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Volume 6 (1864-66) - Table of Contents

Preliminaries - vol vi part i
PDF 561 Kb
Preliminaries - vol vi part ii
PDF 268 Kb
Meeting minutes (pp 1-14)
PDF 981 Kb
An Account of the Excavations at Cambuskenneth Abbey in May 1864. (pp 14-25)
Alexander, James Edward
PDF 631 Kb
Notice relating to the Interment of King James III. of Scotland, and of his Queen, Margaret of Denmark, in the Abbey Church, Cambuskenneth. (pp 26-33)
Laing, David
PDF 402 Kb
Accoun t of a Manuscript of the Eleventh Century by Marianus of Ratisbone. (pp 33-40)
Forbes, Alexander P
PDF 689 Kb
Notice respecting the Monument to the Regent Earl of Murray, now restored, within the Church of St Giles, Edinburgh. (pp 49-55)
Laing, David
PDF 380 Kb
Account of Graves recently discovered at Hartlaw, on the farm of Westruther Mains, with Drawings by Lady John Scott. (pp 55-61)
Stuart, John
PDF 361 Kb
Notice of a Long-shaped Cist, with Skeleton, found near Yarrow Kirk, Selkirkshire, from Communications by Rev. James Russell, Yarrow. (pp 62-70)
Smith, John Alexander
PDF 424 Kb
Observations on some of the Runic Inscriptions at Maeshowe, Orkney. (pp 70-83)
Carr, Ralph
PDF 576 Kb
Note of a Copper Plate and Bronze Ornaments from Cluny. (pp 83-5)
Stuart, John
PDF 775 Kb
Notice of the Site of the Battle of Ardderyd or Arderyth. (pp 91-8)
Skene, William Forbes
PDF 344 Kb
Account of the Recent Examination of a Cairn, called 'Cairngreg,' on the Estate of Linlathen. (pp 98-103)
Stuart, John
PDF 232 Kb
Notice of the Fort on Cairby Hill, and other Antiquities in Liddesdale, in a letter to Mr Stuart, Sec. S.A. Scot. (pp 103-7)
Maughan, Rev. John
PDF 247 Kb
Note relative to Excavations at Balgone, near North Berwick. (pp 107-8)
Struthers, John
PDF 299 Kb
Notice of a Group of Artificial Islands in the Loch of Dowalton, Wigtownshire and of other Artificial Islands or 'Crannogs' throughout Scotland. (pp 114-78)
Stuart, John
PDF 3 Mb
Notice of Stone Cists discovered near the 'Catstane,' Kirkliston. (pp 184-94)
Hutchison, Robert
PDF 504 Kb
Report on some Human Crania found in Stone Coffins, near the 'Catstane,' Kirkliston. (pp 195-8)
Turner, William
PDF 195 Kb
Translation of an Assyrian Inscription on the Sculptured Slab recently presented to the Museum by Profeesor J Y Simpson. (pp 198-202)
Talbot, H Fox
PDF 516 Kb
Account of Excavations at Hurley Hawkin, near Dundee. (pp 210-7)
Jervise, Andrew
PDF 394 Kb
Notice of Cairns recently examined on the Estate of Rothie, Aberdeenshire. (pp 217-8)
Stuart, John
PDF 71 Kb
Notices of the Localities in a Grant of the Lands of Keig and Monymusk, by Malcolm, King of Scots, to the Church of St Andrews; and a Sketch or History of the Priory of Monymusk. (pp 218-32)
Low,Rev. Alexander
PDF 957 Kb
On some Remains of the Stone Period in the Buchan District of Aberdeenshire. (pp 240-5)
Jamieson, Thomas F
PDF 308 Kb
Notice of some Human and other Remains recently found at Kelso. (pp 245-9)
Turner, William
PDF 212 Kb
Notice of an Eirde House at Eriboll, in the Parish of Durness, Sutherlandshire. (pp 249-50)
Mitchell, Arthur
PDF 75 Kb
Notices of Flint Flakes found in the Parish of Abernethy, Strathspey. (pp 251-2)
Mitchell, Arthur
PDF 79 Kb
Note of two Bronze Swords, recently found under Moss at South Uist. (pp 252-3)
Thomas, F W L
PDF 59 Kb
Notice of Flints from Caves in the Wady Meghara, in Arabia. (pp 253-5)
Turnbull, John
PDF 100 Kb
On the use of the 'Mustard Cap and Bullet' in the North of Scotland. (pp 255-8)
Smith, John Alexander
PDF 210 Kb
Notes on the Excavation of an Ancient Building at Tapock in the Torwood, Parish of Dunipace, County of Stirling. (pp 259-65)
