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Volume 3 (1831) - Table of Contents

PDF 361 Kb
Account of Two Ancient Monuments in the Church of St Mary, Rothesay. (pp 001-003)
Mackinlay, John
PDF 414 Kb
Ecclesiastical Collections for Aberdeenshire. (pp 004-016)
Logan, James
PDF 998 Kb
Some Account of a Subterraneous Structure in Swabia, supposed to have been connected with the Ancient Jurisdiction of the Secret Tribunal in that Counry. (pp 017-039)
Skene, James
PDF 1 Mb
Description of an Ancient Silver Bracelet found at Brugh Head. (pp 039-040)
Lauder, Baronet, Sir Thomas Dick
PDF 78 Kb
Summary of Various Communications made to the Society regarding the Discover of Early Sepulchral Remains: I. Notice of the Discovery of numerous Stone Coffins near Cramond. (pp 040-042)
PDF 136 Kb
II. Discovery of Ancient Graves near the river Teith. Communicated by Henry Home Drummond, of Blair-Drummond, Esq. (pp 042)
PDF 124 Kb
III. Account of a large Tumulus or Barrow, near the West Coast of the Peninsula of Cantyre. (pp 043)
Seton, A
PDF 130 Kb
IV. Notice, by A Seton, Esq., of Tumuli which were discovered at Bowerhouses, near Dunbar, in a Letter to the Secretary. (pp 044)
PDF 35 Kb
V. Narrative of Human Remains, a Comb, &c., which were dug out of the Burgh, or Circular Fort, of Burgar, in the parish of Evie, Orkney. Communicated by A Peterkin, Esq. (pp 044-045)
PDF 106 Kb
VI. Account of a Grave discovered in the parish of Banchory-Devenick. (pp 045-047)
Thomson, Alexander
PDF 144 Kb
VII. Account of a Stone Coffin found near Dryburgh Abbey, being an Extract of a Letter from Captain Erskine addressed to Alexander Smellie, Esq., (pp 047-048)
PDF 74 Kb
VIII. Notice of an Ancient Grave discovered on the Site of the Royal Circus, Edinburgh. (pp 048)
Skene, James
PDF 37 Kb
IX. Extract from the Minutes of the Society, dated April 28, 1823, regarding Stone Coffins, found near Stockbridge. (pp 048)
PDF 35 Kb
X. Notice of Stone Coffins found opposite to Bellevue (or St Mary's) Church, Edinburgh. Communicated by Patrick Neill, Esq. (pp 048-049)
PDF 32 Kb
XI. Notice of an Urn, in which were contained very curious Jet Ornaments discovered near Assint, in Ross-shire. Communicated by Sir George S Mackenzie, of Coul, Baronet. (pp 049)
PDF 52 Kb
XI. Remarks on the above communication. (pp 049-050)
Hibbert, Dr
PDF 144 Kb
Notice respecting an Ancient Ship discovered in a Garden at Stranrawer, in Galloway. (pp 051-052)
Kennedy, Alexander
PDF 195 Kb
Fragment of Verses by a Native of Hetland, (Shetland), written in the Fifteenth Century. From a M.S. in the University Library of Copenhagen; with Notes by Professor Magnusen. (pp 053-055)
PDF 187 Kb
Enquiry into the Origin of the Mercheta Mulierum. (pp 056-073)
Anderson, John
PDF 1 Mb
On the Antiquities of Lochmaben. (pp 074-080)
Gardiner, Rev John
PDF 441 Kb
Precepts issued on the death of Henry Darnley, King of Scotland, for perfuming his body, and for providing a Mourning Dress to Mary, Queen of Scots, on the occasion, (February 1566) (pp 080-082)
PDF 184 Kb
Letter and Report respecting the Unpublished Commentary on Milton's Paradise Lost, by the late John Callander, of Craigforth, Esq., in the possession of the Society. (pp 083-091)
Laing, David
PDF 632 Kb
Account of a Roman Station near Crickhowel, in Brecknockshire. (pp 091-098)
Payne, Rev H T
PDF 467 Kb
Description of a Remarkable Bronze Relic, found near the estuary of the river Findhorn, in the possession of Lady Cumming, of Altyre. (pp 099-102)
Lauder, Baronet, Sir Thomas Dick
PDF 437 Kb
Memoir on the Tings of Orkney and Shetland. (pp 103-210)
Hibbert, Samuel
PDF 7 Mb
On some of the Stone Circles and Cairns in the neighbourhood of Inverness. (pp 211-222)
Anderson, George
PDF 721 Kb
Letter on the Superstitions of the Highlands, addressed to the Right Honourable James Drummond, of Perth. (pp 223-229)
Robertson, Rev James
PDF 393 Kb
Communication relative to a remarkable number of Horse-Shoes found on the Farm of West Nisbet, in the county of Berwick; supposed to be indicative of the site of the Battle of Nisbet Muir, A.D. 1355. (pp 229-230)
Pitcairn, R
PDF 108 Kb
Notice respecting Macbeth's Castle at Inverness. (pp 231-233)
Grahame, Colonel
PDF 474 Kb
On the Site of Macbeth's Castle at Inverness. (pp 234-244)
Anderson, John
PDF 761 Kb
Original Letter containing some account of the Parliament which met at Edinburgh the 26th June 1678, and of the Seizure of Sir Patrick Hume, of Polwarth, Baronet. (pp 245-247)
Hay, William Waring
PDF 258 Kb
Notices regarding Scotish Archery, particularly that of the Highlanders; together with some Original Documents relating to a levy of Highland Bowmen to serve in the war against France, in the year 1627. (pp 248-254)
Gregory, Donald
PDF 466 Kb
