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Volume 8 (1868-70) - Table of Contents

Preliminaries - vol viii part i
PDF 183 Kb
Preliminaries - vol viii part ii
PDF 815 Kb
Meeting minutes (pp 1-15)
PDF 1 Mb
Notes of Wooden Structures discovered in the Moss of Whiteburn, on the Estate of Spottiswoode, Berwickshire. (pp 16-8)
Scott, Lady John
PDF 272 Kb
Note on Communication of Lady John Scott, descriptive of Wooden Structures at Spottiswoode, in Berwickshire. (pp 19-20)
Stuart, John
PDF 113 Kb
Account of a Subterranean Building found near Broomhouse, the property of Colonel Logan Home, in the Parish of Edrom, Berwickshire. (pp 20-3)
Home, David Milne
PDF 235 Kb
Note on the Preceding Communication. (pp 23-6)
Stuart, John
PDF 270 Kb
Note of an Underground Building formerly discovered in Edinburghshire. (pp 27-8)
Smith, John Alex
PDF 102 Kb
Notice of Two Gold Ornaments found at Orton on the Spey, while cutting for the Railway from Elgin to Keith in 1863. (pp 28-32)
Paton, Sir Noel
PDF 347 Kb
Letters from Honorary Members, Thomas Carlyle, Esq., and Albert Way, Esq (pp 35-6)
- -
PDF 228 Kb
On the Supposed 'Missing School of Design in the University of Edinburgh,' 1784. (pp 36-40)
Laing, David
PDF 643 Kb
Notice of a Circular Structure known as 'Edin's Hall,' on Cockburnlaw, one of the Lammermoor Hills. (pp 41-6)
Stuart, John
PDF 6 Mb
An Account of St Columba's Abbey, Inchcolm, accompanied with Plans, &c. (communicated, with an introductory note by David Laing) (pp 46-7)
Arnold, Thomas
PDF 127 Kb
Note by James Peddie, Esq., C.E., F.S.A. Scot., respecting a Sculptured Stone found in taking down a house at the foot of Mary King's Close, Edinburgh. (pp 48-9)
- -
PDF 415 Kb
A Brief Notice of an Ancient MS. of the Four Gospels, brought from Abyssinia, and presented to the Society (with other MSS); by Captain Charles M'Inroy, Staff Service, Madras. (pp 52-5)
Laing, David
PDF 271 Kb
Notices of Excavations at Pitmilly Law, and elsewhere on the south-east coast of Fife. (pp 55-8)
Skinner, Rev. Robert
PDF 242 Kb
Notice of a Matchlock, with Revolving Breech, taken at the Capture of Delhi. (pp 59-63)
Smith, John Alexander
PDF 329 Kb
Note on the Shell-Mounds of Sutherland. (pp 63-4)
Tait, Lawson
PDF 98 Kb
Note on large Stone Implements found in Shetland. (pp 64-6)
Mitchell, Arthur
PDF 198 Kb
The Coronation Stone. (pp 68-99)
Skene, William F
PDF 1 Mb
Note on the Coronation Stone. (pp 99-105)
Stuart, John
PDF 360 Kb
Notice of an Underground Chamber recently discovered at Crichton Mains. (pp 105-9)
Rosehill, Right Hon Lord
PDF 2 Mb
Note of a Sculptured Roman Slab recently discovered on the estate of Grange, Linlithgowshire, and presented to the Museum. Also Remarks on the Roman Sculptured Slab, by John Alex. Smith. (pp 109-13)
Cadell, Henry
PDF 463 Kb
Notes made during a wandering in the West Highlands; with Remarks upon the Style of Art of some Monumental Stones at Iona, and in other Localities. (pp 117-20)
Drummond, James
PDF 192 Kb
Notice of Saddell Abbey, in Kintyre, Argyleshire, with its Sculptured Slabs. (pp 122-35)
White, Tp
PDF 1 Mb
Notice of a Group of Cists at Teinside, in Teviotdale. (pp 135-9)
Rosehill, Hon. Lord
PDF 371 Kb
