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Barnack Rag Stone

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Local Name(s): Barnack Stone,
Barnack Rag Stone,
Barnack Mill Stone.
Example of Barnack Rag Stone
Stone Group: Sedimentary
Stone Type: Limestone
Era:   Mesozoic
Period:   Jurassic
Epoch:   Middle
Geological Sub-Divisons:

Inferior Oolite Group. Upper Lincolnshire Limestone Formation.

General Colour Description:

A cream colour.

Hand Specimen Description:

A coarse textured, hard, shelly, oolitic limestone cemented with sparry calcite. Most ooliths are round and 0.3mm - 1mm in diameter, some are elongate. The rock contains alternating layers of ooliths of varying sizes and of shells (commonly up to 5mm in size) so it appears banded on weathered surfaces. It is poorly sorted with a rough feel (Parsons 1990: 22).

Stone Identifiers: Calcareous,  Fossiliferous,  Oolitic.
Reacts dilute to HCl? Yes