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Volume 9 (1870-72) - Table of Contents

Preliminaries - vol ix part i
PDF 209 Kb
Preliminaries - vol ix part ii
PDF 913 Kb
Meeting minutes (pp 1-12)
PDF 452 Kb
Additional Notice of the Manuscripts of Fordun's Chronicle. (pp 13-24)
Skene, William F
PDF 570 Kb
Notes of Early Monumental Art in the West Highlands. (pp 24-8)
Drummond, James
PDF 272 Kb
On the Round Castles and Ancient Dwellings of the Valley of the Forth, and its Tributary the Teith. (pp 29-44)
MacLagan, Miss C
PDF 1 Mb
Notes on the Shell Heaps near Inveravon, Linlithgowshire. (pp 45-52)
Grieve, David
PDF 713 Kb
Notice of the Excavation of the Pictish Towers at Cinntrolla, Carnliath, and Craig-Carril in Sutherland, with Notes on Neighbouring Brochs; and an appended Report by T. Aitken, M.D., F.A.S.L., Inverness, on the Crania found in and about them. (pp 60)
Joass, Rev. J M
PDF 23 Kb
Notice of the Brochs or Round Towers of Orkney, with Plans, Sections, and Drawings, and Tables of Measurements of Orkney and Shetland Brochs. (pp 60)
Petrie, George
PDF 19 Kb
Observations on the Value of Rubbings in the Preparation of Monumental Drawings (Illustrated by Drawings, Rubbings of Slabs, Rock-Sculpture, &c.). (pp 60-71)
White, T P
PDF 624 Kb
Note of a Donation of Four Sculptured Stones from Monifieth, Forfarshire. (pp 71-7)
Neish, James
PDF 729 Kb
Descriptive List of Antiquities near Loch Etive, Argyllshire, consisting of Vitrified Forts, Cairns, Circles, Crannogs, &c.,; with some Remarks on the Growth of Peat. (pp 81-106)
Smith, R Angus
PDF 1 Mb
Notice of Ancient 'Feeding-Bottles' for Infants (one containing Remains of Milk, recently Presented to the Museum of the Society; with Notes of the Discovery of similar Vessels in Gallo-Roman Graves, and Instances of their Occurrence in England. (pp 106-16)
Smith, John Alexander
PDF 568 Kb
Additional Note on Easter Island, on the Discovery of Carved Planks of Toro-Miro Wood. (pp 116-8)
Dundas, Colin M
PDF 114 Kb
Notes on Materials found in a Kitchen Midden at Hillswick, Shetland, with special reference to Long-Handled Combs. (pp 118-51)
Coughtrey, Millen
PDF 2 Mb
Note of the Excavation of some Tumuli at Melville Moor. (pp 151-3)
Brodie, Rev. Jas.
PDF 288 Kb
Notice of the Gallow Hill, Auchterless, and of Circular Foundations and Tumuli, and various Relics discovered there. (pp 157-61)
Forrest, James
PDF 243 Kb
Notice of the Shingled Roof of the Tower of the Canongate Tolbooth, Edinburgh. (pp 162-7)
Smith, John Alexander
PDF 323 Kb
Notices from Original Documents relating to John Anysley, Constable of Norham Castle, Prisoner in Scotland in 1514, and of his Murder on his Journey to England in that Year. (pp 167-73)
Peacock, Edward
PDF 362 Kb
Notes of Stone Celts found in Glenshee, Forfarshire, 1870; and of Clay Cones (Loom Weights) found at Ravensby, Parish of Barrie, Forfarshire. (pp 174-6)
Neish, James
PDF 160 Kb
Note on the Sculptured Stone, with Spectacle Ornament, recently discovered at Bilton, Yorkshire. (A Cst of the Stone was Exhibited.) (pp 177)
Raine, James
PDF 80 Kb
Notes of a Roman Sculptured Stone recently discovered at Cumbernauld, and of an Inscribed Stone at Stirling, &c. (With Photograph and Copy of the Inscription) (pp 178-9)
MacLagan, Miss C
PDF 152 Kb
Notice of a Collection of Antiquities in Stone and Bronze found under Blairdrummond Moss. (pp 179)
Drummond, the Late Henry Home
PDF 264 Kb
Notice of a Highland Target, having Embossed upon it the Cognisance of the Lord of the Isles. (pp 185-9)
Drummond, James
PDF 399 Kb
Notice of a Cinerary Urn, containing a small sized Urn (in which were the Bones of a Child), discovered in Fifeshire; with Notes of similar small and cup-like Vessels, in the Museum of the Society of Antiquaries of Scotland. (pp 189-207)
Smith, John Alex.
