Series: Society of Antiquaries of London Monograph Series

Society of Antiquaries of London
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The Society of Antiquaries of London has a long tradition of publishing scholarly research on the archaeological and historic resource in order to encourage knowledge and understanding of human history and development in its physical and cultural environments. As part of the Society's aim to support research and communicate its results as widely as possible, the Society is digitising titles from its extensive backlist and making these accessible via the ADS as a staged process.


Titles in this collection include volumes of the REPORTS OF THE RESEARCH COMMITTEE OF THE SOCIETY OF ANTIQUARIES OF LONDON, which detail the reports of archaeological investigations. As well as these research reports, the collection also includes stand-alone monographs and titles from other monograph series such as THE DICTIONARY OF BRITISH ARMS and THE INVENTORY OF KING HENRY VIII.

The PDF versions of the Society's monographs are copies scanned from the original publications. It is not possible to guarantee the quality of the text conversion and on some pages the scans may be unclear. In cases of doubt, users should always consult the original print publication.

Each volume is also available online from OAPEN to read and/or download.

Details of all Society of Antiquaries of London publications can be found via the Society's website.