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Hazel Moore
Graeme Wilson
12 - 17
Eroding sand dunes are revealing an ancient landscape on a windswept and remote Scottish island. Hazel Moore and Graeme Wilson describe the startling new discoveries at one of the bleakest sites in the country. MP
Rachael Kiddey
A John Schofield
18 - 23
Rachael Kiddey and John Schofield took archaeological survey and excavation into a transient area of Bristol. The biggest surprises were the distinctive characteristics of homeless places and the interest in heritage expressed by homeless people. MP
Kevin Colls
William Mitchell
24 - 29
Literary critics may wonder if Shakespeare wrote all those plays, but archaeologists know where to find him: at home in Stratford. Kevin Colls and William Mitchell describe the background to an imaginative excavation now in progress. MP
Matt Mossop
30 - 33
A remarkable if enigmatic engraved stone is described in News. It was found in Cornwall by a self-taught fieldwalker. Matt Mossop introduces the extraordinary work of Graham Hill. MP
Suzie Thomas
Daniel Hull
34 - 39
We are hearing much about "community archaeology". Is it a recent movement which has changed the landscape of archaeology? Or has it been around for years, if not always recognised? What exactly is it, anyway? Suzie Thomas and Dan Hull report on a major new survey. MP
Timothy C Darvill
40 - 41
As another summer of music festivals and open-air concerts begins, we launch a web column dedicated to archaeology and popular music. Here Tim Darvill considers the archaeologically-minded rock musician. MP
Fiona Tucker
Ian Armit
42 - 47
How people treated the dead varied enormously over the past few thousand years, but until recently what happened in the iron age '“ from 800BC till Roman times '“ was largely a mystery. A new dating programme in Atlantic Scotland reveals the dead were there all along. Fiona Tucker and Ian Armit report. MP
Mick A Aston
48 - 49
Prime minister David Cameron's constituency has been a busy place for millennia. Mick Aston returns to look up a restored monument. MP
Jon Cannon
50 - 51
Jon Cannon tours the villages and floodplains of south-central Oxfordshire. MP
Caroline R Wickham-Jones
Andy Burnham
52 - 53
As the web gets more powerful and applications more sophisticated, the opportunities grow to tour online in real and reconstructed worlds. MP
Greg Bailey
54 - 55
Faced with divided audiences and falling budgets, television courts viewers with spectacle and celebrity. Greg Bailey asks, what future for the thoughtful documentary? MP
Mike W Pitts
Don McCullin
"I had a reputation for covering wars and tragedies", says acclaimed photographer Don McCullin. "I thought it was time I showed people there's another side to me". MP