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One Pitfall of a Linked Open Data World

At the 7th World Archaeological Congress in Jordan, Martin Doerr raised a concern about the Linked Open Data world that was being advocated in our session.  In particular he mentioned worry over the assumption that all of this Linked Open Data was going to be persistently and indefinitely accessible, and he suggested that people keep RDF or other serializations of the Linked Open Data they were using, particularly vocabularies or thesauri.  This seemed like a good idea to us given the fragility of the web, and we have been informally promoting this idea at conferences and workshops.

Reason to heed Martin’s advice/concern has just presented itself, in the form of the recent US Government shutdown. This subsequently has brought down the Library of Congress website, including the id.loc.gov domain, which hosts their linked data records.

A screenshot from the Library of Congress website

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