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Horsham Stone

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Local Name(s): Horsham Stone,
Horsham Slate,
Horsham Slab,
Healing Stones.
Example of Horsham Stone
Stone Group: Sedimentary
Stone Type: Sandstone
Era:   Mesozoic
Period:   Cretaceous
Epoch:   Lower
Geological Sub-Divisons:

Wealden Series, Weald Clay.

General Colour Description:

Colour varies from blue-brown to honey coloured. It weathers to a dark brown colour.

Hand Specimen Description:

Hard, flaggy, micaceous, calcareous sandstone splitting readily into thin slabs whch often show ripple marks. These marks may be better preserved as casts infilling the ripples. Sun cracks and rain prints also occur (Davies 1939: 123 - 4).

Stone Identifiers: Granular,  Micaceous.
Reacts dilute to HCl? No