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Provision is made for contributions by researchers to the following two elements of the Updated Research Agenda and Strategy:

Comments on the measures recommended for building the foundations of research may be provided by clicking 'Add Comment' at the top of the Building the Research Foundations page. This will generate a free-text comments box with space for users' comments on the strategies that have been proposed and recommendations for further measures to advance our understanding.

Information on how recent work has addressed the Research Objectives of individual periods may be added via the Research Agenda section, as described here, enabling monitoring via a single form work on both the Agenda and Strategy.

Collating the Comments

Comments on the above will be preserved at the end of each section and will be grouped thematically by the site moderators to facilitate interrogation of the resource.

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This page (revision-40) was last changed on 05-Feb-2018 08:55 by David Knight