Cool Sites of the Month - April 1998

Time Team

Currently showing all the information from the last series, including last summers live weekend.

Meet the Ancestors

Again all the information about the BBC2 series which finished last month. I just like the colour scheme used.

Archaeology is more that old bones

A nice short report about our work. Not too sure what age group it's aimed at, but there's a nice picture of an Egyptian face mask. I'm a sucker for graphics

McMaster Anthropolgy Society

This site is run and maintained by undergraduates at the McMaster University - I think they are doing better than us!

Previous Cool Sites

If you can recommend any cool sites, e-mail:

I'm also wondering if anyone knows of a Star Trek Next Generation page/site of Jean Luc Picard which actually has some archaeology on it, rather than just mentioning that it is one of his many hobbies (along with straightening his tunic!). If you do, let me (Jan) know at the above address. Thanks.

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