Note on No. VII. of Mr George Petrie's Copy of the Maeshow Runes. (pp 139-42)
Carr, Ralph
PDF 447 Kb
On some of the Vitrified Fords of Scotland, with Reference to Descriptions of similar Remains in Bohemia; in a Communication on the Scorified Ramparts in Bohemia. By Dr Jul. Ernest Fodisch. Transalted by Dr Ferdinand Keller, Hon. Mem. S.A. Scot. (pp 145)
Stuart, John
PDF 19 Kb
Notices (with Plans, &c.) of a Pict's House or Underground Chamber, at Murroes, near Dundee; and of Stone Cists found at Fallaws, in Monikie. (pp 164-167)
Jervise, Andrew
PDF 354 Kb
Notice of Scottish Coins found near Prestonpans in March 1869. (pp 167-9)
Struthers, Rev. John
PDF 87 Kb
Notice of a Third Brass of Romulus Son of Maxentius, and other Coins found at Paestum. (pp 170-2)
Smith, John Alexander
PDF 501 Kb
On the Food of Man in Prehistoric Times, and the Methods by which it was Prepared. (pp 177-82)
Brodie, Rev. James
PDF 648 Kb
Note of an Urn found at Rattray, Aberdeenshire. (pp 182-3)
Stuart, John
PDF 88 Kb
Note of an Ancient Structure discovered at the Law of Mauldslie. (pp 184-5)
Rankine, D R
PDF 77 Kb
Notice of Remains of the Rein-deer (Cervus tarandus) found in Ross-shire, Sutherland, and Caithness; with Notes of its occurrence throughout Scotland. (pp 186-222)
Smith, John Alexander
PDF 1 Mb
Letter to the Foreign Secretary from Dr Daniel Wilson, Toronto, Hon.Mem. S.A. Scot., respecting a volume containing Views of Old Buildings in Edinburgh and its neighbourhood. (pp 223-4)
- -
PDF 67 Kb
Notice of the Existing MSS. Of Fordun's Scotichronicon. (pp 239-56)
Skene, William F
PDF 946 Kb
Notice of a passage in the so-called Death Song of Ragnar Lodbrog, King of Denmark. (pp 256)
Carr, Ralph
PDF 487 Kb
Notice of the Ancient Bell of St Fillan. (pp 265-76)
Forbes, Right Rev. A P
PDF 604 Kb
Notices of Teampull Michael, Keallun, North Uist; and of Sculptured Stones in Bearnarey, Harris, and in Benbecula; an Abrach Quern, and Quarry for Querns, Heisgeir, North Uist. &c. (pp 276-86)
Carmichael, Alex A
PDF 503 Kb
Notes of Coins recently discovered in Scotland, Unicorns of James III. and IV., Half Unicorns of James IV., Ecus of James V., &c. (pp 286-9)
Sim, George
PDF 237 Kb
Notice of a Kitchen-Midden at Craig of Boyne, Banffshire. (pp 290-2)
Garland, Robert
PDF 125 Kb
Notice of a peculiar Weapon or Harpoon of Bronze, found on the bank of the River Tweed, near Norham. (pp 292-301)
Smith, John Alexander
PDF 1 Mb
Notice of Easter Island, its Inhabitants, Antiquities, and Colossal Statues. (pp 312-23)
Dundas, Colin M
PDF 656 Kb
Notes respecting the Castle of Craig and the Old Kirk of Auchindoir, &c., in Aberdeenshire. (pp 323-30)
Jervise, A
PDF 380 Kb
Note of a Gold Brooch of the 13th or 14th century, found in the Water of Ardoch, near Doune Castle. (pp 330-3)
Struthers, Rev. John
PDF 136 Kb
Exhibition and Description of a Collection of Stone and other Remains from Swiss Lake Dwellings, illustrative of the Agriculture, Manufactures, &c., of the Lake Dwellers. (pp 333-9)
Rosehill, Hon. Lord
PDF 387 Kb
On the Naga Tribes of the Himalayas, with a Notice of a Naga Grave. (pp 342-7)
Thoms, R Graham
PDF 257 Kb
Notice of Excavations, and Discovery of Cists containing large Stone Urns in Stronsay, Orkney. (pp 347-51)
