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Volume 4 (1857) - Table of Contents

PDF 405 Kb
An Inquiry into the probability of a Tradition connected with the Library and Furniture of James IV. of Scotland, and of their having been carried off after the Battle of Flodden, and set up at Speke Hall, in the county of Lancaster. (pp 001-014)
Whatton, William Robert
PDF 1 Mb
An Account of the Assassination of Sir George Lockhart, President of the Session, by John Chiesly of Dalry, 31st March 1689. (pp 015-018)
Tytler, P Fraser
PDF 278 Kb
An Inquiry respecting the Site of the Battle of Mons Grampius. (pp 019-052)
Miller, Lieut. Colonel
PDF 1 Mb
An Account of certain Bronze Instruments, supposed to be Druidical Remains, found beneath a large Rock on the South Side of the Top of Roseberry, in Cleveland. (pp 053-056)
Faber, G S
PDF 384 Kb
A Brief Account of the Hawthornden Manuscripts in the possession of the Society of Antiquaries of Scotland; with Extracts, containing several unpublished Letters and Poems of William Drummond of Hawthornden. (pp 057-116)
Laing, David
PDF 2 Mb
A Letter giving some Account of an Ancient Ecclesiastical Bell and Chain, discovered in the Parish of Kilmichael-Glassrie, in the County of Argyll, and presented to the Society of Antiquaries of Scotland, by John Macneill of Oakfield, Esq. (pp 117-118)
Thomson, Thomas
PDF 304 Kb
Observations on the Ancient Bell and Chain discovered in the Parish of Kilmichael-Glassrie. (pp 119-125)
Hibbert, S
PDF 388 Kb
An Account of a recent Excavation at Pompeii; in a Letter from Robert Allan, Esq., Advovate. (pp 126-129)
PDF 205 Kb
Inquiry into the Earlier History of the Clan Gregor, with a view to ascertain the Causes which led to their Proscription in 1603. With Appendix. (pp 130-159)
Gregory, Donald
PDF 1 Mb
Observations on the Theories which have been proposed to explain the Vitrified Forts of Scotland. (pp 160-182)
Hibbert, S
PDF 1 Mb
Collections relative to Vitrified Sites. (pp 183)
Hibbert, S
PDF 90 Kb
Description of Barry Hill, near Alyth. (pp 184-186)
Mackenzie of Coul, Baronet, Sir George
PDF 132 Kb
Researches in regard to the Vitrified Forts of Ross-shire, and other Stations connected with them, where Melted Matter does not appear. (pp 186-187)
Mackenzie of Coul, Sir George
PDF 70 Kb
Account of a Section made of the Vitrified Site of Dun Fion, in Inverness-shire. September 1, 1825. (pp 187-188)
Mackenzie of Coul, Sir George
PDF 77 Kb
Notice of Burnt Wood, Bones, &c., found at Craig Phaidrick, near Inverness. (pp 188)
Mackenzie of Coul, Sir George
PDF 38 Kb
Description of the Vitrified Station of Castle Spynie, in Inverness-shire. (pp 188-190)
Anderson, George
PDF 126 Kb
Notice regarding the Vitrified Site of Castle Spynie, Inverness-shire. (pp 190-191)
Mackenzie, Sir George
PDF 39 Kb
Description of the Ord Hill of Kessock. (pp 191-194)
Anderson, George
PDF 193 Kb
Notice of the Ord Hill of Kessock. 22d December 1824. (pp 194-195)
Mackenzie, Sir George
PDF 49 Kb
On certain Vitrified (and Unvitrified) Forts in the neighbourhood of Loch Ness and the Moray Firth. (pp 195-201)
Anderson, George
PDF 360 Kb
On the Scottish Formula of Congratulation on New Year's Eve, Hogmanay, Trollalay. (pp 202-212)
Repp, Thorl G
PDF 572 Kb
On the Burial Place of John Napier of Merchiston, the Inventory of Logarithms. (pp 213-216)
Wallace, William
PDF 240 Kb
Letter from John Lawson of Cairnmuir, Esq., to Sir Walter Scott, Baronet, describing some Golen Ornaments, found in March 1806, near the house of New Cairnmuir, Peeblesshire. (pp 217-219)
PDF 189 Kb
Particulars relative to the Conduct of the great Marquis of Montrose, after his Apprehension. (pp 220-224)
Maidment, James
PDF 300 Kb
Extracts from the Hawthornden Manuscripts, in the possession of the Society of Antiquaries of Scotland, (continued from page 116). (pp 225-240)
PDF 671 Kb
Notes by William Drummond, of Conversations with Ben Jonson at Hawthornden in January 1619, from a Manuscript entitled Informations be Ben Jonson to W.D., when he came to Scotland upon foot, 1619. (pp 241-270)
Laind, David
PDF 1 Mb
Observations on Forteviot, the Site of the Ancient Capital of Scotland. (pp 271-279)
Skene, William F
PDF 470 Kb
Collections relative to Vitrified Sites (continued from page 201). (pp 280-297)
Hibbert, S
PDF 1 Mb
Notice of a Sepulchral Urn, with various Golden Ornaments, found on the Estate of the right Honourable the Earl of Fife, in Banffshire, in the year 1828. (pp 298)
PDF 142 Kb
