urn, of the so-called 'Incense Cup' type, found at Barnfauld, Threepwood, Parish of Beith, in the early part of the present century, and now presented to the Museum. (pp 684-6)
Dobie, John Sheddden
PDF 123 Kb
Notice of a Bronze Sword (exhibited by John L Stewart, Esq., of Coll), and other Antiquties, found in that Island. (pp 686-8)
McGillivray, William
PDF 165 Kb
Index (pp 689-709)
PDF 832 Kb