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Danebury: an Iron Age hillfort in Hampshire - Volume 5: the excavations 1979-1988: the finds

Barry Cunliffe and Cynthia Poole

CBA Research Report No 73b (1991)

ISBN 1 872414 20 6


Title page of report 73b

The Iron Age hillfort of Danebury, in Hampshire, has been the scene of a major programme of excavation which began in 1969. There are three previously published volumes; Volumes 1 and 2 (CBA Research Reports 52) are concerned with the site and the material remains from it, while volume 3, produced by the RCHM(E), presents a survey of the cultural landscape within which Danebury lies. Volumes 4 and 5 published here as CBA Research Report 73 describe the excavations from 1979 until the end of the project in 1988 and mark the end of the first stage of the Danebury publication programme.


  • Title pages
  • Contents (pp iii-iv)
  • Contents of microfiche (p iv)
  • List of figures (pp v-vi)
  • 6 Iron Age pottery by Lisa Brown (pp 277-319)
    • 6.1 Introduction (p 277)
    • 6.2 The typological categories defined (pp 277-278)
    • 6.3 The ceramic sequence (pp 278-284)
    • 6.4 The fabrics and their origins (pp 284-286)
    • 6.5 Technological change (p 286)
    • 6.6 Forms and function (p 286)
    • 6.7 The distribution of pottery within the fort (p 286)
    • 6.8 Regional implications (p 286)
    • 6.9 Other approaches to anaylsis (pp 284-286)
    • 6.10 Summary (p 286)
    • Appendices 1-7 (pp 288-319)
    • Bibliography (p 318)
  • 7 The material remains (pp 320-417)
  • 7.1 Small finds (pp 320-406)
    • 7.2 Metallurgical analyses (pp 407-414)
    • 7.3 Manufacturing activities (pp 415-416)
    • Bibliography (p 416-417)
  • 8 Population and behaviour (pp 418-431)
    • 8.1 The deposition of the human remains by Barry Cunliffe (pp 418-425)
    • 8.2 Anatomical considerations by Bari Hooper (pp 425-431)
  • 9 Environment and economy (pp 432-487)
    • 9.1 The Danebury environment (p 432)
    • 9.2 Land snail analysis by J G Evans and Tim Hewitt (pp 432-439)
    • 9.3 The woodlands and their use (p 439)
    • 9.4 The plant remains by Martin Jones and Sandra Nye (pp 439-447)
    • 9.5 Animal husbandry by Annie Grant with Christina Rush and Dale Serjeantson (pp 447-486)
    • Bibliography (pp 486-487)
  • 10 Community, continuity and change (p 488)
  • Index to volumes 4, 5 and the microfiche (pp 489-493)
  • Microfiche
    • Pottery/small finds
    • Small finds
    • Small finds/metallurgical analyses/environment and economy
    • Population and behaviour

Download report

Danebury: an Iron Age hillfort in Hampshire - Volume 5: the excavations 1979-1988: the finds (CBA Research Report 73b) PDF 9 Mb
Danebury: an Iron Age hillfort in Hampshire - Volume 5: the excavations 1979-1988: the finds (microfiche) PDF 39 Mb