PDF 1 Mb
Present Condition of Lindores Abbey. (pp 208-12)
Laing, Alexander
PDF 310 Kb
Notice of Excavations in a Broch and adjacent Tumuli near Levenwick, in the Parish of Dunrossness, Zetland. (pp 212-9)
Goudie, Gilbert
PDF 548 Kb
Edinburgh in Early Times: with Illustrations. (The Prefatory Notices continued. The Early Views, both North and South, of the City.) (pp 223)
Laing, David
PDF 27 Kb
Note of the Opening of a Group of Cists near Lauder. (pp 223-7)
Rosehill, Right Hon Lord
PDF 195 Kb
The Ecclesiastical Antiquities of the District of Kintyre in Argyllshire. (pp 227-30)
White, T P
PDF 174 Kb
Notice of a Long Cairn, enclosing Two Parallel Rows of Cists, on the Cuff Hill, near Beith, Ayrshire; with Notes by Dr Speirs, of Beith, on the Human Remains found in it, and now Presented to the Museum. (pp 231-3)
Patrick, R W Cochrane
PDF 124 Kb
Notice of a Compressed Skull and some Specimens of Ancient Pottery from Peru, Exhibited to the Society. (pp 233)
Alexander, J E
PDF 32 Kb
Notice of some Peruvian Antiquities obtained from a Burial-Mound at Arica. (With Photographs) (pp 234-8)
Acland, Rev. C L
PDF 747 Kb
Remains of Early Antiquties, in and on the Borders of the Parish of Urquhart, Elgin, including Hut circles, Kitchen Middens, Stone Cists with Urns, Stone Weapons, &c., &c. (pp 250-63)
Morrison, Rev. James
PDF 850 Kb
Note on the supposed 'Charter Chest of Johnny Faa' and its Contents - Probably the Official Box and Plates, with Trade Marks of the incorporation of Pewterers of Edinburgh. (pp 264-8)
Smith, John Alexander
PDF 249 Kb
Notice of the Contents of an Urn found at Murthly, Perthshire. (pp 268-9)
Mitchell, Arthur
PDF 60 Kb
Notice of Cists and Urns recently found at Ardoe, near Aberdeen. In a Letter to John Stuart, LL.D., Sec. (pp 269-71)
Ogston, A
PDF 73 Kb
Notice of Coins recently found in Scotland. (pp 271-3)
Sim, George
PDF 127 Kb
Notices regarding the Antiquites of Cullen, in Banffshire - its Castle Hill, and Parish Church, &c. (pp 274-83)
Jervise, Andrew
PDF 471 Kb
Notes of some Recent Excavations in the Island of Unst, Shetland, and of the Collection of Stone Vessels, Implements, &c., thus obtained for the Society's Museum. (pp 283-7)
Edmonston, Thomas
PDF 201 Kb
Note of a very Rare Type of the Half-Plack of James VI. (pp 287-8)
Patrick, R W Cochran
PDF 60 Kb
Notes on Ancient Pipe-Heads - 'Elfin Pipes.' (pp 288-91)
Gibson, W G
PDF 166 Kb
Notice of an Ancient Structure near Glenalmond. (pp 291-2)
Hannah, Rev. J
PDF 38 Kb
Notice of the Excavation of the Brochs of Yarhouse, Brounaben, Old Stirkoke, Bowermadden, and Dunbeath, in Caithness; with Remarks on the Period of the Brochs; and an Appendix, containing a List of Brochs in Scotland, and Early Notices of many of them (with Plans, &c.) (pp 292)
Anderson, Joseph
PDF 18 Kb
Notes on the Excavation of 'Kenny's Cairn,' on the Hill of Bruan; Carn Righ, year Yarhouse; the Warth Hill Cairn, Duncansbay; and several smaller Sepulchral Cairns in Caithness. (pp 292-6)
Anderson, Joseph
PDF 251 Kb
Notice of the Discovery of Remains of the Elk (Cercus Alces, Linn., Alces Malchis, Gray), in Berwickshire; with Notes of its occurrence in the British Islands, more partiuclarly in Scotland, &c. (pp 297-345)
