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Volume 7 (1866-68) - Table of Contents

Preliminaries - vol vii part ii
PDF 606 Kb
Preliminaries - vol vii part ii
PDF 431 Kb
Meeting minutes (pp 1-10)
PDF 453 Kb
On the Inscriptions upon the Stone at Newton Insch, Aberdeenshire, and on the Inscriptions on a sculptured Stone at St Vigean's, Forfarshire. (pp 11-23)
Carr, Ralph
PDF 677 Kb
Notice of Cists and other Remains discovered in 'Cairn Curr,' on the Farm of Warrackstone, in Aberdeenshire. (pp 24-5)
Stuart, John
PDF 101 Kb
Notice of Letters addressed to Captain Shand, R.A., by Professor Thorkelin and General Robert Melvill, on Roman Antiquities in the North of Scotland, 1788-1790. (pp 26-34)
Stuart, John
PDF 1 Mb
Address on the old English Runic Monuments known in Great Britain at the present time. (pp 34-5)
Stephens, George
PDF 1 Mb
On the Age of the Burgs or 'Brochs,' and some other Pre-historic Remains, of Orkney and Caithness. (pp 56-79)
Laing, Samuel
PDF 2 Mb
Notes on various Stone Relics found in Aberdeenshire. (pp 101-2)
King, William Ross
PDF 139 Kb
Note respecting various Articles, in Bronze and Stone, found in Orkney, and now presented to the Museum. (pp 103-5)
Farrer, James
PDF 356 Kb
Notice of the discovery of a Stone Kist at Broomend, near Inverurie, Aberdeenshire. (pp 110-4)
Chalmers, James Hay
PDF 212 Kb
Notice of further Stone Kists found at Broomend, near the Inverurie Papermills. (pp 115-8)
Davidson, C B
PDF 222 Kb
On some remarkable Discoveries of Rude Stone Implements in Shetland. (pp 118-34)
Mitchell, Arthur
PDF 985 Kb
Notice of some Rude Stone Implements found in Orkney. (pp 135-6)
Petrie, George
PDF 247 Kb
A Contemporary Account of the Battle of Floddon, 9th September 1513. From a Manuscript in the possession of David Laing, Esq., LL.D., VPSA.Scot. (pp 141-52)
- -
PDF 610 Kb
On the Primitive Dwellings and Hypogea of the outer Hebrides. (pp 153-95)
Thomas, F L W
PDF 2 Mb
Notices of recent Discoveries of Coins. (pp 195-8)
Sim, George
PDF 225 Kb
Notices of the Priory of the Isle of May, from its Charters, &c. (pp 201)
Stuart, John
PDF 26 Kb
List of Charters relating to the Priory of Rindelgros, and the Priory of May in Scotland, Cells to the Abbey of Reading; transcribed from the original among the Charters of the Marquis of Westminster at Eton Hall. (pp 201)
Way, Albert
PDF 26 Kb
Notice of Ruins of Ancient Dwellings at Skara, Bay of Skaill, in the Parish of Sandwich, Orkney, recently excavated. (pp 201-19)
Petrie, George
PDF 1 Mb
Traditions of Glenurchay: Blind Harry's Narrative of Sir William Wallace's Expedition into Argyleshire, elucidated by the help of Local Topography and Tradition; also a Supplementary Note on the Ossianic Tales of the Braes of Lorn. (pp 222-41)
Smith, Archibald
PDF 1 Mb
Notice regarding the Foundation of the Chuch of Fowlis, in Gowrie. (pp 241-8)
Jervise, A
PDF 362 Kb
Notice of an Original Letter of King James II, to MacDonald of Keppoch, after the battle of Killiecrankie; three Letters of General Monck; also some Documents relating to Rob Roy Macgregor, and to Simon Lord Lovat. (pp 248-55)
Smith, John Alexander
PDF 350 Kb
Note of Stone Kists recently discovered in the Neighbourhood of St Andrews. (pp 255-6)
