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The dark art of costing for digital preservation

For as long as the ADS has existed we have made a charge to some parts of the archaeological sector for the archiving and dissemination services we provide. Until now these charges have been, primarily, for deposits from national agencies (e.g. English Heritage) and the commercial sector (e.g. Rail Link Engineering). We have been fortunate to have benefited from a close working relationship with the holders of AHRC grant funding, and have, due to being in receipt of core AHRC funding been able to offer an archival home for AHRC funded research data with no direct charge to the academic or host institution. As many readers will be aware the AHRC funding from the sister services working under the AHDS umbrella was withdrawn some years ago and, since then, the AHRC have been keen that the ADS look to different funding models to sustain the service after our own AHRC funding ends in 2013.
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SWORD-ARM: the benefits

While undertaking the SWORDARM project work, all the time wondering ‘if we build it, will they come’, we have had time to reflect on what we see as the benefits of such a system.

To us the benefits are quite clear; we hope to receive well formed archive material on which much routine checking has been undertaken, and which employs the appropriate file formats and is accompanied by a good level of documentation and metadata. This makes our job as archivists much easier and quicker, enabling us to slot archival material into our collections management system ready for formal accessioning. This, in turn, makes the process much more efficient and we are thereby able to drive the cost of accessioning the archive down.

But are we not therefore merely shifting the cost of part of the deposition onto the depositor?

Well, yes and no!
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