M. W Pitts, ed., (2007). Brit Archaeol (1357-4442) 97. York: Council for British Archaeology.

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Brit Archaeol (1357-4442) 97
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British Archaeology
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Mike W Pitts
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Council for British Archaeology
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08 Nov 2007
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6 - 9
Short articles about various archaeological news, including
excavation of a medieval royal residence at Tidgrove Warren Farm, Kingsclere, Hampshire
excavation and optically stimulated luminescence dating of Wat's Dyke at Gobowen, Shropshire
discovery of flint artefacts at Storonsay, Orkney, suggesting settlement at the end of the last Ice Age
Pamela J Smith
10 - 14
The author describes her work in recording the oral history provided by elderly archaeologists, their families, students, colleagues and friends.
Ian Bapty
20 - 25
The author presents an overview of the life of King Offa and of the history of Offa's Dyke, and suggests that fresh analysis of the Dyke can contribute to a greater understanding of its creator.
Steven J Mithen
28 - 31
The author describes a visit with the television personality and survival expert Ray Mears to the mesolithic site at Staosnaig, Colonsay, in the Inner Hebrides, that he excavated during the 1990s. During the visit, which was filmed for a BBC programme, Mears and the author discussed the viability of the site as a hunter-gatherer settlement and of local food resources available at that time.
Barry M Ager
Amy Cooper
Gareth Williams
32 - 33
The authors offer a preliminary description of a Viking hoard find from near Harrogate, comprising a silver gilt decorated cup of Frankish manufacture and possible Christian symbolism, in and around which were found 685 pieces of metal including a gold arm-ring, sixty-seven pieces of silver including four arm-rings and fragments of brooches, ingots and rods, and 617 silver coins. The coins include dirhams from the Middle East, coins from Viking York and from other parts of northern Europe.
Clive R Bowd
On the basis of personal observation, the author discusses the success of cultural resource management policies in relation to the preservation of the neolithic stone quarries of Scafell Pike and elsewhere in the Lake District.
Mick A Aston
36 - 39
The author describes a visit to the Outer Hebrides and presents an overview of their archaeology; includes
Jon Cannon
38 - 39
introduction and itinerary of the most noteworthy archaeological sites in the Outer Hebrides
Sebastian Payne
The chief scientist at English Heritage explains the reasons for his concern at the reluctance of Manchester Museum and other museums to accept and curate excavated human remains.
Mike W Pitts
47 - 49
Article on the life and work of illustrator Angus McBride (1931--2007), well known for his depictions based on archaeological and historical material. Includes
48 - 49
on a series illustrated by McBride on early humans, published in the children's educational magazine Look and Learn
54 - 55
Articles on websites of interest to archaeologists and those with an interest in archaeology, including
Caroline R Wickham-Jones
on the representation of archaeological science on the Internet at a range of levels
Christine A Finn
the author describes a combined art and archaeology project in which she excavated the house where she grew up, recording the process online
Angela Piccini
Karol Kulik
56 - 57
The authors discuss faked scenes and deception in television documentaries in general, and in archaeological programmes in particular.
Daniel Hull
64 - 65
The Council for British Archaeology's Head of Information and Communicatons discusses the CBA's history of accessibility in archaeological publishing, and describes ArchLib, its latest innovation in online publication and bibliographic access.