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The Vernacular Architecture Group (VAG) Collections and Map Archives

The Vernacular Architecture Group (VAG) Collections and Map has 4 collections archived by the Archaeology Data Service. These can be accessed below.

Image from Cruck Database Cruck Database.

This database was originally created (as 80 column cards) by N W Alcock as a Vernacular Architecture Group project, with the collaboration of many members of the group. It was used to generate the published catalogues of cruck buildings in Cruck Construction: an Introduction and Catalogue CBA Research Report 42 (1981) and its predecessor, A Catalogue of Cruck Buildings (Phillimore for Vernacular Architecture Group, 1973). The database now has a total of 7,683 entries (4,477 true and 2,232 jointed crucks).

First released: June 2006
Last updated: May 2021

Collection DOI: 10.5284/1085003 Copyright logo
Image from Bibliography of the Vernacular Architecture Group Bibliography of the Vernacular Architecture Group.

The on-line version of the Bibliography of the Vernacular Architecture Group contains almost 12,500 references. Of these, 7,400 are taken from Volumes I through IV of the printed bibliographies, covering sources published up to 1994. Added to these are 3,200 covering the period up to the end of 2006 (identified as Volume 5; downloadable in pdf format from the VAG website), another 800 up to 2012 (volume 6), and 1,000 up to 2020 (volume 7); volumes 6 and 7 are only available via this on-line searchable database. Entries are of three main types: Papers in journals; Papers in edited volumes [e.g. conference proceedings]; Books. A very few theses were listed in the first published volume and we have retained these, but more recent theses have not been searched for or included. The Bibliography may be browsed by subject area or searched by keyword, author, geographic region and journal or any combination of these.

First released: May 2001
Last updated: April 2021

Collection DOI: 10.5284/1084983 Copyright logo
Image from Wealden Houses Database Wealden Houses Database.

This database has been compiled using earlier lists and information from contributors, to provide a gazetteer of Wealden (or 'recessed-hall') houses. These are a distinctive medieval house type, characterised by having an open hall flanked by either one or two floored, jettied end bays, all under a single roof. Because the wall plate is aligned with the front walls of the end bay(s), it 'flies' over the hall, where it is usually braced from the corner posts of the end bays, giving the distinctive 'recessed' hall appearance. The term 'Wealden' apparently came into use among members of the Vernacular Architecture Group in the 1950s, reflecting the concentration of examples in the Kentish Weald. In all, almost 800 examples are known at present. The database provides information on the address, grid reference, state of preservation and source reference(s) for every entry, together with partial information about topographical setting and some structural features.

First released: January 2012
Collection DOI: 10.5284/1011977 Copyright logo
Image from Dendrochronology Database Dendrochronology Database.

This resource consists of the tree-ring dates for over 4700 buildings in the United Kingdom, ranging from cathedrals to cottages and barns and is a Vernacular Architecture Group project. The database holds period, location and reference information for each record. It also includes some buildings that have been dated by high precision radiocarbon dating, and the names of buildings for which dating was attempted but not successful.

First released: December 2001
Last updated: April 2021

Collection DOI: 10.5284/1084944 Copyright logo

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