Notices of the Life of William Hamilton, of Bangour, Esq., and a Chronological List of his Poems. (pp 255-266)
Chalmers, James
PDF 881 Kb
List of Works respecting the Islands of Orkney and Shetland, forming a series of Donations to the Society of Antiquaries of Scotland, by A.Z., a Gentleman resident in London, and an Honorary Member of the Society. (pp 267-274)
PDF 514 Kb
Original Letters from James Gregorie, Professor of Mathematics in the University of St Andrews, to the Reverend Colin Campbell, Minister of Ardchattan, Argyleshire. (pp 275-284)
Gregorson, John
PDF 657 Kb
Commission, University of St Andrews, to Mr James Gregorie, Professor of Mathematics, 10th June 1673. (pp 285-286)
Gregory, John
PDF 198 Kb
Various Communications to the Society, of a Miscellaneous Nature, selected fropm the Unpublished Papers in the Society's possession: (pp 287)
Notice of Two Roman Sculptured Heads, preserved in the front of a house at the Netherbow, Edinburgh. Accompanied with a plate, engraved by David Allan, 1783. (pp 287-289)
PDF 325 Kb
An Account of the Ancient Crosier of St Fillans, described in a Letter from William Thomson, A.M. Student of Christ Church, in Oxford, to the Earl of Buchan. (pp 289-291)
PDF 148 Kb
Letter from the Reverend John Geddes, D.D., giving some Account of Portraits preserved in the Scottish Benedictine Monastery of Wurtzburg. (pp 291)
PDF 50 Kb
Part of a letter from the Earl of Buchan to the Secretary, giving an Account of a Tour by his Lordship through Aberdeenshire, in 1789. (pp 292-294)
PDF 181 Kb
Letters from George Chalmers, Esq., and the Reverend John Geddes, D.D., respecting the extracts from Randolph's Letters concerning the Roman Antiquities discovered near Musselburgh in 1565. (pp 294-295)
PDF 126 Kb
Part of a letter from George Walker, Esq., Landscape Painter, to the Secretary, respecting Ancient Monuments in Edinburgh. (pp 296)
PDF 67 Kb
Contemporary Account of the escape of Rob Roy, after being apprehended, in the year 1717, by the Duke of Athole; in a letter from the Reverend Mr Murray to the Reverend Colin Campbell, Minister of Ardchatton. Communicated by Sir Walter Scott, Baronet. From the Original, in the possession of John Gregorson, of Ardtornish, Esq. (pp 296-297)
PDF 68 Kb
Letter from Thomas Robertson, Esq., to the Earl of Buchan, respecting the Discovery of a Stone Coffin at Arbroath, supposed to contain the Remains of King William the Lyon. (pp 297-298)
PDF 60 Kb
Letter from Lieutenant-General Hutton to the Secretary, accompanying a Copy of a Portrait of William the Lyon, King of Scotland, presented to the Society. (pp 298)
PDF 164 Kb
Notice of Two Ancient Stone Collars dug up near the Parallel Roads of Glen Roy, in possession of the late Mr Byres, of Tonley. (pp 299)
Skene, James
PDF 73 Kb
Letter addressed to Sir Water Scott, Baronet, by Mr James Bowd, on a Popular Superstition formerly used to prevent Cattle from Witchcraft; with Remarks on the Superstition. (pp 300-301)
Skene, James
PDF 132 Kb
Description of Two Ancient Camps on the Estate of Hay Newton, of Newton, Esq., East Lothian. (pp 301-305)
Hay, William Waring
PDF 329 Kb
Extract of a Letter, from Lieutenant James Edward Alexander, of the 16th Light Dragoons (Lancers) &c., giving an Account of an Ancient Building in the County of Kerry, called Staigh Fort. (pp 305-307)
PDF 258 Kb
Notice of an Ancient Carving on an Ambry, or Cupboard, in Aberdeenshire; in a Letter from James Logan, Esq., London. (pp 307)
PDF 171 Kb
Notice regarding an Ancient Oak Pannel from Stirling Castle, on which is carved the Head of a King of Scotland. (pp 308-309)
Alexander, J E
PDF 108 Kb
Account of some Ancient Carvings in Oak; in a Letter from John Mackinlay, Esq. (pp 309-310)
PDF 101 Kb
Two Acts of the Privy Council of Scotland, dated 20th November 1606, for establishing good rule on the Borders. (pp 310-311)
Pitcairn, Robert
PDF 129 Kb
Short Notice of Arnold Bronckhurst, Portrait Painter to King James VI. With an Original Account for Painting Portraits of His Majesty, and of George Buchanan. (pp 312-313)
Macdonald, Alexander
PDF 141 Kb
Letter from the Honourable Baron Clerk Rattray to E.W.A. Hay, Esq., with an interesting Anecdote of General Monk. (pp 314)
PDF 138 Kb
Letter from William Dyce, Esq., S.A., to James Skene, Esq., accompanying Specimens of the Ancient Painting on the Walls of the Baths of Titus at Rome. (pp 315-316)
PDF 223 Kb
Short Latin Chronicle, being chiefly an Obituary relating to the Highalnds, and compiled early in the Sixteenth Century. Communicated by Donald Gregory, Esq., Secretary (pp 317-328)
Macgregor, James
PDF 860 Kb
Index for the first 3 volumes (pp 329-37)
PDF 525 Kb
Appendix part 3
PDF 12 Mb
Appendix part 2
PDF 7 Mb
Appendix part 1
PDF 5 Mb

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