Skinner, Rev. Robert
PDF 63 Kb
Notice of the Sculptured Top of a Stone Cross found in the Parish of Lesmahagow, A.D. 1866; with some Remarks upon Crosses, and the Privilege of Sanctuary. (pp 256-65)
Greenshields, John B
PDF 584 Kb
Note of Five Kists found under a Tumulus on the Glebe of the Parish of Eddertoun, Ross, and of a Kist within a Circle of Standing Stones in the same Neighbourhood. (pp 268-9)
Joass, J M
PDF 106 Kb
Note of a Kist, with a Cup-marked Cover, found in a Mound on the Links of Dornoch. (pp 270)
Tait, Lawson
PDF 62 Kb
Notes of Cromlechs, Duns, Hut-Circles, Chambered Cairns, and other Remains, in the County of Sutherland. (pp 271-9)
Horsburgh, James
PDF 423 Kb
Observations upon a 'Shilling' of Francis the Dauphin and Mary Stuart, representing them as 'King and Queen of Scotland, England, and Ireland,' dated 1558, with Notes regarding the Assumption by Queen Mary of the Arms and Crown of England. (pp 279-87)
Holt, Henry F
PDF 429 Kb
History of the 'Maiden,' or Scottish Beheading Machine, with Notices of the Criminals who suffered by it. (pp 287)
McCulloch, William T
PDF 14 Kb
Report to the Committee of the Society of Antiquaries of Scotland, appointed to arrange for the Application of a Fund left by the late Mr A Henry Rhind, for Excavating Early Remains. (pp 289-307)
Stuart, John
PDF 3 Mb
Notice of an Artificial Island in Loch Kielziebar, in a Letter to Mr Stuart, Secretary. (pp 322-4)
Mapleton, Rev. R J
PDF 146 Kb
Some Account of Robert Watson, with reference to a Portrait of him, painted by Proessor Vogel Von Vogelstein, now presented to the Museum. (pp 324-34)
Forbes, Rt Rev Alexander P
PDF 517 Kb
Notice of a Remarkable Bronze Ornament with Horns found in Galloway, now at Abbotsford. Also of a Bronze Ornament, like a 'Swine's Head,' found in Banffshire. (pp 334-57)
Smith, John Alexander
PDF 1 Mb
Notes of some MSS. In English Libraries, examined while preparing the materials for the second part of the 'National MSS. of Scotland,' now being photozincographed at Southampton. (pp 362-71)
Innes, Cosmo
PDF 467 Kb
Notice of an Urn found near Kirkton of Glenelg, with remarks on the Bones found in Urns. (pp 372-5)
Mitchell, Arthur
PDF 178 Kb
Note on Bronze Sickles, with special reference to those found in Scotland. (pp 375-81)
Smith, John Alexander
PDF 342 Kb
Remarks on the Carved Ceiling and Heraldic Shields of the Apartment in Holyrood House, commonly known as 'Queen Mary's Audience Chamber.'. (pp 381-4)
Laing, Henry
PDF 335 Kb
Remarks on the Architecture of the Priory of Restennet in Angus, in a Letter to Mr Stuart, Sec.S.A. Scot. (pp 387)
Forbes, A F
PDF 12 Kb
Notice of the Early History of the Priory of Restennet. (pp 387)
Stuart, John
PDF 14 Kb
Account of the Recent Discovery of a Roman Camp at Kintore, Aberdeenshire. (pp 387-94)
Courtney, E H
PDF 417 Kb
Notes of Three Chambered Tombs in the Parish of Carnac, Brittany, recently surveyed by Sir Henry Dryden and the Rev. W Lukis. (pp 394-5)
Dryden, Henry
PDF 359 Kb
Note of Excavations in Sanday, one of the North Isles of Orkney. (pp 398-401)
Farrer, James
PDF 148 Kb
Notes of Urns and Sepulchral Monuments discovered at various Times in the Parish of Creich, Fifeshire. (pp 401-7)
