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Results for RSK Environment Ltd

[RSK Environment Ltd logo] "RSK is a multidisciplinary environmental consultancy offering commercial services to clients in many sectors around the globe. The archaeology team is located within the environment, planning and design (EPD) division of the company. We participate in multi-disciplinary teams preparing environmental impact assessment (EIA) chapters as well as stand alone field- and desk-based archaeological projects. Our work is primarily associated with assisting clients to meet their obligations with respect to the historic environment in relation to different planning and environmental regimes."


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Records 1 - 18 of 18

PDF   (65MB) Anon (2007)'West Street Regeneration'.
PDF   (1MB) Raybould, O. (2008)'Goldendale West, tunstall, Stoke-on-Trent: archaeological watching brief'.
[Multiple files available] Raybould, O (2010)'Ince Resource Recovery Park Metal Detector Survey'.
[Multiple files available] Raybould, O (2011)'Hemswell Cliff Wind Farm'.
PDF   (6MB) Raybould, O (2012)'Abbotts Lane, Coventry'.
PDF   (712KB) Carruthers, W Peglar, S (2012)'Ince Park'.
[Multiple files available] Raybould, O (2014)'River Eden Pipeline Diversion'.
PDF   (1MB) Buss, B (2014)'Pennyfeathers, Isle of Wight: Heritage Baseline Report'.
[Multiple files available] Raybould, O. (2014)'Rampion Offshore Wind Farm, Onshore Cable Route. Environmental Statement (Cultural Heritage)'.
PDF   (24MB) Raybould, O (2014)'Moss Farm, Congleton'.
PDF   (13MB) Raybould, O (2014)'Holywell Lane, Clutton'.
PDF   (25MB) Towle, A. (2015)'Harold Wood Station (NE12) Historic Building Recording'.
PDF   (7MB) Raybould, O (2015)'Abbey Fields Farm, Faversham'.
PDF   (14MB) Henderson, R., Hayes, L. (2015)'Aldington Lodge, Offenham Road, Evesham: Archaeological Evaluation Report'.
PDF   (4MB) Henderson, R Raybould, O (2016)'New Hook Farm, Isle of Sheppey'.
PDF   (7MB) Raybould, O (2016)'5-6 Waterworks Road, Lambeth '.
PDF   (2MB) Henderson, R (2017)'Old Elvet Bridge, Durham'.
PDF   (3MB) Cooper, O. Dougherty, E. Henderson, R. (2017)'Installation of Gas Main, 45 Military Road, Heddon-on-the-Wall - report of negative results'.

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