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The complete series of CBA Occasional Papers has been digitised and is being made available by the CBA as a staged process. Those reports now available are linked. They are available in PDF format, which preserves the layout of the original publication. To read the PDF files you will need the Adobe Acrobat Reader software. Details of all CBA publications are available on the CBA website.

List of reports Christopher Hawkes and Stuart Piggot (1948) A survey and policy of field research in the archaeology of Great Britain. I Prehistoric and Early Historic Ages to the Seventh Century AD [various] (1953) The preservation of buildings of historic interest: a note on the Town and Country Planning Act 1947 Elizabeth Fowler (ed) (1972) Field survey in British archaeology Caroloyn Heighway (ed) (1972) The erosion of history: archaeology and planning in towns Margaret Jesson (1973) The archaeology of churches: a report from the Churches Committee of the CBA presented to the conference on the archaeology of churches held at Norwich on April 13-15 1973 M W Barley (1974) A guide to British topographical collections [various] (1974) Archaeology and government: a plan for archaeology in Britain George Lambrick (1977) Archaeology and agriculture John Steane & Brian Dix (1978) Peopling past landscapes: a handbook introducing archaeological fieldwork techniques in rural areas David Peace (1979) Historic buildings and planning policies C W Phillips (1980) Archaeology in the Ordnance Survey 1791-1965 John Schofield, David Palliser, Charlotte Harding (eds) (1981) Recent archaeological research in English towns Keith Falconer & Geoffrey Hay (eds) (1981) The recording of industrial sites: a review Charles Thomas (ed) (1983) Research objectives in British archaeology Paul Mellars (ed) (1987) Research priorities in archaeological science Margaret Cox (1996) Life and death in Spitalfields 1700 to 1850 John Schofield (2006) Modern Military Matters: Studying and managing the twentieth-century defence heritage in Britain The CBA Occasional Papers were digitised by the HEDS as part of the JISC Fast Track Digitisation Programme.