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Volume 5 (1862-64) - Table of Contents

Preliminaries - vol v part i
PDF 555 Kb
Preliminaries - vol v part ii
PDF 275 Kb
Meeting minutes (pp 1-9)
PDF 354 Kb
Account of the Discoveries at the Knowe of Saverough. (pp 10-9)
Farrer, James
PDF 559 Kb
Translations of the Runic Inscriptions at Maeshowe, Orkney. (pp 20)
Mitchell, John M
PDF 39 Kb
On the Vestiges of the Forest of Cree, in Galloway. (pp 20-9)
Mitchell, Arthur
PDF 642 Kb
Observations on the Inca and Yunga Nations; their early Remains; and on Ancient Peruvian Skulls. (pp 34-46)
Smith, Archibald
PDF 714 Kb
Notice of Monoliths in the Island of Mull. (pp 46-52)
MacLauchlan, Rev. Thomas
PDF 332 Kb
Note of a Peculiar Stone Mould found hear Jedburgh. (pp 53-8)
Smith, John Alex
PDF 332 Kb
Copy of the Original Warrant for Inquiry into the Slaughter of the M'Donalds of Glencoe, April 1695. (pp 59-60)
- -
PDF 296 Kb
Some Remarks on the Scottish Language, particularly as employed by the earlier Scottish Poets. (pp 65-78)
Neaves, Hon. Lord
PDF 666 Kb
Notices of Remains from the Ancient Lacustrine Habitations of Switzerland; and from the Drift of the Valley of the Somme. (pp 79-80)
Allman, George J
PDF 256 Kb
Remarks on the supposed Age of the Remains found in the Drift of the Valley of the Somme, etc. (pp 79-80)
- -
PDF 256 Kb
Notice of a Bronze Implement, and Bones of the Ox and Dog, found in a bed of Undisturbed Gravel, at Kinleith, near Currie, Mid-Lothian. (pp 84-98)
Smith, John Alex
PDF 688 Kb
Note of Human Remains in Wooden Coffins, found in the East Links of Leith. (pp 98-100)
Paterson, Robert
PDF 113 Kb
Notice of Stone Cists and an Urn, found near Arbroath, Forfarshire. (pp 100-2)
Jervise, Andrew
PDF 122 Kb
Letter Relative to the Discovery of Stone Coffins, near Arbroath. (pp 102)
Hay, John
PDF 122 Kb
Notice of Supposed Cranium of Robert Logan of Restalrig. (pp 102-5)
Robertson, David H
PDF 160 Kb
Notes respecting Coins found in the Walls of an Old House in the Town of Ayr; and at the Village of Newstead, Roxburghshire. (pp 105-8)
Sim, George
PDF 110 Kb
Notice of a Roman Aureus of Nero, found near Newstead, Roxburghshire in 1862. (pp 108)
Smith, John Alex
PDF 397 Kb
Notice of the Remains of Two Ancient Lake Dwellings or Crannoges, in the Loch of the Clans, on the Estate of James Rose, of Kilravock, Nairnshire, with a Plan. (pp 116-9)
Grigor, John
PDF 295 Kb
Notice of an Artificial Cave in the Parish of Alvey, Inverness-shire. (pp 119)
Brewster, David
PDF 144 Kb
Memorandum Respecting the Smellie Correspondence, presented to the Society by the Trustees of the late John Smellie. (pp 120-2)
Laing, David
PDF 426 Kb
Notice of a Group of Four Circles of Standing Stones in the South Corner of the Parish of Banchory Devenich, County of Kincardine. (pp 130-5)
Thomson, Alexander
PDF 244 Kb
Account of the Discovery of the Supposed Cemetery of the Hospital of St John the Baptist, at Hospitalfield, near Arbroath. (pp 135-7)
Jervise, Andrew
PDF 153 Kb
Note of the Original Matrix of the Seal of the Burgh of Aberdeen, A.D. 1430. (pp 138-40)
Innes, Cosmo
PDF 129 Kb
Note Respecting the Book-Stamp of Archbishop Hamilton of St Andrews, 1548-1571. (pp 140-1)
Laing, Henry
PDF 59 Kb
List of the Protocol Books of the City of Edinburgh, with Extracts. (pp 141-64)
Thomson, Thomas
PDF 1 Mb
Notes Respecting Two Bronze Shields recently purchased for the Museum of the Society. (pp 165-8)
McCulloch, William T
PDF 329 Kb
Notes of an Examination of 'The Devil's Dyke', in Dumfriesshire. (pp 189-95)
Irving, George Vere
PDF 306 Kb
Notes of an 'Eirde House' at Bogfechil, parish of Udny. (pp 195-6)
Temple, Rev. William
PDF 48 Kb
An Account of Two Barrows at Spottiswood, Berwickshire, opened by Lady John Scott. (pp 222-4)
Simpson, J Y
PDF 444 Kb
