Daily Archives: October 4, 2013

European Projects Update

It is a busy and exciting time for European research at the ADS! Within the last six months, we have started three new projects; each of which have important research trajectories in their own right, but the timing of many of the initiatives within these projects is proving particularly fortuitous. In addition, the 12-month, AHRC funded SENESCHAL project is already bearing fruit which will be of great use, and an important exemplar for Europe. All of these projects together, while daunting to organise, have created great momentum and discussion around a wide variety of research areas here at the ADS.






After the kick-off meeting in February in rainy but beautiful Rome, we have now begun work on Advanced Research Infrastructure for Archaeological Dataset Networking (ARIADNE). A four-year EU FP7 Infrastructures funded project, ARIADNE is coordinated by PIN at the University of Florence and ADS (Deputy Coordinators), and is made up of 24 partners across 16 European countries. ARIADNE has the ambitious goal of “bringing together and integrating existing archaeological research data infrastructures, so researchers can use the various distributed datasets and new and powerful technologies as an integral component of the archaeological research methodology”.

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Archive Usage Statistics

ADS is pleased to announce that it has added a Usage Statistics page to all our archive collections, including Journal Series, Bibliographies and Theses. The usage statistics for every archive are gathered on a monthly basis via Piwik web analytics.  The statistics collected are then used to create graphs to present the number of visits to an archive,  the number of pages viewed within an archive and the number of files downloaded per archive. This allows depositors to track the usage and impact of their data. Below is an example of a usage statistics page.