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On the 11th Day of Christmas…

The competition gave to me …

a dig team in the office,

          an icy Roscommon Castle, a Temple to Saturn, Christmas jumpers in the lab, a snowy Silbury Hill, two ‘geofizzing’ students, a  snow covered Castle Hill, a  sweeping  digger  in  the snow,  a  frosty  Grimspound,   a  Lewis  chess  piece,  and  a  snow capped Avebury.

T_WAScotland (2)


These photos were submitted by the team from Wessex Archaeology Scotland. It looks there was partaking of mulled wine somewhere along the way!

Related resources

Possible alcohol consumption noted in Pottery consumption and cultural change from M. Pitts 2006 ‘Consumption, deposition and social practice: a ceramic approach to intra-site analysis in late Iron Age to Roman Britain’, Internet Archaeology 21.