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Cleehill Dolerite

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Local Name(s): Cleehill Dolerite,
Cleehill Dhustone,
Clee Hill Dolerite,
Clee Hill Dhustone.
Example of Cleehill Dolerite
Stone Group: Igneous
Stone Type: Dolerite
Era:   Palaeozoic
Period:   Carboniferous
Epoch:   Upper
Geological Sub-Divisons:

The dolerite was intruded into the Coal Measures in the Late Carboniferous or Early Permian. Variscan intrusions.

General Colour Description:

Dark bluish-green/grey colour.

Hand Specimen Description:

A fine grained, very hard, olivine dolerite.

General Comments:

The intruded sill of dolerite was known locally as 'dhustone'.

Stone Identifiers:
Reacts dilute to HCl? No