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How to contribute #

The framework provides opportunities for the addition of information and comments, with the aim of encouraging participation and assisting updating by members of the historic environment community. Users may contribute to the following website pages once they have logged in, as described in the introduction to each page:

To join the framework, log in from the home page and follow the on-screen instructions. This will allow you to view contributions made by other users and add information and comments to the above sections.

To avoid losing edits, save contributions within 90 minutes of commencing a session.

General comments (e.g. on Agenda Topics that you think could usefully be added to the Research Agenda) may be provided by contacting the project team at emherf@yorkat.co.uk

How is the framework organised?#

The framework is divided into the following key sections:

How to search for information #

To research specific topics, use the 'quick navigation' search box (top right). Use as few words as possible; for example, if researching the malting industry, typing 'malting' should produce a ranked list of pages on which the word occurs.

You can retype the word in your browser's search function (reached by first pressing Ctrl+F: Windows, Linux, Chrome OS; cmd-F: Mac) to jump to the sentence(s) in which your topic is mentioned. If the word occurs multiple times on the same page, hitting 'Enter' will allow you to scroll through results.

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This page (revision-69) was last changed on 06-Apr-2018 15:27 by David Knight