Smith, John Alexander
PDF 2 Mb
Note of the Remains of the Irish Elk (Megacceros Hibernicus), found in Scotland. (pp 345-50)
Smith, John Alexander
PDF 288 Kb
Notices of Three Churches in North Uist, Benbecula, and Grimsay, said to have been built in the Fourteenth Century. (With Plans and Drawings.) (pp 368)
Thomas, F W L
PDF 17 Kb
Notes on the Crannogs and Lake Dwellings of Wigtownshire. (pp 368-78)
Wilson, George
PDF 521 Kb
Notes relating to Dunsinnane Hill. (pp 378-80)
Brown, Rev. Thomas
PDF 279 Kb
An Inquiry as to the Birthplace of St Patrick. (pp 384)
Turner, J H
PDF 13 Kb
Notices of some Antiquities recently discovered in North Ayrshire. (pp 385-7)
Patrick, R W Cochrane
PDF 209 Kb
Notice of Audun, an old Caledonian Fort on Benledi (pp 387-8)
Alexander, James Edward
PDF 66 Kb
Notes of the Examination of a Crannog in the Black Loch, anciently called 'Loch Inch-Cryndil,' Wigtownshire. (pp 388-92)
Dalrymple, Charles E
PDF 364 Kb
Descriptive List of Antiquities near Loch Etive. (pp 396-418)
Smith, R Angus
PDF 1 Mb
Notice of Himalayan and Kabyle Brooches, and the Mode of Wearing them. (pp 419-21)
Simpson, William
PDF 204 Kb
Notice of the Discovery of Eight Silver Rings or Ancient Wrist or Ankle Rings, in Cists near Rattar, Dunnet, Caithness. (pp 422-8)
Campbell, Robert
PDF 344 Kb
Notice of Bronze Celts or Axe Heads, which have apparently been Tinned; also of Bronze Weapons and Armlets, found along with portions of Metallic Tin near Elgin in 1868. (pp 428-43)
Smith, John Alexander
PDF 885 Kb
Notice of the probable Author of the Unpublished History of Scotland, erroneously attributed to Bishop Elphinstone of Aberdeen. (pp 447-51)
Skene, William F
PDF 250 Kb
Notice of a Cross-Shaft at Arthurlee, Renfrewshire. (pp 451-2)
Cooke, T Etherington
PDF 144 Kb
On the Discovery of a Kitchen-Midden on Inchkeith. (pp 452-5)
Grieve, David
PDF 118 Kb
Notice of an Underground Structure recently discovered on the Farm of Mickle Kinord, Aberdeenshire. (pp 455-7)
Michie, Rev. J G
PDF 172 Kb
Notice of a Runic Door from Iceland, ornamented with Carved Dragons and a scene representing the Slaying of a Dragon. With Engravings of the Door. (pp 458)
Stephens, George
PDF 18 Kb
Notice of a Number of Circular Stone Huts, surrounded by a Thick Stone Wall, enclosing one and half acres, called the Harefaulds, in Lauder Parish, Berwickshire. (pp 465-72)
Home, David Milne
PDF 564 Kb
Notice of the Runic Ring recently found in Cramond Churchyard. (pp 458)
Stephens, George
PDF 18 Kb
Notice of Two Pieces of Roman Sculpture found at Arniebog, Dumbartonshire, in June 1868 (With Photogrphs of the Sculptures.) (pp 472-81)
Buchanan, John
PDF 559 Kb
Notice of the Fabric of St Vigeans Church, Forfarshire; with Notice and Photographs of Early Sculptured Stones recently Discovered there, &c. (pp 481-98)
Duke, Rev. William
PDF 1 Mb
Notice of a Collection of Flint Implements found in the neighbourhood of Fordun, Kincardineshire, now presented to the Museum. (pp 499-503)
Brodie, Rev. James
PDF 244 Kb
