M. W Pitts, ed., (2007). Brit Archaeol (1357-4442) 96. York: Council for British Archaeology.

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Brit Archaeol (1357-4442) 96
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British Archaeology
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Mike W Pitts
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Council for British Archaeology
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07 Sep 2007
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Mike W Pitts
6 - 9
Short items on various current topics, including
6 - 0
launch of new galleries at the British Museum
obituary of Peter Ucko (d. 14 June 2007 aged 68)
on a previously unknown Roman fort identified near Restormel castle, above the River Fowey
on investigations at Mynydd Rhiw on the Llyn peninsula in north Wales, which revealed new evidence of its use during the Neolithic period
Nicky Milner
10 - 14
Article outlining recent and continuing research at the Mesolithic lakeside site of Star Carr, North Yorkshire, and drawing attention to the threat to its survival posed by peat drainage in the area.
Penelope Walton-Rogers
16 - 19
The author presents an overview of Anglo-Saxon clothing, textiles and their manufacture, based on her study of the evidence from graves and settlements.
Alison Sheridan
22 - 27
The author describes new research by the French archaeologist Pierre P├ętrequin and his colleagues which has led to the identification of the source (at Monte Beigua and Monte Viso, in the Italian Alps) of the stone used for many of the Neolithic jadeite axeheads found throughout Europe, including the British Isles. The typology and other raw materials used for this type of axehead are also discussed.
Mick A Aston
28 - 29
The author comments on the frequent association in County Durham between early Christian sites, particularly churches, and late Roman evidence, particularly of forts and their associated vici.
Jon Cannon
30 - 32
Article presenting an overview of the most important archaeological remains and landscapes of County Durham, including sites and museums open to the public.
Robert Van de Noort
Henry H P Chapman
34 - 39
The authors describe the extensive excavation of a waterlogged Iron Age ``marsh-fort'', partially destroyed by bulldozing in 1980, at Sutton Common near Askern in South Yorkshire.
Simon Mays
40 - 41
Article discussing a research programme at the redundant church of St Peter's, Barton-upon-Humber, including study of the church fabric (parts of which date to the late Anglo-Saxon period) and excavation of its interior and a large area of the churchyard. The treatment of the human remains as part of the post-excavation analysis, in the associated exhibition, and their interment after analysis in a specially constructed ossuary, are discussed, and an overview of the information derived from their analysis is given.
Gwilym Hughes
Polly Groom
42 - 47
Account of the excavation of an early medieval cemetery adjacent to Brownslade barrow on the Castlemartin Army Training Estate, Pembrokeshire Coast National Park. The site had been disturbed by a large and active badger sett, and the aims of the excavation included assessment of the impact of burrowing animals and trial of exclusion methodologies, and protection of the scheduled area of the Bronze Age barrow itself.
48 - 49
Short articles about archaeology resources available on the Internet, including
Caroline R Wickham-Jones
the author reviews some archaeological blogs
Christopher Catling
on the Society of Antiquaries' refurbished website
Angela Piccini
Karol Kulik
54 - 55
The authors interview archaeologist and Time Team contributor Ben Gearey on the contribution of science, and particularly of environmental archaeology and palaeoecology, to television archaeology.
Mike Heyworth
64 - 65
The Director of the CBA reviews the current situation of British archaeology and suggests some areas and directions for future development.
John Preston
The author describes the events and family associations that led him to write a fictionalised account of the discovery and excavation of the Sutton Hoo ship burial.