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Volume 16 (1881-82) - Table of Contents

PDF 1 Mb
Meeting minutes (pp 1-15)
PDF 566 Kb
Notice of a large Copper-like or Brass Anvil, stated to have been found in the south of Scotland: also of a small Ancient Bronze Anvil, found in Sutherland. (pp 15-25)
Smith, John Alexander
PDF 488 Kb
Notice of a Knocking-Stone or Barley Mortar of Granite, from Ballachulish, now presented to the Museum. (pp 25-6)
Christison, Robert
PDF 69 Kb
Notice of a Brass Three-footed Pot, found near Edmonstone House, Lanarkshire, exhibited to the Meeting. (pp 26)
Findlay, J R
PDF 30 Kb
Notice of a Hoard of Bronze Weapons and other Articles found at Monadh-Mor, Killin. (pp 27-31)
Stewart, Charles
PDF 201 Kb
Notice of Shell-Mounds at Lossiemouth. (pp 31-2)
Duff, E G
PDF 92 Kb
Note on the Account of the Expenses of the Funeral of Mrs Margaret Marjoribanks, 1697. (pp 33-6)
Marjoribanks, Rev. George
PDF 299 Kb
On the Regnal Years of David II. (pp 41-3)
Bute, the Most Hon. The Marquess of
PDF 121 Kb
On the Position of Local Museums in regard to Archaeological Objects. (pp 44-8)
Thoms, George Hunter
PDF 248 Kb
Jottings in Mid-Lochaber. (pp 49-56)
Duns, Professor
PDF 360 Kb
Note of the Discovery of a large Stone Hammer of peculiar form, now presented to the Museum. (pp 56-8)
Agnew, R Vans
PDF 234 Kb
Notice of Carved Oak Door and Eighteen Panels, from an old House in Montrose. (pp 61-8)
Reid, John J
PDF 533 Kb
Note on a Cist, with an Urn, discovered at Parkhill, near Aberdeen, in October 1881. (pp 69-72)
Ferguson, William
PDF 178 Kb
Note of a Sculptured Stone recently discovered at Roseneath. (pp 72-3)
Story, Rev. R Herbert
PDF 51 Kb
Notes of a Crannog at Friars' Carse, Dumfriesshire. (pp 73-8)
Munro, Robert
PDF 302 Kb
Notes on some Undescribed Stones with Cup-Markings in Scotland. (pp 79-143)
Allen, J Romilly
PDF 2 Mb
Notice of the Court Book of the Bailie Court of Dunrossness, Sandwick, and Cunningsburgh, Shetland, 1731-1735; with a Statement of its Contents. (pp 157-9)
Thoms, George Hunter
PDF 113 Kb
Description of the Ecclesiastical Remains existing upon St Serf's Island, Lochleven, at 6th July 1881. (pp 159-68)
Kerr, Andrew
PDF 520 Kb
Notes on a Dispensation for the Marriage of Johanna Beaufort with the Black Knight of Lorn. (pp 169-75)
Bain, Joseph
PDF 548 Kb
Notice of Ancient Legal Documents (Lay and Ecclesiastical) preserved among the Public Records of Shetland. (pp 181-203)
Goudie, Gilbert
PDF 1 Mb
On the Results of a Chemical Investiagation into the Composition of the 'Bog Butters,' and of 'Adipocere' and the 'Mineral Resins,' with Notice of a Cask of Bog Butter found in Glen Gell, Morvern, Argyllshire, and now in the Museum. (pp 204-23)
Macadam, W Ivison
PDF 953 Kb
Notes on a Deed by Lady Margaret Douglas of Lochleven, dated 16th October 1560. (pp 224-7)
Henderson, Charles
PDF 206 Kb
Notes on a Bronze Celt, and a perforated Stone Implement found at Campton, East Lothian, and now presented to the Museum. (pp 228-30)
Scot-Skirving, Robert
PDF 132 Kb