Notice of a Highland Powder Horn, having on it the Monogram of Sir George Mackenzie; with some Remarks on Highland Costume. (The Horn, with others of various kinds, was exhibited.) (pp 503)
Drummond, James
PDF 101 Kb
Notice of Permission given at Paris to John Acheson to make Dies with the Portrait of Mary Queen of Scots, 21st October 1553, and to Nicolas Emery to make a Die for Jettons, with the Arms, &c., of the Queen of Scots, from a Register preserved at Paris. (pp 506-7)
Franks, Augustus W
PDF 103 Kb
Notes of Coins recently found in various parts of Scotland. (pp 508-12)
Sim, George
PDF 183 Kb
Notices of some Iron Relics found in Carluke Parish. (pp 512-7)
Ranken, W R
PDF 245 Kb
Notes of Two Stone Cists at Carsecreugh, in the Parish of Old Luce, Wigtownshire. (pp 517-8)
Wilson, Rev. George
PDF 58 Kb
Description by Ahmed Ibn-Fozlan (an eye-witness) of the Ceremonies attending the Incremation of the Dead Body of a Norse Chief, written in the early part of the Tenth Century. Translated from Holmboe's Danish Version of the Arabic Original, with Notes on the Origin of Cremation, and its Continuance. (pp 518-31)
Anderson, Joseph
PDF 744 Kb
Notice of a Silver Chain or Girdle, the property of Thomas Simson, of Blainslie, Esq., Berwickshire; another, in the possession of the University of Aberdeen; and of other Ancient Scottish Silver Chains. (pp 532)
Smith, John Alexander
PDF 397 Kb
Notice of an Original Privy Seal Document relating to the Invasion of Scotland by King Henry the Seventh, in the Year M.CCCC.XCVII. (The Document itself was exhibited) (pp 540-7)
Laing, David
PDF 488 Kb
Note of a curious Carved Bone Object found at Fortrie, Ellon, Aberdeenshire. (pp 547)
Stuart, John
PDF 89 Kb
Results of Excavations at the Broch of Burrian, North Ronaldshay, during the Summers of 1870 and 1871. (pp 547)
Traill, William
PDF 14 Kb
Notes (accompanied by Plans and Sketches) regarding the 'Picts House' or Underground Chamber at Tealing, Forfarshire. (pp 548)
Jervise, Andrew
PDF 15 Kb
Notes on the Evidence of Spinning and Weaving in the Brochs or Pictish Towers supplied by the Stone Whorls and the Long-handled 'Broch Combs' found in them. (pp 548-61)
Anderson, Joseph
PDF 681 Kb
Notices of Major-General William Roy, from the Parish Registers of Carluke and other sources. (pp 562-6)
Ranken, D R
PDF 244 Kb
Descriptive Catalogue of the Roman Consular and Family Coins (Denarii) in the Cabinets of the Museum of the Society. (pp 566)
Sim, George
PDF 15 Kb
Note on a Bronze Patella, having an Anglo-Saxon Inscription on the Handle, found at Friar's Carse, Dumfriesshire. (pp 567-8)
Carr, Ralph
PDF 79 Kb
Inscribed Stones at Kirkmadrine, in the Parish of Stoneykirk, County of Wigtown. (pp 568-86)
Mitchell, Arthur
PDF 1 Mb
Notes on the Ancient Cattle of Scotland: I. The Small Short-horned Ox, Bos Longifrons, Owen; II. The Great Long-horned Ox; the Urus, Bos Primigenius, Bojanus and Owen. (pp 587-674)
Smith, John Alexander
PDF 4 Mb
Additional Note to Communication on 'The Antiquities of Cullen in Banffshire' (see page 274) (pp 674)
Jervise, Andrew
PDF 29 Kb
Index (pp 675-702)
PDF 1 Mb