COVID-19 Update (18th March 20202)

Please be aware: there is currently a much reduced staff presence in the
ADS Offices, and as such we may not be able to answer phone-calls to the main
helpdesk number. If you need to contact ADS for help and assistance,
we would recommend that you use the designated help/assistance accounts
listed on this page, which will be running as normal

For General Enquiries
and Issues Relating to ADS-easy


For Costings or Information on Depositing Data:


Please provide the following information if requesting a costing:

  • Project Name
  • Brief description of project or dataset
  • Contact details of Primary Depositor
  • An estimate of the number of files per data format to be deposited
    and if possible an estimate of file size
  • Name of funding body (if applicable)
  • Estimate of expected deposit date
  • If you require a map or query interface to help users navigate data
  • Any other information you think would help us understand your dataset


Archaeology Data Service
Department of Archaeology
University of York
The King's Manor
Exhibition Square
York, YO1 7EP