Jottings from the Records of a Farming Society in the County of Forfar, 1803-1814, under the perpetual Presidentship of its originator the celebrated George Dempster of Dunnichen. (pp 231-5)
Rogers, Rev. Charles
PDF 459 Kb
On Islay Place-Names. (pp 241-76)
Thomas, F W L
PDF 1 Mb
Notice of an Ancient Celtic Ecclesiastical Bell, now preserved in the Museum, Kelso. (pp 277-84)
Smith, John Alexander
PDF 363 Kb
Observations on the Structure of St. Giles. (pp 284-8)
Anderson, Robert Rowand
PDF 212 Kb
Notice of the Ancient Circular Dwellings, Hill Forts, and Burial Cairns of Strathnairn. (With Sketch Plans.) (pp 288-94)
Cameron, David
PDF 298 Kb
Note of a Carved Stone Ball recently found in Orkney. (A Cast of the Ball was exhibited.) (pp 295-6)
Cursiter, James W
PDF 134 Kb
Notice of a large Cinerary Urn found on the Farm of Quarryford, East Lothian. (pp 297-8)
Smith, John Alexander
PDF 82 Kb
Notice of a Short Stone Cist, containing a Human Skeleton and a 'Drinking Cup' Urn, found at Drem, East Lothian. (pp 299-300)
Smith, John Alexander
PDF 78 Kb
On Cup-Marked Stones in the Neighbourhood of Inverness; with an Appendix on Cup-Marked Stones in the Western Islands. (pp 300-401)
Jolly, William
PDF 4 Mb
Notes of a small Cemetery of Cists and Urns at Magdalen Bridge, near Joppa. (pp 419-29)
Lowson, William
PDF 758 Kb
Note on a Stone Celt found, in October 1881, on the Estate of Naemoor, the Property of J.J. Moubray, Esq., in the Parish of Muckhart, Kinross-shire. (pp 430-1)
Murdoch, James Barclay
PDF 76 Kb
Notice of a Hoard of Silver Coins discovered in Banffshire, of which three are now presented to the Museum. (pp 431-3)
Gordon, Rev. George
PDF 97 Kb
Notes on the Hoard of Coins discovered in Banffshire, supplementary to the Notice by Rev. Dr Gordon. (pp 433-6)
Burns, Edward
PDF 152 Kb
Notes on some Stone Instruments from Aberdeenshire, now presented to the Museum. (pp 436-8)
Peter, Rev. James
PDF 104 Kb
On a Sculptured Stone with Cup and Ring-Markings, found at Redhills, near Penrith. (pp 438-41)
Taylor, Michael W
PDF 178 Kb
Notice of the Broch known as Burwick or Borwick, in the Township of Yescanabee and Parish of Sandwick, Orkney. (pp 442-50)
Watt, William G T
PDF 437 Kb
Archaeology of the Voice : Lowland Scottish. (pp 451-7)
Smith, R Angus
PDF 301 Kb
Notice of Stone Lamps recently found in the Parishes of Monikie and Inverarity. (pp 457-8)
Sturrock, John
PDF 89 Kb
Notes on the Antiquities of the Island of Tiree. (pp 459-63)
Sands, J
PDF 228 Kb
Notice of Recent Discoveries of Coins in Scotland. (pp 464-72)
Sim, George
PDF 258 Kb
Note of a Stone Celt found at Stobshiel, now presented to the Museum; also, of a large Cinerary Urn found at Stobshiel, Haddingtonshire, recently presented to the Museum. (pp 473-6)
Smith, John Alexander
PDF 224 Kb
Notes on the Antiquities of the Black Isle, Ross-shire, with Plans and Sections. (pp 477-92)
Beaton, Angus J
PDF 625 Kb
Notice of two Bronze or Brass Brooches, also a Pointed Implement of Bronze or Brass, found in Sutherland. (pp 492-4)
Smith, John Alexander
PDF 105 Kb
Notes on Newark Castle, Renfrewshire. (pp 494-504)
Browne, G Washington
PDF 479 Kb
Index (pp 505-520)
PDF 642 Kb