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Proceedings of the Cambridge Antiquarian Society
Volume: 11.3 (1907)

Proceedings of the Cambridge Antiquarian Society, 11.3 (1907)- Cover

Table of Contents

Recent Explorationsin Sinai
Professor Flinders Petrie (pp. 285-285)
PDF 312 Kb
Address on retiring from office of President
A. C. Haddon, Sc. D. (pp. 285-289)
PDF 568 Kb
Sixty-fifth Annual Report (for 1904-5)
Cambridge Antiquarian Society (pp. 289-301)
PDF 990 Kb
Appeal for New Museum of Archaeology and Ethnology
Cambridge Antiquarian Society (pp. 301-307)
PDF 638 Kb
Late Roman Settlement near Somersham
J. C. F. Fryer and G. L. Keynes (pp. 308-311)
PDF 507 Kb
Dances of Natives of Torres Straits
A. C. Haddon, Sc. D. (pp. 311-311)
PDF 311 Kb
Origin of Basilicas
Professor Ridgeway (pp. 312-313)
PDF 373 Kb
Cambridgeshire Maps
Mr H. G. Fordham (pp. 316-320)
PDF 579 Kb
Miscellaneous Exhibitions.
Cambridge Antiquarian Society (pp. 320-324)
PDF 768 Kb
Irish Scenery and Antiquities
Sir R. S. Ball (pp. 324-324)
PDF 307 Kb
Excavations at Gezer
R. A. S. Macalister, M. A. (pp. 324-324)
PDF 302 Kb
Norman Origin of Cambridge Castle
W. H. St John Hope, M. A. (pp. 324-346)
PDF 2 Mb
French Archeological Congress (1905)
Mr J. Bilson (pp. 346-346)
PDF 443 Kb
Anthropological Notes from Lake Tanganyika
W. A. Cunnington (pp. 346-346)
PDF 433 Kb
John Bowtell (Uncle and Nephew) 1753-1855
Mr A B. Gray (pp. 346-384)
PDF 3 Mb
Aztec Civilisation
H. Gadow, M. A. (pp. 384-384)
PDF 304 Kb
Bookbinding in England
Mr C. Davenport (pp. 384-384)
PDF 308 Kb
A section in the alluvium of Melbourn
Professor Hughes (pp. 385-386)
PDF 386 Kb
Ancient trenches and interments near Shepreth
Professor Hughes (pp. 386-390)
PDF 555 Kb
A skeleton found near the Observatory, Cambridge
Professor Hughes (pp. 390-391)
PDF 440 Kb
A grave and various objects found near the Mill Road
Professor Hughes (pp. 391-392)
PDF 418 Kb
Superficial deposits under Cambridge
Professor Hughes (pp. 393-423)
PDF 2 Mb
Objects found on site of Bird Bolt Hotel
Professor Hughes (pp. 424-445)
PDF 1 Mb
South African Natives
A. C. Haddon, Sc. D. (pp. 445-445)
PDF 304 Kb
Photographs of Chinese Medals
W. L. H. Duckworth, M. D. (pp. 446-447)
PDF 449 Kb
The Proctor's Halberd and other Insignia
W. L. H. Duckworth, M. D. (pp. 448-454)
PDF 927 Kb
Old Playing-Cards found in Trinity College
W. M. Fletcher, M. A. (pp. 454-464)
PDF 1 Mb
Prehistoric Buildings in Menorca
F. H. H. Guillemard, M. D. (pp. 465-479)
PDF 1 Mb
The Riot at the Great Gate of Trinity College, February 1610-11
J. W. Clark, M. A. (pp. 479-479)
PDF 308 Kb
History of parish of Great Gransden
Rev. A. J. Edmonds, M. A. (pp. 479-479)
PDF 303 Kb
Dyngja: or Women's Bower in the North
E. Magnusson, M. A. (pp. 480-493)
PDF 1 Mb
Dentistry, ancient and barbaric
Mr W. A. Rhodes (pp. 493-493)
PDF 321 Kb
Miscellaneous Exhibitions.
Cambridge Antiquarian Society (pp. 493-493)
PDF 327 Kb
A Palaeolithic Site in Ipswich
N. F. Layard (pp. 493-502)
PDF 974 Kb
Library at La Chaise Dieu in Auvergne
J. W. Clark, M. A. (pp. 502-506)
PDF 874 Kb
Tapestries at Aix-en-Provence and La Chaise Dieu.
M. R. James, Litt. D. (pp. 506-514)
PDF 835 Kb
Medieval Floor Tiles
Mr F. W. Phillips (pp. 515-515)
PDF 294 Kb
Additions to Museum
Baron A. von Hugel (pp. 515-515)
PDF 295 Kb
A set of Early English Roundels
F. H. H. Guillemard, M. D. (pp. 515-515)
PDF 290 Kb
Library of S. Mark, Venice
J. W. Clark, M. A. (pp. 515-515)
PDF 302 Kb
General Index to Vol. XI
Cambridge Antiquarian Society (pp. 517-520)
PDF 469 Kb

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Proceedings of the Cambridge Antiquarian Society. 20 Oct. 1905-28 May 1906. With Communications made to the society. No. XLVII. Being No. 3 of the eleventh volume. (Fifth Volume of the New Series.) [Complete Volume] PDF 17 Mb