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Volume 2 (1822) - Table of Contents

PDF 701 Kb
Dissertation on the Cry of the Maskers at Christmas, or Yule. (pp 001-013)
Callender, John
PDF 709 Kb
An Account of some Remains of Antiquity in Forfarshire. (pp 014-030)
Jamieson, Rev Dr
PDF 1 Mb
Memoir concerning the Roman Progress in Scotland to the North of the Grampian Hills. (pp 031-042)
Grant, Rev. Mr
PDF 765 Kb
Topographical Account of the Parish and Church of Linlithgow. (pp 043-052)
Seton, Sir Alexander
PDF 654 Kb
An Account of some Subterraneous Habitations in Aberdeenshire. (pp 053-058)
Stuart, Professor
PDF 391 Kb
Proofs of the former existence of a People in North America, distinct from the Indians and Europeans. (pp 059-064)
Mitchell, Dr S L
PDF 367 Kb
Extracts from a History of the Parishes of Monivaird and Strowan. (pp 065-075)
Porteous, Mr
PDF 646 Kb
On Ancient Sepulture, with an Account of an Urn presented to the Society. (pp 076-102)
Jamieson, Rev Dr
PDF 1 Mb
Letter from Archbishop Sharp to the Earl of Middleton, Lord High Commissioner. (pp 103-107)
PDF 280 Kb
Letter to John Swinton, Esq., from Major Barry of Lednock, concerning Bessie Bell and Mary Gray. (pp 108-110)
PDF 153 Kb
Some account of a Royal Hunting Match in the Forst of Atholl in 1563. (pp 111-115)
Geddes, Bishop
PDF 284 Kb
Letters concerning the Discovery of the Silver Box, containing the Heart of Edward Lord Bruce of Kinloss. (pp 116-128)
Begbie, Patrick
PDF 1 Mb
Memoirs of the Life of Cardinal George Innes. (pp 129-133)
Geddes, Rev Dr John
PDF 325 Kb
Observations on the History and Language of the Pehts. (pp 134-153)
Murray, Rev Dr Alexander
PDF 1 Mb
On the New Order of Gooding and Manuring of all sorts of Field Land with common Salts, &c. (pp 154-158)
Napier, Archibald
PDF 429 Kb
Description of certain Roman Ruins discovered at Inveresk. (pp 159-167)
de Cardonnel, Adam
PDF 683 Kb
On the Purple Dye of the Ancient Tyrians. (pp 168-180)
Begbie, Patrick
PDF 694 Kb
Account of the Expences of the Earl Marischal, in his Lodgings at Edinburgh, in 1642. (pp 181-191)
Keith, Alexander
PDF 396 Kb
An Account of Sheuchy Dyke, in the East of Fife. (pp 192-198)
Brown, Dr William
PDF 439 Kb
Remarks on the Ancient Weapon denominated the Celt. (pp 199-207)
Dow, the Rev Mr John
PDF 542 Kb
Notices concerning Archbishop Sharp, with the Acts of his first Diocesan Synod at St Andrews, containing a Directory for Discipline and Worship. (pp 208-212)
PDF 300 Kb
Observations on the Accounts given of the Life and Acts of St Patrick. (pp 213-252)
Dillon, John
PDF 2 Mb
Remarks on the Rev. Dr Murray's Observations on the History and Language of the Pehts. (pp 253-285)
Jamieson, Rev Dr
PDF 1 Mb
Extract of a Letter from Mr Thomas Randolphe to the Earl of Bedforde, dated Edenburgh, 7th April 1565, in regard to the discovery of Roman Ruins at Inveresk. (pp 287)
PDF 42 Kb
Extract of a Letter from Mr Thomas Randolphe to Sir William Cecill, dated Edenburgh, 18th April 1565, on the same subject. (pp 288)
PDF 59 Kb
Observations upon the various accounts of the Progress of the Roman Arms in Scotland, and of the Scene of the Great Battle between Agricola and Galgacus. (pp 289-313)
Stuart, Professor
PDF 1 Mb
An Account of some Sculptured Pillars in the Northern Part of Scotland. (pp 314-323)
Stuart, Professor
PDF 1 Mb
An Account of the Hill Fort of the Barmekyne, in Aberdeenshire. (pp 324-327)
Skene, James
PDF 774 Kb
Catalogue of Books belonging to the Cathedral Church of Glasgow, taken in the year 1432. (pp 328-340)
Dillon, Mr
PDF 655 Kb
Notes and Observations on the preceding Catalogue of Books. (pp 341-349)
PDF 561 Kb
Observations on the Norwegian Expedition against Scotland in the year 1263, and on some previous events which gave occasion to that War. (pp 350-396)
Dillon, John
PDF 2 Mb
Notes on the preceding Observations. (pp 397-406)
PDF 708 Kb
Illustration of the Customs of a Manor in the North of England during the Fifteenth Century, with occasional Remarks on their resemblance to the Incidents of Ancient Scotish Tenures. (pp 407-434)
Hibbert, Samuel
PDF 1 Mb
Extracts from the Report made by Henry Jardine, Esq., his Majesty's Remembrancer in Exchequer, relative to the Tomb of King Robert Bruce, and the Church of Dunfermline, communicated to the Society on the 10th December 1821. (pp 435-455)
PDF 1 Mb
Account of Queen Bleary's Tomb in the Abbey Church of Paisley. (pp 456-461)
Boog, Rev Dr
PDF 530 Kb
Account of the Discovery of an Ancient Tomb at Fetteresso, in Kincardineshire, in January 1822, communicated by Professor Stuart of Aberdeen. (pp 462-465)
PDF 216 Kb
List of Books and Manuscripts which belonged to the Franciscan Convent in Aberdeen at the time of the Reformation. (pp 466-468)
PDF 130 Kb
Remarks on the Well-House Tower, situated at the foot of the Castle Rock of Edinburgh. (pp 469-479)
Skene, James
PDF 627 Kb
Of the Reign of Duncan Second, King of Scots. (pp 480-489)
Stuart, Professor
PDF 557 Kb
Account of a Stone with a Runic Inscription, presented to the Society by the late Sir Alexander Setoun of Preston, and of some other Inscriptions of the same kind in the Isle of Man. (pp 490-501)
PDF 752 Kb
Notes of Reference to the Series of Delineations of the Runic and other Ancient Crosses found in the Isle of Man, communicated by Mr Oswald. (pp 502-508)
PDF 892 Kb
Notice of some Ruins in the Island of Milo, in Greece. (pp 509-512)
Boswall, Captain
PDF 264 Kb
PDF 288 Kb
Appendix (Report concerning the collection of coins and medals belonging to the Antiquarian Society)
PDF 149 Kb
Appendix (Catalogue of the Scottish coins)
PDF 1 Mb
Appendix (List of Deficiencies in the Series of Scotch coins)
PDF 93 Kb

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