Notice of various attempts which have been made to Read and Interpret the Inscription on the Newton Stone, Garioch, Aberdeenshire. (pp 224-34)
Thomson, Alexander
PDF 879 Kb
Notes of Coins, &c., recently discovered in Scotland. (pp 234-8)
Sim, George
PDF 476 Kb
Two Days' Diggings in Sutherlandshire. (pp 242-7)
Joass, James M
PDF 488 Kb
Notice of Excavations in the Chambered Mound of Maeshowe, in Orkney, and of the Runic Inscriptions on the Walls of its central Chamber. (pp 247-79)
Stuart, John
PDF 2 Mb
Notes on the Characters of the Cranium found in a Short Cist near Dunse, July 1863. (pp 279-83)
Turner, William
PDF 192 Kb
Notes on the 'Eirde House,' at Culsh, in Tarland, Aberdeenshire. (pp 283-4)
Jervise, Andrew
PDF 374 Kb
Notes on the Ogham Inscription on the Newton Stone. (pp 289-98)
Skene, William F
PDF 531 Kb
Notice of a Sculptured Stone on the Farm of Auchrynie, Parish of Old Deer, Aberdeenshire. (pp 299)
Murray, Alexander
PDF 13 Kb
Notice of the same Stone. (pp 299)
Keith, Mr
PDF 181 Kb
On the Sculpturings of Cups and Concentric Rings observed on Stones and Rocks in various parts of Scotland, &c. (pp 299)
Simpson, J Y
PDF 29 Kb
Notice of the 'Eirde House' or Underground Chamber, at Migvie, Aberdeenshire, with Plans. (pp 304-6)
Jervise, Andrew
PDF 173 Kb
Notice of a Gold Watch, said to have belonged to Prince Charles Edward Stuart, and of its late Possessor. (pp 307-10)
Seton, George
PDF 204 Kb
A curious Old Watch, the gift of Gustavus Adolphus to a Scottish Officer in his service, was exhibited by John Alexander Smith. (pp 310-1)
- -
PDF 55 Kb
Notice of a Cist and its Contents in the Parish of Eddertoun, Ross-shire, recently opened. (pp 311-5)
Joass, Rev. James M
PDF 290 Kb
Notice of a Notarial Instrument, narrating the Proceedings on the Election of Janet Hoppringil as Prioress of Coldstream, on 23d February 1537-8. (pp 315-20)
Gillman, Andrew
PDF 285 Kb
Notice of a Stone Cist, Wooden Drinking Cup, and an old Dry Stone Dyke, found in Shetland. (pp 320-1)
Coyne, Roderick A F A
PDF 76 Kb
Further Notice of Explorations on the Hill of the Laws, Forfarshire. (pp 321-2)
Neish, James
PDF 441 Kb
Note respecting Stone Celts, &c., from New Zealand. (pp 327-30)
Lindsay, W Lauder
PDF 441 Kb
Further Explorations of the Ancient Lake Dwellings in the Loch of the Clans, on the Estate of Kilravock, Nairnshire. (pp 332-5)
Grigor, John
PDF 333 Kb
Description of a Scottish Pilgrim in the middle of the Twelfth Century. (pp 336-9)
Irving, George Vere
PDF 193 Kb
Notes respecting the recent Excavations at Cambuskenneth Abbey. (pp 339)
Mitchell, John M and Alexander, James E
PDF 286 Kb
Notice of Antiquities in the Parish of Airlie, Forfarshire. (pp 346-57)
Jervise, Andrew
PDF 676 Kb
Notes of various Objects of Antiquity in Strathnaver. (pp 357-60)
Joass, Rev. James M
PDF 290 Kb
Notes of Fragments of Roman Pottery, Lead, Iron, Brass Coins of Hadrian, &c., recently found near Newstead, Roxburghshire. (pp 360-2)
Smith, John Alexander
PDF 101 Kb
Account of the opening of an ancient Cist in the Parish of Cabrach, Aberdeenshire. (pp 362-4)
Christie, John
PDF 107 Kb
Notice respecting Francois Thurot, a French naval officer, buried at Kirkmaiden, Wigtonshire, in the year 1760. (pp 364-8)
Cuninghame, George Corsane
PDF 219 Kb
Notice of Germanic Antiquities and Roman Coins, discovered in the Chalybeate Spring at Pyrmont in Hanover. (pp 368-71)
Damann, Adolf
PDF 191 Kb
Notice of Coins of David I. of Scotland, and Henry I. of England, found, with Gold Ornaments, &c., at Plan, in the Island of Bute, in June 1863. (pp 372-84)
Pollexfen, Rev. John H
PDF 768 Kb
On the Sculpturings of Cups and Concentric Rings observed on Stones and Rocks in various parts of Scotland, &c. (pp 385)
Simpson, J Y
PDF 21 Kb
Professor P. A. Munch. (with plate) (pp 385-386)
PDF 755 Kb
Index (pp 387-416)
PDF 1 Mb

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