Account of the Discovery of a number of Ancient Canoes of solid oak, in Loch Doon, a fresh-water Lake in the county of Ayr. (pp 299-301)
Cathcart, Frederick Macadam
PDF 144 Kb
Notice of an Ancient Bulwark discovered on the Sea-shore of the Lands of Wardie, near Edinburgh. (pp 302-304)
Boswall, Donaldson
PDF 213 Kb
Description of the Hill Fort of Dun da Laimh, in the Parish of Laggan, District of Badenoch, Inverness-shire. (pp 305-312)
Mackay, Macintosh
PDF 487 Kb
An Account of the remarkable Monument in the shape of a Cross, inscribed with Roman and Runic Letters, preserved in the Garden of Ruthwell Manse, Dumfriesshire. (pp 313-326)
Duncan, Rev Henry
PDF 1 Mb
Letter from Thorleif Gudmundson Repp, A.M., F.S.A. Sc., to the Hon. Montstewart Elphinstone, Honorary Member S.A.Sc., regarding the Runic Inscription on the Monument at Ruthwell. (pp 327-336)
PDF 525 Kb
An Account of the Cyrenaic Antiquities in the Museum of the Society of Antiquaries of Scotland. With Historical Notices of the ancient City of Cyrene, in North Africa. (pp 337-344)
Weir, William
PDF 941 Kb
A Short Account of some Carved Stones in Ross-shire, accompanied with a series of Outline Engravings. (pp 345-352)
Petley, Charles Carter
PDF 2 Mb
Notes on an Ancient Cave, &c., discovered at Aldham, now called Seacliff, in East Lothian, in 1831. (pp 353-361)
Sligo, George
PDF 721 Kb
Notes regarding various Remains of Antiquity, both of the Earlier and Middle Ages, observed during a recent Visit to the Hebrides. (pp 362-365)
Gregory, Donald
PDF 298 Kb
A brief Notice of the small Figure cut in Ivory, supposed by Pennant to represent the King of Scotland in his Coronation Chair, and which was discovered in Dunstaffnage Castle. (pp 366-369)
Laing, David
PDF 306 Kb
Notices of the Portrait of Mary, Queen of Scots, formerly in the Scottish College at Douay. (pp 370-371)
Menzies, John & Gillis, Rev James
PDF 125 Kb
List of Donations from the Lords Commissioners of Her Majesty's Treasury; with a Notice of the Gold Coins found in the Cathedral Church of Glasgow. (pp 372-375)
PDF 295 Kb
Copy of the Inscriptions on the Tombs of Andrew Aiton, Rector of Spot, and George Conn, at Rome. (pp 376)
Trevelyan, W C
PDF 69 Kb
Description of an Ancient Cross at Kilmory, in Argyleshire. (pp 377-381)
Wilson, Wilson Dobie
PDF 836 Kb
Memorandum respecting the Tomb of Bishop Kennedy in the Chapel of St Salvador's College, St Andrews. (pp 382-384)
Chambers, Robert
PDF 258 Kb
A Decreit of Spulzie, granted by the Lords of Council to William Bruce of Symbister in Zetland, against Patrick Earl of Orkney, 4th October 1609. (pp 385-398)
Laing, David
PDF 954 Kb
Miscellaneous Communications. (pp 399-427)
PDF 2 Mb
Letters respecting the Hawthornden Manuscripts in the possession of the Society, from James Boswell, Esq and the Secretary, in 1789. (pp 399-401)
Notice of Atkinson, Author of the Discovery of the Gold Mines in Scotland. (pp 402-404)
Trevelyan, W C
Petition of William Master of Tullibardin, 6th July 1606. (pp 405)
Gregory, Donald
On the Locality of the Slenauch field of battle between Bruce and Comyn, A.D. 1307-8. (pp 405-407)
Stuart, John
Warrant for the appointment of a Keeper of the Park at Holyrood House, in the year 1567. (pp 408-409)
A few Extracts from the Council Registers of the City of St Andrews, 1650-1725. (pp 409-412)
Letters from the Chevalier John Sobieski Stuart, and Philip B. Ainslie, Esq., relating to St Sueno's Stone at Forres, (pp 413-415)
Letter from Dr Hibbert-Ware, on the Sculptured Stones of Scotland. (pp 415-418)
Notice respecting the Brooch of Lorn, with an Engraving. (pp 419)
Notice of an Ancient Gold Seal found at Kinross. (pp 420-421)
Drysdale, William
Notices of Various Discoveries of Roman Remains at the Red Abbeystead, near the Village of Newstead, Roxburghshire. (pp 422-427)
Smith, John Alexander
Notice of a Scheme, with the Warrant of King James VII. and the Lords of Privy Council, for a Patent to be granted to certain Merchants in London, for Weighing up and Recovering Ships in the Scottish Seas, dated 26 May 1686. (pp 428-439)
Laing, David
PDF 832 Kb
Notice of the Ancient Incised Slabs in the Abbey Church of Holyrood. (pp 440-447)
Seton, George
PDF 522 Kb
Memorial from Fellows of the Society of Antiquaries of Scotland, against the proposed Demolition of Trinity College Church, Edinburgh, presented to the Town Council, 12th November 1844. (pp 448-450)
PDF 195 Kb
Index (pp 451-453)
PDF 177 Kb
PDF 2 Mb

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