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Results for Oxford Archaeology North

[Oxford Archaeology North logo] click for homepage "Formerly part of Lancaster University, Oxford Archaeology North was born in the year 2000 and is the North of England branch of one of the largest independent archaeology and heritage practices in the Europe. Founded in 1973, Oxford Archaeology has a 30-year tradition of quality, innovation and service and has nearly 300 specialist staff employed in its offices in Oxford, Lancaster and Montpellier.

Most archaeological work today is carried out in advance of development, and Oxford Archaeology is one of the leading service-providers in this field, but it also undertakes a wide range of strategic, heritage-management, environmental and research projects. Visit our website for more information and a range of case studies:

As a registered educational charity, Oxford Archaeology also cares about helping people to discover and enjoy their heritage. We have welcomed many thousands of visitors to our sites on open days and tours, and volunteers have taken part in many of our major excavations. We have also published many popular publications and booklets and provided panels and leaflets for museum displays and schools."


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Records 1 - 25 of 444

PDF   (1MB) Newman, Richard (1994)'A303 Sparkford to Ilchester road improvement. Public inquiry. Archaeological Proof of Evidence'.
PDF   (385KB) Anon (1995)'A1 Dishforth to North of Leeming (Harrogate Museum) North Yorkshire. Evaluation Interim Report'.
PDF   (1MB) Anon (1995)'A1 Dishforth to North of Leeming (Yorkshire Museum), North Yorkshire. Evaluation Interim Report'.
PDF   (1MB) Anon (1995)'A1 Dishforth to North of Leeming (Yorkshire Museum), North Yorkshire. Final Evaluation Report'.
PDF   (656KB) Anon (1995)'A1 Dishforth to North of Leeming (Harrogate Museum) North Yorkshire. Final Evaluation Report'.
[Multiple files available] Hughes, V Lupton, A (1999)'Peel Place, Holmrook'.
PDF   (4MB) McPhilips, S (2002)'LAND AT CITY ROAD, CHESTER, CHESHIRE'. 2002-2003/047
PDF   (1MB) Plummer, A (2002)'Whalley C of E Primary School'. 2002-03/028
[Multiple files available] Daniel Elsworth (2003)'Land to West of Market Place, Ripon - Archaeological Assessment'. L9287
PDF   (395KB) Plummer, A (2003)'Barnoldswick Waste Water Treatment Works, Lancashire'.
PDF   (216KB) Lupton, A Marriott, H Mercer, E (2003)'Peel Place Phase 4, Holmrook, Cumbria: Archaeological Desk-Based Assessment and Evaluation'. 2003-2004/144
PDF   (4MB) Clark, P. (2003)'Heworth Green, York. Archaeological Evaluation'.
PDF   (34MB) Tonks, D. (2003)'124 Highgate, Kendal, Cumbria: archaeological desk-based assessment and watching brief'. 2003-2004/143
PDF   (12MB) Elsworth, D (2003)'3-5 Damside Street, Lancaster'. 2003-2004/164
PDF   (5MB) Elsworth, D. (2003)'1 Cable Street, Lancaster'. 2002-2003/072
PDF   (9MB) Elsworth, D. (2003)'Cable Street Warehouse, Lancaster, Lancashire. Archaeological Building Investigation'. 2002-2003/073
PDF   (1MB) Hughes, V. (2003)'81 Penny Street, Lancaster, Lancashire. Excavation Assessment Report'.
PDF   (9MB) Healey. C (2004)'Waller's Mill, New Islington, Ancoats, Greater Manchester'. 2004-05/302
[Multiple files available] Clark P., Hughes V., Blythe K., Howard-Davies, C. (2004)'Darrington to Disforth A1 (M) DBFO Project: Ferrybridge-Hook Moor and Wetherby-Walshford. Post Excavation Assessment and Updates Project Design. Vol 1: Post Excavations Assessment Report'.
[Multiple files available] Lupton, A Mercer, E Schofield, P. (2004)'Peel Place Quarry Proposed Western Extension, Holmrook, Cumbria: Archaeological Desk-Based Assessment, Geophysical Survey and Walkover Survey'. 2003-4/198
[Multiple files available] Clark, P (2004)'Castle Mews, Coach Road, Archaeological DBA and Evaluation'. 2004-5/318
[Multiple files available] Town, M. Quartermaine, J (2004)'Stawnix School, Stanwix, Carlisle, Cumbria'. 2004-5/317
[Multiple files available] Bates, A. Lee, A. Quartermaine, J. (2004)'St Mary's Church, Preston, Lancashire, Archaeological Watching Brief.'. 2003/160
PDF   (4MB) Bates, A Elsworth, D Ferguson, A Lupton, A Plummer, A (2004)'Solway Coast, Waste Water Treatment Improvements, Cumbria: Desk-Based Assessment, Watching Brief and Walkover Survey'. 2004-2005/192
PDF   (4MB) Bagwell, M. (2004)'South West Campus, Lancaster University, Lancaster, Lancashire. Excavation Assessment Report'.
PDF   (12MB) Plummer, A. (2004)'St Saviour's C E Church, Stydd'.

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