M. W Pitts, ed., (2007). Brit Archaeol (1357-4442) 94. York: Council for British Archaeology.

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Brit Archaeol (1357-4442) 94
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British Archaeology
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Mike W Pitts
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Council for British Archaeology
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07 Sep 2007
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Mike W Pitts
6 - 9
Short items on current topics in archaeology, including
note on an engraved jet lozenge found in a pit with a flint knife and redeposited Late Neolithic or Early Bronze Age pot sherds, in South Lowestoft, Suffolk. The design is comparable to the gold lozenges found at Bush Barrow, near Stonehenge, and at Clandon Barrow, Dorset
comments on the UK government white paper, Heritage protection for the 21st century, including concerns about the failure to identify funding for the proposals
on the sale of a Neolithic jadeite axe blade from Newton Peverill, inland from Bournemouth, formerly in the collection of Augustus Pitt Rivers
on a new geophysical survey revealing evidence of Roman settlement adjacent to Silbury Hill, Wiltshire
Jane Webster
10 - 15
The article discusses the physical evidence provided by the wrecks of British vessels involved in the transatlantic slave trade during the eighteenth and nineteenth centuries, and the artefacts and documentary evidence associated with them.
D Knight
Blaise E Vyner
16 - 19
The authors review the increased archaeological evidence of all periods resulting from changes to heritage law and funding as it applies to quarrying and commercial extraction of sand and gravel in the Trent Valley.
Sara Bowler
Alison Sharkey
22 - 27
Article on a project whereby eleven artists were invited to provide works on the site of, and interpreting, the ruined mining complex of South Wheal Frances near Redruth in Cornwall. Includes
Adam Sharpe
25 - 27
the archaeologist attached to the project discusses the remains and their interpretation
Ian Hinton
28 - 29
The author describes the results of a survey of almost 1,750 churches in England and Wales to investigate the proposition that churches were built facing sunrise on the feast day of their patronal saint.
David Lammy
The Minister for Culture responds to comments by Paul Holmes, the Liberal Democrat spokesman for arts and heritage (see British Archaeology 93 (2007) page 51).
Keith Parfitt
Barry Corke
32 - 37
The authors describe excavations in Townwall Street, outside the historic core of Dover, which revealed dwellings and smallholdings from the medieval period. Finds were indicative of the inhabitants' involvement in the fishing industry which, along with service on the king's ships, was a key occupation in medieval Dover.
Mick A Aston
38 - 41
The author revisits his birthplace at Halesowen in Birmingham, and gives an overview of the history and archaeology of the town from Anglo-Saxon times to the present.
42 - 43
Short articles describing developments in archaeological resources online, including
Caroline R Wickham-Jones
review or archaeological glossaries and thesauri on the Internet
Daniel Hull
description of the Community Archaeology Forum, a web project launched by the Council for British Archaeology to draw together resources specific to community projects
Jerry Hooper
Jen Deadman
46 - 49
The authors describe SHINE -- Studying Heritage In Nidderdale Environs -- a project aimed at introducing archaeology to children in primary schools through liaison with local community archaeology projects.
Sebastian Payne
The author discusses the use of blind tests to check the reliability of findings from different laboratories involved in analysis of the same types of archaeological sample.
Harry Kenward
Allan R Hall
The authors look at the positive and negative impact on British archaeology of PPG16, the planning guidance leading to developer-funded excavations, with particular reference to the analysis of biological remains.
Angela Piccini
Karol Kulik
56 - 57
Article looking at statistics for television viewers of archaeology and heritage programmes, including the popularity of different types of programme and the demographic breakdown of viewing figures.
Gill Chitty
64 - 65
The author discusses the impact of climate change on archaeology in the UK, and ways in which archaeologists might respond to this challenge.
Sheppard S Frere
The archaeologist and author of Britannia: a history of Roman Britain looks back over his long career in the subject.