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This section comprises editable versions of the period chapters and environmental synthesis that were published in 2006 under the title of ''The Archaeology of the East Midlands''. Provision is made for the addition of information on recent work that has contributed to our understanding of the region's historic environment, details of sources and general comments on the text.

Information and comments may be added to the period chapters or environmental synthesis by clicking 'Add Comment' (top toolbar of each chapter). This will generate a comments box with a choice of fields that should be completed as appropriate. Users should use the drop-down menu to select which section of the chapter they would like to comment on, selecting 'other' where comments are of a general nature. Comments will be preserved at the end of each chapter and will be grouped thematically by the site moderators to facilitate interrogation of the resource.

An example of a comment reporting a research project that adds to understanding of ceramic production and distribution in the East Midlands is appended to Steve Willis's discussion of the Later Bronze Age and Iron Age.

If you have made a comment and would like to edit it, please email us at emherf@yorkat.co.uk

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This page (revision-53) was last changed on 18-Jan-2018 16:07 by David Knight