assemblage- the Sheffield graduate journal of archaeology issue 8
  December 2004 Issue 8 ISSN 1365-3881  



Tim Neal, Jeffry Oliver

Research Papers

A review of the Early Acheulian evidence from South Asia
by Parth R. Chauhan
The Islamic Jarash Project: A Preliminary Report on the First Two Seasons of Fieldwork
by Kristoffer Damgaard & Louise Blanke
Modelling Erosion and Archaeological Potential Using GIS
by David Ebert & Matthew Singer
Pre-Medieval Landscapes in Medieval Court Romance
by A. B. Graves

Opinion Pieces

A Parthian Shot - Uhuru?
by Paul Buckland
What Future for studying the past?
by Sarah Cross May

Book Reviews

The Materiality of Stone: explorations in landscape phenomenology.
by Chris Tilley
Vicki Cummings
Stone Age Scania: Significant places dug and read by contract archaeology.
by Magnus Andersson, Per Karsten, Bo Knarrstrom & Mac Svensson.
Mark Edmonds
Places of Special Virtue: Megaliths in the Neolithic landscapes of Wales.
by Vicky Cummings and Alasdair Whittle
Helen Evans
Pompey the Great.
by Pat Southern
E-J. Graham
Trench Art: Materialities and Memories of War.
by Nicholas J. Saunders.
A. B. Graves
The Coinage of Roman Britain.
By Richard Reece
Rebecca Harrison
Four Anglian Kings of Northumbria (Or Four Yorkshire Anglo-Saxon Crowns).
By Raymond E.O. Ella
Pam Macpherson
The Forest, Source of Life: The Kelabit of Sarawak.
By Monica Janowski
Jeffry Oliver
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