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[Archaeological Research Services logo] click for homepage "Archaeological Research Services (ARS) is a provider of high quality archaeological consultancy services. Current clients include English Heritage, National Parks and UK universities, amongst our other customers. We specialise in the design, implementation and completion of archaeological research projects and have considerable experience of all aspects of project management. In addition to archaeological research ARS are also providers of archaeological interpretation for the general public. This has included designing, constructing and managing two small archaeological heritage attractions in northern England. Such work has included the design of information panels, self-guide leaflets, guidebooks, teacher's packs and provision of marketing and media services.

ARS is based in Sheffield, UK, and is directed by Dr. Clive Waddington who also holds a Visiting Lectureship at the University of Newcastle-upon-Tyne. Our mission is to undertake archaeological research to the highest standard and to disseminate the results to both academic and public audiences. The conservation of our archaeological heritage relies on effective widespread education to ensure responsible long-term management of this threatened and non-renewable resource. At ARS we are keen to involve wide participation in local archaeological projects."


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Records 1 - 25 of 463

DOC   (1MB) Waddington, C. (2004)'Archaeological Excavation at 3 Whitton Park, Milfield, Northumberland'.
DOC   (5MB) Pedersen, K.L.R. and Waddington, C. (2005)'Archaeological Evaluation at The Old Joiner's Yard, The Peth, Wooler'.
[online resource] Waddington, C. (2005)'Complete Till-Tweed Fieldwalking Report'.
[online resource] Waddington, C. (2005)'Norham Evaluation Report'.
[Multiple files available] Carey C and Johnson B (2006)'Archaeological Evaluation, Cornhill on Tweed'.
[Multiple files available] Carey, C. (2006)'Builder's Yard, Cottage Farm, Archaeological Evaluation'. ARS 2006/80
[Multiple files available] Carey, C. and Johnson, B. (2006)'Archaeological Watching Brief at Middle Ord Manor, Berwick'. report no. 27
PDF   (7MB) Johnson, B. (2006)'77 Marygate, Berwick-upon-Tweed, Northumberland: Archaeological Assessment'. ARS Ltd Report 2006/16
[Multiple files available] Brightman, J. (2006)'Piggin Wood, Ockbrook, Derbyshire. Watching Brief in Advance of Construction of a Telecommunications Mast'. ARS Ltd Report Number 2006/12
PDF   (1MB) Pallant, G. and Brightman, J. (2006)'Ryder Point, Brassington, Matlock: Watching Brief and Photographic Recording'. ARS Ltd Report Number 2006/10
PDF   (672KB) Chatterton, R. (2006)'Dane Bank House Bolsover, Derbyshire.'.
PDF   (3MB) Brightman, J. (2006)'Kinderlee Mill, Chisworth, Glossop Desk-Based Assessment and Building Recording'.
PDF   (413KB) Chatterton, R. (2006)'Curzon Road, Buxton, Derbyshire. Report on a Watching Brief'. Rerporty Number 2006/41
[Multiple files available] Carey, C. (2006)'A Building Recording at Low Lodge, Dunston'. Report no. 2006/40
[Multiple files available] Carey, C. (2006)'Archaeological Evaluation at Farringdon Row, Sunderland'. Report no. 2006/42
PDF   (11MB) Hewitt, R.J. (2006)'An Archaeological Evaluation at the Cumberland Arms, Byker, Newcastle upon Tyne'. report no. 37
PDF   (1MB) Chatterton, R. (2006)'Bolsover Junior School watching brief'.
PDF   (1MB) Chatterton, R. (2006)'St. Giles Church, Matlock'.
PDF   (4MB) Brightman, J. Shakarian, J. (2006)'Photographic Recording and Evaluation Trenching at Bradshaw Hall, Eyam.'. Report Number 2006/34
[Multiple files available] Carey, C. and Hewitt, R. (2006)'An Archaeological Evaluation at Ripley Waste Transfer Station, North Yorkshire'. Report no. 31
PDF   (1MB) Brightman, J. (2006)'The Marquis of Granby Hotel, Bamford, Hope Valley, Derbyshire. Desk-Based Assessment'. ARS Ltd Report Number 2006/14
PDF   (7MB) Brightman, J. Shakarian, J. (2006)'Furnival Square, Sheffield'. Report Number 2006/20
[Multiple files available] Carey, C. (2007)'An archaeological desk-based assessment of Howick Quarry, Northumberland'. Report 2007/27
[Multiple files available] Carey, C. Staford, L. (2007)'An Archaeological Survey of Chillingham Wild Cattle Park '. Report 2007 3/49
[Multiple files available] Carey, C. Stafford, L. (2007)'St Andrews archaeological evaluation trenching'. ARS 3/85
[Multiple files available] Amat, D. Carey, C. (2007)'Howick Quarry archaeological evaluation'. Report 2007/45

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