Dundas, Joseph
PDF 641 Kb
Note on a Human Skull found at Fyrish, Inverness-shire. (pp 266)
Turner, William
PDF 41 Kb
Account of the Opening of a Cairn on the Estate of Pittodrie, Aberdeenshire. (pp 276-8)
Dalrymple, Charles E
PDF 127 Kb
Notice of Recent Excavations in Chedworth Wood, on the Estate of the Earl of Eldon, in the County of Gloucester. (pp 278-83)
Farrer, James
PDF 282 Kb
Notes relating to Mrs Esther (Langlois or) Inglis, the celebrated Calligraphist, with an Enumeration of Manuscript Volumes written by her between the years 1586 and 1624. (pp 284-309)
Laing, David
PDF 1 Mb
On the Kymric Element in the Celtic Topography of Scotland. (pp 315-24)
McLauchlan, Rev. Thomas
PDF 532 Kb
Notice of Cairns, called 'Fairy Knowes,' in Shetland, recently examined. (pp 324-7)
Black, D D
PDF 185 Kb
Notices of Robert Riddell of Glenriddell, Esq., and of some of his Manuscripts and Books. (pp 451-6)
Irvine, James T
PDF 262 Kb
Notes of various Antiquities in Ross and Sutherland. (pp 327)
Joass, Rev. James M
PDF 34 Kb
Notice of the Clach-a-Charra, a Stone of Memorial at Onich, in Lochaber. (pp 328-32)
Drummond, James
PDF 688 Kb
An Account of Excavations in Cairns near Crinan. (pp 336-51)
Greenwell, Rev. William
PDF 1017 Kb
Notice of a Cairn at Kilchoan, Argyleshire, and its Contents. (pp 351-5)
Mapleton, Rev. R J
PDF 242 Kb
Notice of Human Remains found in Digging at the Citadel, North Leith. (pp 356)
Robertson, D H
PDF 54 Kb
Notice of three small Bronze Blades, or Instruments believed to be Razors, and a Bronze Socketed Celt in the Museum of the Society, with Remarks on other small Bronze Blades. (pp 357-71)
Smith, John Alexander
PDF 711 Kb
Notice of a Bronze Battle-Axe found near Bannockburn now in the Museum of the Society. (pp 372-4)
Smith, John Alexander
PDF 239 Kb
Notice of a Collection of Primitive Implements of the Ancient Swiss Lake-Dwellers, from Concise, on Lake Neufchatel. (pp 376-86)
Wilson, Daniel
PDF 733 Kb
Notes on some Northern Antiquities. (pp 386-8)
Joass, Rev. James M
PDF 112 Kb
Account of the Discovery of a Circular Group of Cinerary Urns and Human Bones at Westwood, near Newport, on the Tay. (pp 388-94)
Jervise, Andrew
PDF 481 Kb
Note regarding Cist and Urn found at Invergowrie. (pp 394-5)
Jervise, Andrew
PDF 602 Kb
Account of Excavations in Groups of Cairns, Stone Circles, and Hut Circles on Balnabroch, Parish of Kirkmichael, Perthshire, and at West Persie, in that neighbourhood. (pp 402-10)
Stuart, John
PDF 491 Kb
Notice of a Barrow containing Cists, on the Farm of Newbigging, near Kirkwall: and at Ibister, in the parish of Rendall, Orkney. (pp 411-8)
Petrie, George
PDF 609 Kb
Notice of the Discovery of Cists containing Urns and Burned Bones at Torran Dubh, near Tain. (pp 418-9)
Joass, Rev. James
PDF 379 Kb
Notes of the Excavation of two Shell-Mounds on the Eastern Coast of Aberdeenshire. (pp 423-6)
Dalrymple, Charles E
PDF 218 Kb
Notice of the Church of St Congan at Turriff, in Aberdeenshire, and of a Fresco of St Ninian discovered in it in December 1861. (pp 427-33)
Stuart, John
PDF 612 Kb
Notice of a Bronze Vessel found recently in the Vorarlberg. (pp 434-5)
Douglass, John Sholto
PDF 380 Kb
On the Chambered Cairns of Caithness, with Results of Recent Explorations. (pp 442-51)
Anderson, Joseph
PDF 959 Kb
Note of the Discovery of English Pennies of Edward I. and II. in the Parish of Keir, Dumfriesshire. (pp 457)
Sim, George
PDF 36 Kb
Account of a Canoe of Oak found in the Castle Loch of Closeburn, Dumfriesshire. (pp 458)
Adam, John
PDF 55 Kb
Index (pp 459-471)
PDF 462 Kb
Appendix: On Ancient Sculpturings of Cups and Concentric Rings, &c.
Simpson, J Y [Appendix Contents]
PDF 22 Mb