Petrie, George
PDF 289 Kb
Notice of the Opening of a Burial Cairn at Shaws, Selkirkshire. (pp 352-5)
Brydon, James
PDF 691 Kb
Notice of the Amber Seal (Matrix) of a Canon of Inchaffray, found near St John's Church, Perth. (pp 364-72)
Paton, J Noel
PDF 437 Kb
Notice of an Ancient Structure and Remains from a Kitchen Midden, on 'The Ghegan,' an Isolated Rock near Seacliff, East-Lothian. (pp 372-7)
Laidlaw, J W
PDF 271 Kb
Notice of Remarkable Cists in a Gravel Bank near Kilmartin; and of Incised Sculpturings of Axe Heads, and other Markings on the Stones of the Cists. (pp 378-81)
Mapleton, R J
PDF 163 Kb
Notice of the Discovery of a Cist with overlying Urns, at Tealing, Forfarshire. (pp 381-4)
Neish, James
PDF 169 Kb
Notes respecting Craigcaffie Castle, Wigtownshire. (pp 384-7)
McLachlan, John
PDF 589 Kb
Notes on the East Window of the Choir of Bothwell Church, and its Armorial Shields. (pp 395-403)
Bain, Joseph
PDF 510 Kb
Notice of a Recent Visit to the Great Wall of China. (pp 403-7)
Coghill, J G Sinclair
PDF 221 Kb
Note on a Small Gold Ring of Twisted Wires, found in a Pict's House at Shapinshay, Orkney. Exhibited by David Balfour, of Balfour and Trenaby. (pp 407-8)
- -
PDF 51 Kb
Notes of the Discovery of a Necklace of Beads and Plates of Shale and Jet, along with Flint Arrow Heads, found in a Cist under a Small Tumulus at Torrish, Kildonan, Sutherlandshire. (pp 408-11)
Joass, Rev. J M
PDF 155 Kb
Note of the Discovery of a Necklace of Jet Beads and Plates, found along with an Urn, in a short cist at Balgay, near Dundee. (pp 411-2)
Berry, John
PDF 269 Kb
Notice of a Remarkable Sculptured Cross at Bilton, Yorkshire. (pp 417-8)
Skene, W F
PDF 68 Kb
Note of Sculptured Stones in the Churchyard of Kilmuir, Skye. In a Letter to W F Skene, Esq., LL.D. (pp 419)
Carmichael, M T
PDF 43 Kb
Note of Excavations at 'Grimes Graves,' Norfolk. (pp 419-28)
Rosehill, Hon. Lord
PDF 452 Kb
Notice of an Iron Mask. (pp 428-30)
Drummond, James
PDF 194 Kb
Notice of the Priory of Beauly, Inverness-shire. (pp 430-64)
White, T P
PDF 1 Mb
Notice of an Artificial Island, and an Ancient Canoe, found in Draining a Loch near Tobermory, Mull. In a Letter to John Stuart, LL.D., Secretary. (pp 465)
Campbell, Farquhard
PDF 51 Kb
Note on the Discovery of Urns set in a Round Hole in the Ground under a Tumulus, and of an Inverted Urn covering Calcined Bones at Gordonbush, Sutherlandshire. In a Letter to John Stuart, LL.D., Secretary. (pp 466)
Joass, Rev. J M
PDF 59 Kb
Notice of the Discovery of a Quern in a Supposed Grave, containing Burnt Human Bones, at Commonside, Roxburghshire. (pp 467-70)
Brydon, James
PDF 190 Kb
Notes on a Straw Masquerade Dress still used in some parts of Shetland, and on certain Woollen Articles manufactured in Fair Isle; also of a supposed Relic of the Spanish Armada. (pp 470-2)
Edmonston, Thos.
PDF 129 Kb
Notice of the Discovery of a Pict's House at Fithie, in the Parish of Farnell, Forfarshire, in which Roman Pottery and Animal Remains were found. (pp 473-4)
Jervise, Andrew
PDF 95 Kb
Index (pp 475-508)
PDF 1 Mb
Anniversary Meeting, and Election of Office-bearers (pp 225-238)
- -
PDF 607 Kb