Lawson, Alexander
PDF 324 Kb
Remarks on the Circular Stone Monuments noticed by Mr Lawson in the Parish of Creich, Fifeshire. (pp 407-9)
Stuart, John
PDF 103 Kb
Notice of the Heraldic Painted Ceilings in a House at Linlithgow, now destroyed. (pp 409-13)
Cooke, T Etherington
PDF 460 Kb
Argyleshire Invaded but not Subdued by Ungus, King of the Picts, in the Years 736 and 741. (pp 412-22)
Smith, Archibald
PDF 685 Kb
General Remarks on the Dwellings of the Pre-Historic Races in Orkney, with a Special Notice of the Picts' House of Skerrabrae, in the Parish of Sandwick, showing the Present State of the Excavations lately made there. (pp 426-39)
Traill, William
PDF 705 Kb
Note of Ancient Remains recently discovered in the Parish of Carluke. (pp 440-2)
Rankin, D R
PDF 121 Kb
Notice of Early Monuments in the Parish of Strowan in Blair Athole. (pp 442-4)
Laing, Alexander
PDF 166 Kb
An Account of the Scottish Psalter of A.D. 1566, containing the Psalms, Canticles, and Hymns, set to Music in Four Parts, in the Manuscripts of Thomas Wode or Wood. Vicar of Sanctadrous. (pp 445-58)
Laing, David
PDF 1 Mb
Note of the Hunterston Brooch, Ayrshire, with a Reading of the Runic Inscription on it. (pp 462-4)
Stephens, George
PDF 270 Kb
Description of Pit Dwellings at Dilly-moenan and the Miaave Craig, Tarlair, near Macduff, Banffshire. (pp 465-71)
Hunter, James
PDF 340 Kb
Notes, with Sketches of Mason Marks on the Cathedral of St Machar, Old Aberdeen. (pp 471-3)
Gibb, A
PDF 128 Kb
Notes of the Opening of a Stone Circle at Craigmore in Strathfleet, Sutherlandshire. (pp 473-5)
Tait, Lawson
PDF 138 Kb
Notice of a Small Bronze Blade found in a Cinerary Urn at Balblair, Sutherlandshire; also Two Small Bronze Plates, in the Collection of His Grace the Duke of Sutherland. (pp 475-7)
Smith, John Alexander
PDF 218 Kb
On the Horned Cairns of Caithness, their Structural Arrangement, Contents of Chambers, &c. (pp 480-512)
Anderson, Joseph
PDF 1 Mb
Account of Cists opened at Kintradwell, Sutherlandshire. (pp 512-5)
Tait, Lawson
PDF 159 Kb
Note on the Human Remains found at Kintradwell. (pp 515-6)
Turner, William
PDF 41 Kb
Description of Stockaded Remains recently discovered at Arisaig, Inverness-shire, in a Letter to John Stuart, Esq., Sec.S.A.Scot. (pp 516-9)
Mapleton, Rev. R J
PDF 172 Kb
Opening of the Fairy Knowe of Pendreich, Bridge of Allan. (pp 519-23)
Alexander, J E
PDF 299 Kb
Notes of Early Remains on the Farm of Knaughland, Rothiemay. (pp 524-5)
Hunter, James
PDF 72 Kb
Notes on the Shell Mounds, Hut-Circles and Kistvaens of Sutherland. (pp 525-32)
Tait, Lawson
PDF 352 Kb
Notice of an Eirde House or Underground Building, recently discovered at Pirnie, now Ashgrove, in the Parish of Wemyss. (pp 532-4)
Laing, Alexander
PDF 143 Kb
Note of an Eirde House or Weem at Fithie, Parish of Farnell. (pp 534)
Jervise, A
PDF 13 Kb
History of the 'Maiden' or Scottish Beheading Machine, with Notices of the Criminals who suffered by it. (pp 535-60)
McCulloch, W T
PDF 1 Mb
Additional Note on the Supposed 'Leather Lamp,' found in an Urn in a Short Stone Cist at Broomend, Inverurie, Aberdeenshire. (pp 561-2)
- -
PDF 115 Kb
Index (pp 563-596)
PDF 1 Mb

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