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Results for Mike Napthan Archaeology

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"Mike Napthan Archaeology (est. 2001) is a Worcester based business specializing in historic building recording and analysis within Worcestershire and neighbouring counties. We also undertake commercial desktop assessments, historical research and undertake small-scale archaeological evaluations and excavations. Proprietor Mike Napthan MIFA."


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PDF   (317KB) Napthan, M. (2002)'Archaeological Salvage Recording of STW Water main valve pit, Sidbury, Worcestershire'.
PDF   (7MB) Napthan, M. (2003)'Archaeological Evaluation at 8-12 The Butts, Worcester'.
PDF   (7MB) Napthan, M (2011)'Land at Old Northwick Farm, Worcester- archaeological desk-top assessment'. WCM101896
PDF   (10MB) Napthan, M (2011)'Building recording at Winnall Lodge, Lineholt, Ombersley, (With a report on the tree-ring dating by A J Arnold and R E Howard)'.
[Multiple files available] Napthan, M (2011)'Building recording at Huddington Hill Farm, Huddington, Worcestershire'. WSM 54780
[Multiple files available] Napthan, M (2011)'Historic Building Assessment of barn at Eckington Fields Farm, Eckington, Worcestershire'. WSM46064
PDF   (2MB) Napthan, M (2012)'An historical assessment of a mono-pitched shed located at Sidnall Farm, Lower Hope, Pencombe, Herefordshire'.
PDF   (11MB) Napthan, M (2012)'Historical Assessment - Knapp Cottage, Evendine, Colwall, Herfordshire'.
PDF   (7MB) Napthan, M (2012)'Lower Hope, Ullingswick, Herefordshire - historical research'.
PDF   (2MB) Napthan, M (2012)'Access visit at Royal Grammar School, Britannia House, Tything, Worcester during groundworks for flagpole and sign'. WCM 101947
PDF   (6MB) Napthan, M (2012)'Archaeological watching brief during groundworks at Stone House, Corve Street, Ludlow, Shropshire '.
PDF   (14MB) Napthan, M (2012)'Building recording at Franche House, Wolverley Road, Franche, Kidderminster'.
PDF   (8MB) Napthan, M (2012)'Archaeological watching brief during alterations to entrance gates at Springfield Lodge, Britannia Square, Worcester '. WCM 101952
PDF   (4MB) Napthan, M (2012)'Watching brief during groundworks for scooter store, Warmstry Court, Quay Street, Worcester'. WCM 101910
PDF   (2MB) Napthan, M (2012)'Orchard Manor, Martin Hussingtree - a brief assessment of the northern cross-wing and its context'.
PDF   (7MB) Napthan, M (2012)'Archaeological evaluation at land off Pershore Road, Upton Snodsbury, Worcestershire'.
PDF   (3MB) Napthan, M (2012)'Little Birches Farm, Sallings Common, Bockleton, Worcestershire - Historical Assessment'.
PDF   (9MB) Napthan, M (2012)'Building recording at Lumber Tree Farm, Welland, Worcestershire'.
PDF   (40MB) Napthan, M (2012)'Archaeological works at the proposed King's School '. WCM 101735
PDF   (3MB) Napthan, M (2012)'Archaeological observation during groundworks for new pedestrian and disabled entrance, Noele Court, Tuffrey Close, Worcester'. WCM 101926
PDF   (8MB) Napthan, M (2012)'King Charles House, 29 New Street, Worcester: Historic building assessment'. WCM 101953
PDF   (5MB) Napthan, M (2012)'Land at Battenhall Road, Worcester - archaeological desk-top assessment'. WCM 101929
PDF   (8MB) Napthan, M (2012)'Watching brief and building recording at St Alban's Church (now Maggs day centre), Worcester'.
PDF   (2MB) Napthan, M (2012)'Watching brief during excavation of replacement tree-pits, High Street, Worcester'.
[Multiple files available] Napthan, M. (2012)'Watching brief and building recording at 'College Gates', 106 High Street, Worcester'.
PDF   (7MB) Napthan, M (2013)'Farm building at Wichenford Court, Wichenford, Worcestershire - desk-top assessment'. WCM47464

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