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Angela Bowey's Glass Museum On Line

Very colourful. Lots of things to look at which are also well described. Everything you didn't know about glass. the domain of old metals

As a resource for anyone interested i any aspect of metal, this site is one of the best. Even if it's not your cup of tea, the icons are some of the best I've seen in a long time. Go and have a look for yourselves.

Archaeology on Film

One of the web pages of UC Santa Barbara Anthropology homepage, this contains listings of archaeological films and videos, and short reviews. Although mainly American, it is possible to add other films and your own comments about other films reviewed. A good place an get an idea about what sort of archaeology is on film.

Australian Rock Art Research Association

In the form of a camp site, there is the opportunity for discussion, hear announcements and look at pictures of Rock Art. There are also other rock art links. The icon pictures are really good too

APVA Jamestown Rediscovery

The Association for the Preservation of Virginia Antiquities have now found the fort after the excavation programme. Excellent graphics accompany descriptions of the finds on display, a history of the European settlers, and diagrams of the whole site and the excavation area. It is possible to find out about various features excavated such as pits and ditches. It almost brings archaeology to life!

Archaeology World

The Home Page of the Department of Archaeology and Anthropology of The Australian National University. Information and pictures on lithics, rock art, Pacific archaeology and, for your more "serious" moments, links to a number of fringe archaeology sites.

The Castles of Wales

Lots of info about all the castles with the best pictures imaginable. Best seen in high resolution. Links to other stuff including CADW, a bibliography, reference material, historical essays, a virtual tour round a castle AND voting for your favourite castle. A must for castle enthusiasts everywhere.

CCER(The Centre for Computer-aided Egyptological Research)

Based at Utrecht University in The Netherlands the CCER specializes in the application of computers in Egyptology. Databases and list, including 4700 hieroglyphs! An experimental corner and links to Egyptological sites. There are small moving VR pictures which come out really well.


Featuring charmstones of Central California, this is the page to find out what charmstones are. The pictures are excellent and there is information about each one.

The Chilca Valley

This is a report of the project at Chilca Valley in Peru. Although mainly text, there are some excellent pictures and drawings.

City of York

Find out about the archaeology of York. Go on a virtual tour around the city walls!

The Discovery Programme

Archaeology in Ireland. Excellent graphics, especially on a high resolution, and very informative about current projects and the techniques used. Related bibliography, and links to other sites. I think Iíll go and check them out!

Egyptology resources

A comprehensive site with links to everything an Egyptologist would want to know (and some they didn't!), or at least that's what it seems like. Colourful, cheerful graphics, and some excellent links to museums and other organisations. One of which is THE TOMB OF SENNEFERI, which is one of the local resources on the site, and also based at Cambridge. This has superb pictures and the clickable maps we all love.

Grange Castle

Grange Castle is a fine example of a late 15th century Tower House currently being restored by the National Monuments and Historic Properties Service. The page has excellent graphics and pictures. In addition there is information on its history and the museum which it incorporates, as well as near by projects.

Empires Beyond the Great Wall: The Heritage of Genghis Khan

This page contains information and pictures of exhibits at the Royal British Columbia Museum in Victoria, Canada.

The Jerusalem Mosaic

An excellent site about the Jerusalem Mosiac - a virtual museum - and includes a link to the original web site. It is informative and has exceedingly good graphics. There are also links to a Virtual Tour of Jersusalem and the Chagall windows exhibition at the Hadassah - Hebrew University Medical Center.

The Institute of Egyptian Art and Archaeology

Maintained by the University of Memphis, Tennessee, this page has some of the best icons Iíve seen recently. Besides information about the institute there are also pictures and descriptions of mummies, and a tour around Egypt.

Kilmartin House

Excellent graphics, well thought through. Covers archaeology at Kilmartin and the surrounding area. Also useful for prehistory in general. Good use of experimental archaeology. You can listen to prehistoric music! and then visit the bookshop!

Welcome to the Museum of Antiquities, World Wide on the Web

One of the leaders amongst UK museums in distributing information on WWW since June 1995 when they opened their virtual gallery. It is possible to see a range of artifacts in excellent photographs. There is also an information service hosted by the page.

The Museum of Antiquities

Lots of pictures of objects in the musuem, with accompanying text of course. Well presented. Definietly cool!

The Perseus Project

A digital library of the Ancient World which has some really splendid pictures and icons. Covers the eastern Mediterranean (Greece). It is possible to look at the art and archaeology of a variety of sites (with clickable maps), as well read an historical overview and translations of works and inscriptions. Very well put together and thought out.

ROMARCH Roman art and archaeology

'The ROMARCH pages are the original cross-roads for Web resources on the art and archaeology of Italy and the Roman provinces, ca. 1000 BC - AD 700.' Includes discussion groups and a clickable map! All these link to other sites specialising in Roman archaeology.

Southeast Archeological Center - National Park Service

As part of the National Park Service in the USA, this site has a variety of information regarding archaeological projects in the southeast states. It is also possible to surf within the National Park Service pages and find other intresting sites.

Stone Pages

Pictures and text about various megalithic sites in England, Scotland and Ireland, with a preview of some in France. Excellent graphics and icons. A real must for stone monument enthusiast, or those who like looking at views!

Tomorrow's World - 19th November 1997

There is a virtual cave here, but you need top scroll down the page to it. After it's loaded (and you'll need a form of video playing package on the PC) you can have your very own trip through the cave at your own speed. Well worth a visit.

Viking Heritage

A large database and server which holds resources for Viking studies with excellent background graphics. It is possible to search on a variety of subject matter - excavations, events, sites, re-enactments.

Virtual Barnhouse

A small site written by Steven Trick to accompany his bachelors dissertation while at Southampton. (He's now a graduate student at Cardiff). Although the main text jsut contains stills, moving images can be loaded and played.

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